Curtain designs for children - colorful and vibrant patterns

curtain designs for children

The window can be just a source of lighting and decoration for the adults' room, but for children, the windows are more like interpretations of the outside world. While we have talked a lot about how curtains should be chosen and used in adult rooms, the theme of curtain designs for children is something that we have not discussed yet.

Tips for choosing curtain designs for children

curtain designs for babies

Children are more sensitive than adults, and therefore keeping their psychology in mind is essential. You can find susceptible and irritable children who may have problems with the fabrics. In addition, even young children have numerous ways to learn from the things around.

Ideas to choose the curtains of the children's room

nice curtain winnie puh

The first thing to keep in mind is the lightness of the curtains, so that when you have to clean them often, the task remains easy. Make sure you do not choose colors, themes and dark tones. It is also good to choose a set of colors that work during the day and night with equal ease. Keep in mind that the colors we are looking for are essentially light, bright, and not at all somber.

Choose curtains for the children's room

curtains children's room

The complex designs of curtains for adults are not so suitable for children, so do not opt ​​for sophistication. Keep the details as simple as possible with the use of smooth and flowing curtains. The fact is that the curtain for children should be as simple as possible, so that they can draw ideas from the shapes and designs and keep learning new things.

Beautiful curtains with floral patterns for children's room

printed patterned curtains

Most designers insist on choosing curtains for the curtains, which are placed on top of the curtain. It is pertinent to mention here that the friezes are expensive investments and need maintenance. In addition, the design factor is something that you should consider. Curtains with borders may be of some color but should be devoid of impressions and mixed effects.

Pretty curtain of pastel colors for nursery

pretty pastel colors curtain

Once your child wishes to organize his personal space on his own, it will be necessary to choose the most appropriate accessories and decorative items he can use. Every detail of a child's room is important.

Choose curtains of light fabrics

pretty curtain transparent fabric

Also, everything in a child's room must be safe, otherwise there is no need to have it there. Along with these important options such as the best furniture, the color of the wall and the design should also consider the choice of curtains suitable for the child's room.

Original curtain designs for children

Original curtain designs for children clouds

When choosing curtains for children's room, you should pay attention to factors such as age. For example, very bright colored curtains for a child's room are appropriate after a certain age.

Brightly colored polka dot curtains for a child's room


If all your children have their own rooms, then you should consider the age and gender of your children while choosing curtains for each of them. What is good for a 2-year-old child is not appropriate and desirable for a 5-year-old child, and less for a child who goes to school or a teenager.

Original children's curtains with animal prints

beautiful curtains animals jungle

Young children love bright colors and patterns, and as they grow they prefer cartoons or toy-themed curtains. As for teenagers, it is always better to ask your child for his opinion before choosing anything for the room.

Beautiful curtains with vertical stripes colors

beautiful colored striped curtains

As they get older, boys and girls tend to prefer different things, so it is preferable to choose neutral tones and patterns or combinations that are not compromising.

Original curtain designs for children's room

beautiful curtains triangles printed colors

When your children share the same room, try neutral colors or solid colors and patterns that appeal to different genders and ages. Regardless of age and sex, it is advisable to change the curtains every few years to somehow renew the design of the room. Also, buying new curtains is much cheaper than painting the walls again, or changing the furniture in your child's room.

Beautiful design of curtains for children with prints

nice design curtains children

One of the first things that you should consider when choosing the right material for your child's room curtains is the amount of light that the room receives during the day. Thicker fabrics can be used in extremely bright rooms, especially when we talk about young children going to bed when it is still early and there is a lot of light in the room, or about teenagers who prefer to create an atmosphere of intimacy and mystery In their rooms.

Nice set of curtains and bedding

bedding set curtains

Likewise, do not use very bright colors and delicate fabrics in brightly lit rooms because light will cause colors to fade and fabrics will wear out faster.

Pretty blue curtain with clouds

curtain color blue clouds

Generally, it is more advisable that the curtains are made of natural fabrics. But some of these tissues (for example, natural silk) are very delicate and are not suitable for washing often. So when choosing the fabric make sure it is easy to clean, preferably lightweight and able to hide dirt.

Beautiful sky-blue curtain with cloud prints

Celestial curtain prints clouds

Light curtains are better than heavy curtains for children allergic to dust mites, dyes or chemicals, simply because they have less fabric. However, if your child's room receives a lot of light, having transparent and heavy curtains is recommended to protect the room from excessive light, or you can simply opt for blinds and blinds, combined with more or less transparent curtains.

Nice curtain design for baby room

curtain design baby room

Safety is the most important criterion for choosing anything for a child's room. In the case of curtains , light ones are obviously safer than heavy ones because young children tend to pull them while trying to get up or walk, and older children hide behind them or use them as stores during the game.

Beautiful curtains with prints for children's room

nice curtains for children

In the same way, light curtains are more preferable than heavy curtains because they are safer when playing. Take measures so that the curtains do not contain any small bright detail that children can swallow.

Designs of double curtains for children's room

pink curtain flowers prints

The size of the curtains of the child's room It depends on the general design of the room, as well as your design intentions. However, the longer the curtains are, the higher the risk that your child throws them.

Original blue curtains with animated characters

blue curtains animated details

Here, the rule is simple; Kids love the bright rooms. Choose curtains that allow light to enter the room.

Beautiful designs of curtains with animated characters

curtains designs animated characters

Young children like to be consulted when designing and decorating their rooms. Let your children open up and ask them for their preferences. After all, it's your room.

Curtain designs for children's rooms

curtains designs children's rooms

For infants and young children, the design of the curtain you choose can have a really beneficial effect on your development. Young children are attracted to bright, primary colors, and colored curtains offered by animals can give you and your child a lot to talk about when changing diapers, as you can play to name the creatures and sounds that make.

Gray curtains with white stars

curtains gray color stars

By combining a blind with curtains you can keep the window beautifully dressed, even when the children have grown up.

Beautiful designs of curtains for children

original children's curtain designs

As the night progresses, the temperature decreases and it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable environment for your child. In the winter months, you can increase the temperature in your child's bedroom by adding a pair of thermally draped curtains that are made with a thicker satin twill fabric for extra comfort.

Original curtain designs for children's rooms

curtain designs for children

Sleep is an important function that promotes health and well-being, and children really benefit from a regular bedtime routine that allows them to get up to 11 hours of sleep each night. However, it can be difficult to maintain your routine in the summer months, when the nights are much shorter. You can solve this problem by investing in a lining for your children's curtains. All curtains can be made with this special lining to make sure your child always gets a good night's rest.

Original green curtain designs for children

curtain designs for kids green

When choosing your children's curtains, do not forget to think about the touches of important finishes, such as the style of your fold. These are important considerations for the overall appearance of the curtains. Talk to a designer and make sure you get the exact finish you want to create a room from which your children will never tire.

Beautiful curtains for teenage room

great colored printed curtains

Choose a Roman or roll-up blind in a fun, striped or plain fabric design and make sure your child gets a good night's sleep.

Great curtain with planets prints

super blue curtain planets

Now we leave you with more interesting images of curtain designs for children that can be found below in our gallery, enjoy the tour and be sure to visit our website, see you soon.

Original blue curtains with planets

original blue curtains planets

Original curtains with colored pencil prints

colored pencils printed curtains

Original designs of curtains for children pink with prints

original design pink curtain

Original curtain designs for children with colorful fringes

original fringed curtains colors

Original designs of curtains for children with elephant prints

original elephants printed curtains

Original curtains with animal prints

original jungle animals curtains

Original designs of curtains for children's rooms

original mickey green curtains

Original curtain designs for children

original design bedroom curtains

Original curtains with prints of jungle animals

curtain original jungle animals

Beautiful curtain with prints of puppies for children's room

Lovely curtain printed doggies

Beautiful curtains with tree prints

Lovely curtain printed trees

Beautiful curtains for baby room

beautiful curtains for baby room

Beautiful children's curtains in modern design with owl prints

beautiful curtains modern design owls

Original curtains for the baby's room

original baby room curtains

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