Creative handrails that highlight the designs of the stairs

railings aluminum crystals modern styles

Stairs have always played a key role in interior design. As a rule, it is a fundamental factor that can even help us highlight our decoration. All the style of the stairs from the balustrade to the railings is important.

Handrails combination of materials in the design

railings combination wood metals ideas

In today's images we wanted to focus precisely on the rails. It is about several ideas with a very fresh image for the designs of the handrails. They can be adjusted to many styles and the effect is impressive in the interiors. We can start with the wooden railings that are undoubtedly a classic. When we have the need to create a warm feeling they are the perfect solution.

Handrails with a metallic finish in contrast to the wood

Handrails black industrial effect lines

As we see in the pictures, these handrails have evolved and it is not about the boring designs of the past. The combination with other materials such as glass has a truly superior effect. When both materials are combined an effect is created modern with a unique image. To the touch these railings turn out to be very warm and comfortable at all.

Impressive designs in copper for stairs and modern spaces

copper railings wonderful effects

The best of the contrasts of the rails of this material can be achieved with dark balustrades. Those designed in metal are perfect for minimalist stairs and with a modern image. As a variant the handrails can be attached to the walls. It is a contemporary solution with which you can highlight its contrast with the background wall.

The glass is one of the components in the structure of modern stairs

railings concepts ideas furniture modern living rooms

Some black design on a white wall will have an immediate visual impact. All design is improved when some LED lights are added. In the lower part of the handrails will be very useful and will improve the aesthetics of the staircase. The metallic designs are very modern and their main advantage is their durability. The metal creates a timeless effect that is always exquisite.

Another variant of modern idea in wood with straight lines and glass in the design

handrails crystals modern recangular shapes

Especially when it comes to copper or brass applied to the handrails. As a rule, in any style of staircase, they look perfect. When it comes to polished metal it enhances the style of any staircase, be it a simple or complex model. If it is not about metal Polishing the addition of LED lights may turn out to be the best of the add-ons. In addition to looking beautiful we will be giving you additional functionality.

Metal designs complemented by an ingenious lighting with LED lights

handrails effect modern concept led

We will be gaining another point for our illumination. All the decorative effect of the stairs is completed with the appropriate balustrades. This does not mean that each ladder model must incorporate them. There are designs with a minimalist and modern style that do not incorporate balustrades. It is common as we mentioned the use of glass designs for modern environments.

Again, wood is an important part of the design of the stairs

special handrails wood finished steps

There are other plywoods that have a similar effect in the environments. Another way to highlight the railings is with materials such as rock. They are appropriate designs for dark spaces in which LED lights can also be incorporated. Among the newest trends, cutting them on the walls is very fashionable. Sometimes they are difficult to install peri are always worth it.

Effect of metal on concrete walls is perfect in this beautiful staircase

handrails metal lights led salons

Regardless of even the type of walls we have at home. They will simply be cut inside the walls and can also be supplemented with lights. Possible covers in the same way include wood or stone. If they are not covered with other material, their appearance will be clean and minimalist in style.

A golden metallic finish that brings an elegant note to all this design

golden metal railings straight lines

Being carved on the wall is a type of design that will help us save space. If you choose to add the lights we will have to buy a lamp less. Within the variety of designs we find a very unique and very attractive. It's about the use of the strings of jute . It is a highly creative idea especially when it comes to the houses near the beach.

Railing with LED lights and created in an opening along the entire wall

amazing modern gray wood concepts

If they are compared in terms of functionality with designs in metal or wood, their functionality is lower. However, its great beauty and aesthetic appearance place it within the best options for these spaces or the nautical style. As we see in some images there are several ways to apply jute ropes.

Another great example of the combination of materials in elegant staircases

combined glass elegant marble railings

The first and simplest fixing them to the walls of the stairs. Second, creating several layers of ropes that are placed above the stairs. We can say that it is the most attractive variant of handrails regarding the use of the strings.

Nobody can resist the beauty of copper in the finish of the railings

polished copper elegant idea parts

Amazing design variant inside the wall near the staircase

lights cut copper polished elegant idea ariantes

This staircase uses the same solution on a light-colored wooden wall

cut wall fashion design lines

Railings that have the design covered with natural rocks of the rungs

covered similar conrocas escaler halls

The ropes are amazing and create a fresh nautical air in any space

ropes effect nautical design black

You can vary their tonalities depending on the background wall in the house

ropes supports house styles metals

The correct lighting will make our handrail stand out on the walls

Inside wall accent metal lights

For narrow steps will be very useful as well as being an aesthetic element

illuminated special idea clear designs

The use of glass always guarantees excellent brightness in the home

incredible effect furniture lights lines

Some of the elegant solutions with the use of wood in environments

wood options elegant traditional handrails

Metallic minimalist and open on the sides with a very modern look

minimalist metal open straight side

Another idea of ​​metallic finish with a style of simple lines of great harmony

polished clean lines special color

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