Dark colored double bedrooms - 50 ideas

padded wall capitone black skin

Are you one of those who think that dark colors are not suitable for decorating indoor spaces? In our article today we will make you change your mind because we bring fifty designs of marriage bedrooms and of adults in general decorated with dark and intense tones, do not miss these wonderful images.

Double bedrooms decorated with dark colors

nice design paper wall bedroom

As you can see, there are colors that give a very elegant touch to the adult rooms , as long as they are combined with pleasure. Upstairs we have a bedroom that draws attention to the design of black painted wallpaper with motifs of shamrocks in golden tones.

Dark furniture set

nice design bed room adults

On the contrary, in the following room design the dark tones are provided by the whole furniture set. We can see several pieces as cabinets, comfortable , tables and dressing table, all of laminated wood of a dark chocolate brown color. To counter the darkness have added elements of bright colors such as bedding or painted papes the central wall.

Decor of bedrooms in neutral tones

headboard bed padded gray color

There is a fairly widespread current trend that involves the use of neutral colors for interior decoration. These are basically gray, brown and beige and cover all the variants of these tonalities. The neutral tones can be combined with the rest of the colors since precisely they manage to neutralize them without creating too showy contrasts.

Combination of dark tones for bedrooms

headboard bed dark green

It is usually the walls of a bedroom that provide the color note that will predominate in the design, although this is also not a rule. If we apply dark colors to the wall of the headboard of the bed and paint the rest in lighter shades we will avoid that the place is shadowed but giving it that touch of fashionable color at the same time.

Room design in black with aquamarine elements

bed color-aquamarine black wall

In the bedroom that we can see in the upper part there are several elements of aquamarine color that call our attention from the first moment. This is what usually happens when bright colors are combined with others that are more subdued and darker; the contrast intensifies and the aquamarine even seems to shine.

Bedroom decorated with black and gold

round bed color black gold

Let's see also what happens if we combine two sober colors like black and gold. At first the mixture of shades is pretentious, but also and thanks to the elements of soft and bright textures, the place has managed to show a most luxurious and pretentious, it is a really fantastic design.

Room with dark purple elements

dark purple room curtains

Decoration of room with wooden elements

wood brown laminate room

Laminated wood furniture black color

modern bedroom design views garden

Room design in brown tones

bedroom design brown tones

Bedroom decoration with black wall

juvenile bedroom black wall design

Modern bedrooms in black

design modern double bedrooms

Double bedrooms in black and white

design bedroom black gray tones

Bedroom decoration in black and white

black white room design

Room design in blue tones

design bed room blue shades

black decoration design

design bedroom wall color blue

bedroom design adults wood siding

design bedroom colors red black

Design rooms adults dark tones

modern design luxurious style room

modern design paper wall painted

bedroom adults wall color indigo

bedroom classic black luxurious style

Dark intense colors bedrooms

marriage bedrooms blue

Marriage bedrooms deer box

marriage bedrooms indigo

Gray color double bedrooms

modern double bedrooms

light gray color wall fourth

gray brown color wall quarter

greenish gray quarter modern walls

natural red wall wood furniture

paper wall color black rose

wall headboard dark color bed

wall black satin curtain

gray bedroom wall design

wall modern quarter color geris

dirty quarter wall color coral

dark gray bedroom wall

walls quarter brown dark chocolate

gray black bedroom walls

modern quarter walls color black

gray walls black cushions design

wall cement gray concrete

bedroom black wall red bed

horizontal wood wall paneling

laminate flooring wood gray color

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