Creative decoration room for cozy and fresh ambiences

salon decoration timeless dark wood walls

In everything related to salon decoration and the design of this space, it can be said that it is something basic. The room of these is a place where you can receive friends, family and spend a lot of time. All this determines that your image transmits a welcoming feeling.

Salon decoration combining classic and modern furniture

living room decoration combination modern furniture floors

The decoration room and each of its elements on the other hand should be focused on comfort. As a first aspect to achieve a modern and cozy room, we must start from color. The combination of colors as the main rule should propitiate a background neutral . In this way various striking combinations can be made. White and gray can be reserved for walls and floors.

Salon decoration with fun colorful elements in the furniture and wall

living room decoration concepts furniture ideas spaces

Giving continuity to neutral tones in the case of furniture. For the modern decoration salon it can be based in the same way on the intense colors in the accessories. Other important color accents can be achieved by using cushions on furniture or carpets. Remember that brightly colored furniture should be accompanied by cushions in neutral tones.

Contemporary space design with various recessed lights and elegant patterns

living room contemporary decoration shapes pictures curtains

A modern space must also have furniture with current designs. However as we mentioned at the beginning they should be comfortable and really pleasing pieces. If the furniture we like does not meet these characteristics, it is best to opt for another. It is common for the salon modern decoration and other furniture in white or black. However, this does not mean that there are no attractive proposals made of wood.

The paintings are an element that can not be missing in the decoration of the walls in living rooms

living room decoration pictures compositions carpets

Undoubtedly in the decoration and furniture selection room you should consider the sofas. This will always be the most important piece. The perfect variant for our living room has a direct relationship with our lifestyle. To which is added the number of people living in the house. For a small apartment in which a couple lives will be enough with one of two seats.

A carpet to establish and differentiate the area of ​​the living room in an open space

salon decoration art beach rugs

Another example could be that of a larger family, for which one of larger squares would be necessary. Always accompanied by armchairs or other seats like poufs. In choosing the sofa as well as lifestyle and our needs, your design will be fundamental. The L-shaped variants can be used to take advantage of any angle in the living room wall. As important as the mills and colors are the accessories.

Retro atmosphere with varied geometric shapes and metal accents in accessories

salon decoration idea retro small yellow

Although it is not a modern design they are of great importance. The reason is that with them we define many times the character of our decoration. In this case the accessories should give the living room a modern look. At the same time they are the best way to show some of our personal interests and tastes. All living room decoration and its comfort can not ignore the lighting.

Accent wall behind the sofa that creates a visual point of great attraction in the design

living room side decoration modern fireplaces

The solutions are many, from romantic candles to the effects of greater modernity. This last case requires several layers of light in the environment. Lamps at different heights are a simple way to achieve this. Regardless of the time of day the lighting has to allow the daily activities in this space of the house. As a way to regulate natural lighting, curtains can be used.

Elegant space that bets on furniture reinterpreted in modern and fresh colors

living room furnitures furniture treadicional cuaros

We recommend fine fabrics for their ability to allow the passage of light. With the light sources oriented correctly we can also give more prominence to some details of our interest. In a general way, the decoration room can be based on symmetry. Playing with symmetry can result in elegant spaces.

Difference of designs on the floor as a way to replace the traditional carpet at home

living room floor decoration like old carpet

Each element that we can place in pairs will bring elegance and even amplitude. The symmetry can be created from the selection of a center. It can usually be the fireplace or TV cabinet. Next to these elements will be placed pairs for example bookstore, shelves or two armchairs. You can make endless combinations depending on the characteristics of our home. The styles that we show in the images can be of help. They have a great diversity of interesting and innovative contrasts for a room full of style.

LED lighting in several areas plays an important role in this luxury decoration

elegant open luxury surfaces warm

The yellow here is present in several of the accents used in this small space

yellow interior accents cushions

Incorporating some classic patterns to an open and functional living room with wooden floor

carpet classic patterns open plants

Interesting space with Scandinavian design and a casual air with several accents in black

Stylish casual Scandinavian design accents

Another example of a Scandinavian style living room with yellow accents on chairs and cushions

Scandinavian accents yellow curtains lines

Idea for the design of an open space with prominence of wood and white color

open space accents led wood

Warm and cozy atmosphere based on dark tones and modern geometric lights

lamps geometric shapes metal plants

The gold is again used in many finishes and in the furniture of many homes

bookstore furniture golden accents windows

Small bright and fresh living room set with retro furniture in neutral tones

retro furniture cool space parts

The color black is another interesting way to experiment with the design of our living room

black accents color reforms golden walls

Uncovered brick wall variant painted in black and with contrasting details

inner wall special bricks cushions

Industrial design with light tones and walls full of textures and art in decoration

industrial room neutral colors styles

Beautiful eclectic space with great works of art in the decoration of walls, Sequoia

eclectic space style walls lines

Wood in different shades on the floor demarcate the spaces of this modern house

simple walls art cool ideas

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