Curtains for casement windows - functional and beautiful designs

Curtains for casement windows

Many people do not get upset or simply forget to dress some of their folding windows or the doors of the terrace. Often the doors to the garden are left uncovered, but overlooking them has never really been a problem. The folding doors and windows are more difficult to treat, since their opening and closing require movement, and we must not obstruct them or place anything that prevents them from opening. Today we want to show you some practical ideas and designs of curtains for casement windows , Do not miss these images.

Original designs of curtains for casement windows

transparent curtains

If you get a little scared about the idea of ​​living in a fish tank at night, then some kind of window covering would be a good idea. However, there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed previously.

Curtain designs for folding doors

gray color curtains

The first is that most doors are built to be as large as possible in the available space, which means that very often there is not enough space between the top of the doors and the roof to place a curtain pole.

Great designs of curtains for casement windows

curtains for large folding windows

That's the number one problem, and we assume it's probably too late to change the doors and make them smaller so that the post can fit.

Beautiful light blue curtains

light blue curtains

The second issue is that even if there is enough space at the top, most of these doors open occupying the entire width of the space, which means that when you pull the curtains to open them again they will occupy space on the sides.

Great long beige curtains

great beige curtains

Having additional curtains in between can spoil the effect of the huge doors of glass, but if you choose the right design, you can embellish it.

Beautiful cream-colored curtains

dining room curtains

A set of long and smooth shades in neutral tones can be the key in many interior designs. If the purpose of the curtain is to achieve intimacy and cover the visible structures of the window, choose a curtain design that is opaque.

Pretty white curtains for small window

white curtains

Roman blinds tend to need at least 20 cm of stacking space, which is certainly too much. True? Obviously, a roller blind occupies less space but, therefore, is less attractive.

Design of orange curtains

curtains blinds design

You can try to contact a specialist manufacturer to ask about the vertical panels or the blinds as we see in the image above. Be careful that they are not too industrial or office type.

Beautiful transparent white curtains

long white curtains

Assuming the doors have been created and installed professionally, you will not need curtains to warm the room, so it really is a matter of decoration.

Original beige curtain design

original design beige curtain

The placement of some types of lightweight fabric curtains such as muslin or voile is also a good choice. When the doors are open, they will dance lazily in the breeze and when the doors are closed they will hardly occupy space, but they will have the effect of softening the edges. White is the most obvious choice, and will give a very Scandinavian look, although you can also look for different colors to coordinate with the rest of the room.

Pretty salmon curtain

salmon colored curtain

The most sensible option may be to request folding curtains on request. If you opt for the textile, you will find semitransparent, transparent and dark variants.

Living room decorated with original Roman curtains

luxurious vintage style lounge

All types allow some light to pass, but you can also choose to place Abachi wood strips, available in several elegant colors.

Folding curtain design estore for office

curtain design folding curtains

There is also the option of the head. The textile is perfectly integrated in a head, without relying on the Velcro strips. The result is a clean finish. As for the operation of the folding curtains, these usually have a metal chain equipped with a child's accessory. In the standard design, the folds are provided with a transparent accessory, which matches any interior. In some more modern designs it is possible to operate the folds remotely using an operating system. This is ideal for difficult access windows or for the simultaneous operation of several folding curtains.

Original curtains with vertical bands of green

original curtains vertical bands

The last proposal is to place a valance or a valance that protects the fabric against discoloration. In combination with the lower track always visible, the valance gives the folding curtains a more luxurious appearance. The fabric can be easily cleaned with a brush or a vacuum cleaner in a fabric setting.

Roller blinds with classic style vertical stripes

roller blinds vertical bands

Original curtains for kitchen and dining room

original dining curtains

Original white roll-up curtain for casement window

white roll-up curtain

Curtains with vertical bands of beige

curtain beige vertical bands

Window treatments for luxurious bathroom

luxurious bathroom

Original roller blinds for living room

Beautiful curtains for living room in vintage style

beautiful living room curtains

Original designs of curtains for casement windows

original roller blinds

Great curtains for casement windows

cream colored curtains

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