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In our article today we want to show you thirty-four incredible ideas of crafts with eva rubber . The "EVA" rubber means Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. When formulated in a closed cell foam product, it adopts features that are of great advantage for the theater. It began to be used for the characters and sets, but it was soon discovered that it had many possibilities in other decorative aspects, and since then new uses for this product have been constantly found.

Original ideas for crafts with eva rubber

crafts with eva rubber

This foam is extremely dense and can be found in many commercial applications; from handlebar handles to flotation safety devices and sports safety equipment. We have verified that the EVA rubber easily accepts paint, glues and various finishes, which makes it ideal for costume accessories and decorations.

Original cover design for toothbrush

cover for toothbrush

Due to its flexibility, wide range of colors and its soft touch, eva rubber is ideal for decorative crafts, and best of all, even young children can use it. Let's see now some curious and original designs of crafts with rubber eva:

Great grinders made of eva rubber

grinders made eva gum

Catch the wind in these colorful grinders made of eva rubber, the perfect project dl art for a summer day. To do this, cut a circle out of a sheet of colored foam and cut six slits towards the center of the circle. Fold from the outside of the circle and secure with a touch of glue.

Original grinder made of eva rubber

original eva rubber grinder

To beautify, pass a wire through the center with a shiny button and attach it to the pinwheel. Gently push the wire through the back of the grinder and wrap it around a plug wrapped with tape.

Beautiful decorative butterfly made of eva rubber

beautiful eva rubber butterfly

To create this wonderful butterfly sticks three pieces in a column that are superimposed to create the wings and the body. Place a loop with glue or a staple, so the body will be fixed to the wings. Cut two short pieces of eva rubber in the form of stems and stick them to the back of the head, they will be the antennas. Draw the eyes and a mouth. Finish the project by sticking a magnet to the back of the butterfly.

Pretty set of eva rubber necklace and earrings

pretty set necklace earrings

Hz a fabulous set of earrings and eva rubber collar like this one; you will only need two sheets of eva rubber; a knife or scissors; a rule; a marker; flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers. The preparation time is approximately 10 minutes.

Original blue round earrings

round blue earrings

Creating some great earrings with eva rubber is a great idea for young people. They can have fun times creating new designs with friends, a great way to help them be creative.

Super purple eve rubber earrings

great purple earrings

Show off new jewelery every day of the week with a new set of colorful earrings, and best of all, with very little material you can make numerous creations.

Super earrings in eva rubber colors

great eva earrings

This original design is perfect to wear on sunny days, and also in rainy days. You just have to cut strips of eva rubber of colors and fix them to the hook forming a circle.

Beautiful yellow earrings made of eva rubber flowers

precious yellow earrings flowers gum

Or you can transform some earrings into these glamurosas spring flowers with bright center, it's an easy and really great idea.

Eva rubber ornaments for children's headbands

original ornaments children's headbands

This is another idea that has fascinated us; The smallest of the house can also enjoy a lot creating fabulous ornaments for their headbands. Help them with the glue to fix the ornament.

Original ornaments for drinking straws

ornaments straws drinks separators

It is very annoying that the straws of the beverages constantly move or fall into the glass, if it is too deep. You can create these original stops for straws with eva rubber , and it will be a great detail for the celebrations at home.

Adornment for baby party made of eva rubber

baby blue rubber eva

Welcome parties for babies or pregnant moms are the order of the day, and normally the hostess usually prepares an original souvenir detail for each guest.

Great adornment in the shape of a baby cart

adornment mini baby cart

You can create these original hanging ornaments for the decoration of your party, and later you can distribute them among all the guests.

Original eva rubber baby cart

baby cart eva

A cute baby stroller with pink chiffon fabric will be great. You can take an example of these images to create your design, or improvise your own.

Original baby ornament with blue shopping trolley

original baby blue shopping cart

But these are not the only crafts with eva rubber that you can create with your family, really this material offers infinite possibilities in terms of decoration.

Original designs of rubber colored covers

original rubber colored cases

From phone cases to original baskets or handbags; the crafts with rubber eva are the most.

Precious colored baskets made of eva rubber

original baskets made of eva rubber

Show all your creative skills with an original basket made of eva rubber strips. You can braid the strips or sew the pieces to form a bag like the ones in the following image.

Original bags made of eva rubber

original bags eva rubber colors

In the following images you can find original models of animal masks made from eva rubber.

Original eva rubber animal masks

animal masks eva rubber

This material is more suitable than cardboard in this case because it is more flexible and does not break easily.

Original ideas for animal masks

original ideas animal masks

You can create fun designs that your children can wear at their next school party or carnival.

Mask designs of jungle animals and others

original jungle animals masks

They are even great for Halloween. Prepare several masks and can be used as a spare in case a guest comes without disguise.

Original designs of eva rubber wrestler masks

original masks eva rubber fighters

Dare to create original designs of your favorite characters with rubber eva, you will see that it is very simple.

Pretty earrings in the shape of mini flip flops

nice mini flip flops earrings

Some earrings in rubber flip flops are ideal to wear in summer. Cut out two chancla silhouettes of each color, and choose the color that will go on top.

Cut out shapes of eva rubber flip flops

eva flip flops forms

Then, place the decorative detail by sewing it on the silhouette that will go up. Glue the other silhouette to disguise the thread. Add the hook and you will have some original earrings in the shape of flip flops.

Pretty eva gift wrap

eva gift wrap

As you can see in the images, there are infinite ideas for decoration and crafts with rubber eva, do not wait any longer and go to the nearest stationery to buy several colored templates.

Beautiful ideas to make crafts with eva rubber

beautiful crafts with eva rubber

Beautiful decorative dolphin made of eva rubber

nice decorative dolphin rubber eva

Super hanging ornament made of eva rubber

super eva rubber ornament

How to make flowers with eva

how to make eva gum florets

Ideas for decorating notebooks with eva rubber

decorate linings gum notebooks

Beautiful decorative flower made of eva rubber

beautiful flower made eva rubber

Gift wrapping baby eva rubber

gift baby rubber eva

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