Curtains for small windows - 24 super designs

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We often acquire window treatments that do not fit well with the measurements of the windows of our home. Therefore we must cut and sew them again the hem. Today we want to introduce you some designs of curtains for small windows; either for the kitchen or for the bathroom.

Window treatments and curtains for small windows

curtains for small burlap windows

As a DIY proposal we suggest dressing the window with a curtain made from an old burlap sack. It will give your interior a very original rustic vintage look.

Nice curtain design with pine prints

nice design curtain pines

Windows that are short, wide or a combination of both need strategic curtains. You should consider several alternatives, such as the area in which the curtains are hung, how much fabric you need, and your tastes in terms of decorating styles.

Beautiful curtains for a small window

nice little window curtains

Width and short are rarely desirable attributes, and it is no less true when applied to your windows. However, the disproportion is easy to fix with the appropriate curtains. If you use curtains higher than the actual window frames and the curtain ends up coming from the ceiling to the floor you will create a dramatic effect that will trick the eye into believing that its windows are higher.

Beautiful curtains with floral patterns

printed flowers curtains

Cover the real windows with simple blinds that match the paint on the wall. When the curtains are open, the shadows will not create a visible interruption of the illusion of flow.

Pretty designs curtains with lace fabrics

lace fabrics designs lace

A small kitchen window can be covered with a classic curtain and little else. Coffee curtains are great for the kitchen, allowing light to enter while providing some privacy. You can choose a model of curtains that are linen. If you plan to make the curtains for yourself, cut the linen fabric about 2 1/2 times the width of your window so that it hangs in plentiful folds.

Beautiful rustic style curtains for dining room

curtains rustic style dining room

Next, use a rugged striped fabric that picks up the stripe on the sacking, for example dark blue or red on off white, to create a fixed canopy, like a small tent, that sits on the window. By placing the canopy on the wall above the window, with the lower edge just above the top edge of the short window frame, it will give the kitchen window more height.

Beautiful classic curtains in green

beautiful green curtains

The bedrooms of a typical apartment loft Converted often have small windows. The high and short section of the window is usually difficult to cover since most of the regular window coverings are glued and shortened. But you can add a bright decorative note and still allow a lot of light to enter with a bit of creativity and fancy ribbons wrapped around a long bar set above the window.

Nice design of blue curtains

short curtains light blue

You should cut ribbons of the same length, adding 2 to 3 inches at the top so they can overlap the curtain rod. Trim the top edge in a V shape; Double enough to make a loose bow, and use the tactic of the pieces folded together by sewing on the large plastic button, decorated with a theme or ornament to appeal to the interests of the inhabitants' room.

Original set of green curtains

set green short curtains

Wide windows are often placed to capture a spectacular view. In these cases you can use the curtains to minimize the interference of too much light. Try placing a valance, mounted at ceiling height, that extends through a window or a window bank to achieve more privacy and control of light.

Original curtain design with prints

original design curtain curtain

When you start on the roof, you create the illusion that the windows are even higher, something very useful if the windows are wide and short, and even more attractive if the wall of the window is already quite wide. Another alternative is the curtains that cover the wall over a wide window, helping to disguise a view that is not so ideal while giving the impression that the window is larger than its actual height.

Original curtain designs for small windows

designs curtains for small windows

The curtains complete a room. They help control light, give you privacy and warmth, affirm your style and add texture and color. Maximize your benefits with these guidelines and make your window treatments efficient.

Original curtains in vintage style

beautiful vintage style curtains

Select a bar that is wider than the width of your window. This will not allow over space for the panels to hang on either side of the window and will force the panels to cover the window at all times.

Original curtain design for bathroom

fourth bathroom curtain

He wants his curtains to feel full, not scarce. If you really plan to close your curtains from time to time, the curtains should be approximately between two and 2.5 times the width of the actual window.

Pretty fabric estore with floral patterns

estore fabric printed flowers

The higher the bar, the higher the window, so fix your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the top of your window. The rule of thumb is that they should sit 4-6 inches above the window frame.

Great modern blinds for small windows

great blinds small windows

Unless you are using brown-style curtains, the fabric should not fall to the ground. A bit of pudding can be nice if you want a romantic feeling, but if you do not want to worry about getting dragged and dirty, fold the fabric just before it hits the ground - a little less than an inch would be ideal.

Original curtain for small kitchen window

original curtain window kitchen

Choose a fabric that fits both the mood of the room and its function. Lighter mixes feel casual and filter light, while denser fabrics feel more formal and provide more privacy. Try something like heavy velvet for drafty windows, or gauze for a breeze sensation.

Original design of green kitchen curtains

original design kitchen curtains

A simple template ensures that you hang the curtain rod at the same height for each window, and that your bars are not twisted.

Original mustard colored checkered curtain for guest room * The Red Feed Sack

yellow checkered curtain

Finding curtains for small windows requires a bit of planning and often a lot of searching. Treatments that are too heavy or too long can overwhelm a smaller window, while something too small can make it disappear on the wall. To begin, determine your budget. When you begin your search, remember that what you choose for the window will have a great effect on the room in general, so take your time.

Original modern curtains with floral prints

original floral prints curtains

When choosing curtains, make sure you are meeting your privacy needs while still allowing as much natural light as possible, which is important when working with a small window. Start looking through your window. If the view is private, you will have more room to maneuver with window treatments, as you will not have to worry about trying to block the view of the exteriors and you can focus more on how the curtain shape works with the size of the window. If you need privacy, adhere to the light-colored curtains that let in some sunlight while blocking the view into the interior of your home. Other options include blinds that can be angled for privacy while allowing natural light to enter.

Original curtain designs for small windows

original designs modern curtains

Hanging a panel on either side of a standard or larger window is a common option in window treatment styles, but this does not work with many smaller windows. Narrow windows tend to look better with vertical blinds, a long panel pulled to the side with a hook or tie, blinds or a combination of them.

Curtains for small and large windows

window curtains

Wide and short windows can also work well with integrated window treatments, as well as roller blinds such as Roman shades or bamboo blinds. For a small window of standard size, any of these options will work.

Beautiful curtains with elephant prints

original printed elephant curtains

Some tricks can camouflage a small window. If it is narrow but high, hang the panels on both sides so that they are covering the wall, with only the edge of each panel reaching the edge of the window glass on each side.

Curtains for small kitchen windows

curtains for kitchen windows

This will make it look as if the glass extends behind the panels. A variation of this trick can be used to make shorter windows appear taller. Install a valance just above the window, so that the edge meets the glass (covering the trim), which will make it look like the window extends behind the panel. The valence and tricks of the panel can be used alone or together.

Original designs of mini curtains for room

original mini curtains

After you have a good understanding of the style of curtain you want for the window, focus on the fabric and color options. To make the small window stand out inside the house, you will want curtains that are substantial enough to draw attention to the window without overvaluing it.

Curtain designs for small windows

curtains for small windows

If you want a romantic look on the sheer panels, placing a layer of several panels instead of simply hanging one will allow light to enter without framing the window. For traditional curtains, medium weight fabrics, instead of heavy velvet curtains, often work best with smaller windows.

Curtain for small window

curtain for small window

Look at the fabric in front of a window to determine how the light filters and how the window will improve, despite its small size. Most retailers will send you several samples, this gives you the opportunity to see the curtain material closely before making your decision.

Original curtain fabric designs for small windows

original designs fabrics curtains

* The Red Feed Sack

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