Create a room inside another very cool ideas

built wood room small ideas studio

You remember the movies in which when people get married they go to the outskirts of the city to live in a home spacious and modern with a white fence and more than two bathrooms for. Today things have changed and this idyllic image is increasingly blurry as many people, despite the fact that their family members are being added, choose to continue with their urban way of life.

Create spaces where you can have privacy in your studio

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But the fact of fitting everyone into an apartment with a room is unlikely and uncomfortable and can become a challenge. For this reason today we have looked for a modern and interesting idea for which more and more people who live in big cities are falling. Create a small room inside the room you already have. This is created with large wooden boards that join with each other and create a semi-private or fully enclosed space depending on what you want.

Create a room or a small bedroom in your studio

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We show you some unique ideas of owners who have made use of these rooms in their studios for their children to see if you also create one inspired by our images. Artists have ingenious ideas that allow you to add more than one small house if you study or loft has enough space. This original way creates two rooms or more is the space that was once just a room.

Wooden house in your studio original ideas

create room studio ideas original wood

It will be the perfect place to receive guests and family that come to spend the night. Create a room for the child to feel independent. The best thing is that they are not very expensive so it will not be difficult to afford to have a mini room in your studio. Take a look at the images of mini rooms that we have compiled for you and create one in your own apartment.

Small bedroom in your studio

creates room child original ideas pretty

Two small rooms in this large studio

creates small room studio wide beautiful ideas

White walls and window for the small room

create small room ideas white walls window

Ideas with plastic walls

create small room white plastic wall idea

Image of how your study will be after building a small room

create several rooms studio wall ideas wood

White walls and window for the studio bedroom


Build a room for the child

small room shape box wood shelves

bedroom window study bedroom original ideas

room wall fabric small idea blue curtains

habitacio wall fabric pequena curtains blue ideas

idea staircase closet wood space ideas

remodel studio room small ideas bedroom

construction stairs small room ideas wood

create room apartment small over ideas kitchen

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