Curtains ideas to fill small windows with style

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In our home, the role of windows is fundamental. Its role in achieving proper ventilation and letting light through is known to everyone. There is no design that does not include this element in some way.

Curtains DIY ideas for small windows of home

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The windows are according to their design a visual point that is always always attractive. On the other hand are the curtains that culminate that visual effect that often falls in love. Our proposals today focus on those small windows and curtain options to beautify them.

Curtains ideas and variant for small windows in dining room, floral motifs

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When it comes to curtains ideas and designs of small windows you have to put into practice our ingenuity. A smaller window means less natural light. In the same way, that striking effect throughout the house will not be the same. The options for this type of windows are many. Starting from a minimalist aesthetic to more double fabric curtains.

An example of blinds and various combinations of textiles in the case of a traditional bath

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In the photos we show several curtains ideas and designs that can give us a clue about this variety. The important thing is that our small window always looks good according to the room where you are. As a general rule many small windows have a white finish. For these cases it is best that our decoration and fabrics continue on this line. It is important for the rooms to have a bright and dynamic image.

Another shade model designed for a modern bathroom with natural elements in the design

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With the curtains appropriate design ideas and a little patience we will achieve the perfect detail for the whole set. According to its size and style the curtain will become the aspect that will attract all eyes. The truth is that there is no recipe that is infallible and predetermined. Many opinions agree that it is not necessary to follow the entire line of the rest of the textiles

DIY options allow the creation of more personalized solutions for housing

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Looking in a certain way to create a kind of rupture in space. As a complement to small windows curtains ideas and designs with flowers are very effective. It is important that they do not become a limitation for the entry of natural light. Remember that these are small windows. So this point becomes a vital design element. If they are designs with crystals, try to interfere as little as possible.

This is a great example of economic materials and great resistance to the passage of time

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As important as the passage of light is to maintain the ventilation capacity. For this the swing systems are very effective and do not interfere with the curtains that we select. In the curtains folding ideas are the best advice when we want a cool room that does not look overwhelming. Blinds are the perfect models for this. It regulates its height with great ease and the windows are concealed with great fluidity.

Of great elegance and designed for small spaces with a vaporous fabric that filters light

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There are areas of the house that already have such small or narrow windows. The basement is one of these areas. The best way to treat these windows is to make them look bigger and more elegant. With the right ideas and designs curtains a better balance is achieved in these rooms. That image of boring windows that do not favor the style of our basement will be left behind.

Divided into two sections and adaptable to many spaces in the house such as the kitchen or the living room

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Curtains for small windows in the basement and other spaces can be designed as is usually done for the larger ones. Long curtains are an example of this and are very effective. In windows small long curtains increase your visual interest. On the other hand they help to create the optical illusion of greater size and amplitude in the curtains. The so-called Roman curtains are another one of those spectacular designs for a basement.

Another good example for elongated and low-rise windows in textile with floral patterns

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They can be seen as a more classic air solution to soften the windows. Remember to pay attention to the style or type of fabric so that they do not completely block the entry of light. Another area where we can find small windows is the bathroom. Here the curtains ideas and materials have some variations.

White design for lighting environments, lace finishes on the edges of the fabric

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It is a more humid area and it undergoes many temperature changes. This is not an obstacle to decorating the bathroom window. Failing to do so presupposes a cold, personality-free image for our bathroom. Starting with its dimensions, the bathroom curtain should be rather short. A too long can be a problem in terms of space or for cleaning. Because of the humidity and other issues of the bathroom it has to be washable fabrics.

One of the perfect options to let the light shine through the small windows

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In this scenario it will be practically impossible for them not to get wet. So avoid materials that can be affected under these conditions cm is the case of silk. As a variant to the curtains a glass window is ideal to decorate it with a valance. As in other areas of the house curtains ideas and materials for the balo room are several.

Beautiful contrast of the fabric of the curtain with the white background wall that enhances the contrast

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You have to start maybe for wooden venetian blinds, but it has its limitations. Mainly in everything related to humidity and temperature changes that we already mentioned. Their aesthetics are highly valued but they will be difficult to maintain. As a solution you can use aluminum models that will not suffer deformations. Greater resistance in this type of curtains has been achieved with the use of PVC.

The curtain in the lower part of the windows is better not to block the entrance of light completely

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They do not suffer any type of deformation due to humidity. Its structure has aluminum elements that improve its resistance increasing the period of exploitation. Other technological applications such as the nano screen are applied to blinds for bathrooms. It is perhaps the most complete curtain solution for a small window. These curtains modern ideas and their technology act as an isolation.

Curtains to the floor that go beyond the dimensions of these small windows

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The nano screen is subjected to different treatments against fungi or bacteria that can proliferate thanks to humidity. The accumulation of odors is similarly not a problem for this technology. We leave you other interesting options that can be applied to small windows in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and any small window of the house. A great diversity of fabrics and textures perfect to experiment a little. Do not hesitate to put these ideas into practice.

Beautiful concept of curtains for the design of a very functional and elegant traditional kitchen

incredible yellow styles furniture ideas

Located on the inside of the window frame, striking bathroom with vintage furniture

yellow country special styles shower

With this style you can use the top of the window for any decoration

kitchens crowns decorations material effects

A country kitchen designed with beautiful details that leaves the bottom of the window free

kitchens samples styles colors materials supplies

Colorful curtains for a narrow window and elongated model of children's bedroom

colorful aspects ventansas solutions imagination

Undoubtedly these are ideal patterns in the design of curtains for the kitchen or the dining room

two-tier special curtains furniture armchairs

A touch of yellow through textiles is the best thing to complete the image of this kitchen

elegants kitchens decorations yellow aspects

Adding several flowers to the decoration of the windows in small glasses and fabric of the blind

flowers, original decorations, houses, curtains

Narrow windows and curtains that reach the floor of this interesting pink bedroom

room nina special female samples

Adapting the style of the curtain to the conditions of the architecture a design for an attic

bedroom attic ideas bedroom special lamps

Two ideas of curtains according to our needs ensure absolute privacy

Classic special white style combinations

Another way to decorate traditional kitchens by playing with fabrics and natural details

metal kitchens special concepts lamps

A fabric and shade to match the tonalities of this small but practical youth room

modrnos styles colors green slats samples

Even polka dots can adapt to the style of many spaces and models of curtains

options measure windows effects matters

Idea designed for long and narrow windows, covering them independently

red special cushions parts details designs

Fine fabrics in a bright contemporary living room decorated with fireplaces

modern room espedcial stylesd design tables

Ideas from several small windows treated creatively in an open living space

back rooms decorated with furniture blinds

Design with a metal bar and rings very practical for any house window

low section windows yellow durable colors

Treatment for the windows of the rooms located in basements and at low levels

basement modern bedroom special bedroom

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