Decorate an elongated room with taste and style

decorate elongated design room- rectangular ideas

Today we have for all of you some very original ideas of how to decorate an elongated room. Because many live in small apartments and the living space is increasingly smaller we are forced to look for clean pieces that would give the rooms an atmosphere minimalist , but cozy.

Decorate room elongated ideas for details on the walls

design living white fitted wardrobes idea

With the space increasingly reduced we must compensate with a good design and modern aesthetics. Many people claim that living in a space small It has forced them to get rid of a lot of things and to keep it to what really liberates one and shows that one can live with less.

Decorate elongated living room using furniture and detail in black and white

decorate salon elongated design white black design ideas

To decorate the long room you must choose the furniture carefully since the space will allow you to put only a few. One of the first things is to think about what activities you want to take place in that room.

Long room with classic design

decorate room elongated design classic design ideas

Do you want a place dedicated to family nights to watch TV? Or do you need a table and chairs to create a conversation area? The answer to the question I want will show you the starting point for designing your living room.

Very beautiful details like the mirror with wooden frame that we see in this long room

decorate salon elongated design vintage style ideas

Many long, narrow rooms are divided into two or more seating groups as this is a good way to cope with space. In addition to this way you can fill the space without giving up the furniture.

Wooden side table and classic table lamps to decorate the living room

decorate salon elongated narrow design furniture design ideas

And another important thing you can create different areas and customize each one depending on the activity for which you use it. Our advice is to use easy-moving pieces and colors of the same range for a harmonious style.

Long room with high ceiling and original decorative details

decorate elongated living room fabulous design contemporary ideas

In our examples you will see rooms with a large formal seating area that in some cases is complemented by a small informal area designed around an ottoman or central coffee table.

Ideas of shelves on the walls of the long hall

decorate room elongated design fusion styles options ideas

In an extended living room you can opt for more than one sofa. If your room is long but wide you can create a scheme that works with two opposite sofas that match.

White brick walls and LED lighting on the roof of the long hall

decorate room elongated design rooms white ideas

For the furniture and the walls of your elongated room we propose you to use pastel colors. Since these help to expand the space. Although this does not prevent him from painting his walls blue or dark gray. The idea is to create a wider interior that is not compressed between two walls. You can achieve this effect with light colors and pastels.

Narrow narrow room with very nice walls

decorate room elongated design lighting led edges ceiling ideas

What we mean is that dark colors can aggravate and disproport the place if you use them in furniture and walls. But if you combine black furniture with white walls in a narrow space you can create a good impression.

Floor-to-ceiling windows ideas and neutral-colored details in the long room

decorate elongated room luminous design white walls ideas

Also if you use good lighting you can combine it with details with dark finishes. Another thing we can do is expand the space by adding wallpaper with horizontal stripes pattern on the narrow walls. In combination with a long wall of a single color.

Ideas of plants to decorate the long room

decorate elongated room design furniture white plants ideas

As you can see in these photos, designers have tried to avoid long and narrow rooms looking too static or formal. We must also make sure that the area where we sit is not too far from television and other amenities.

Long room that shares the space with the dining room

decorate room elongated design furniture colors options ideas

The biggest challenge will be not to place all the furniture near the walls, because in this way the corners will be emphasized and the space will appear straight and narrow instead of open and bright. That is why one of the ways that you can break with straight lines is placing the furniture without following the lines of the walls.

Blue furniture matching with the curtains in the long room

decorate elongated living room furniture design curtains blue color ideas

As you can see in these photos the designers have tried to create areas of color. These furniture and colorful details attract the eye in certain points of the room and help break down to optimize the space with style.

Long room with ceiling and very original furniture

decorate room elongated design furniture unexpected design ideas

You can also include some details to maximize the feeling of space in a narrow room. Space-saving solutions are small hanging lights that hang over shelves or tables and also help create an interesting focal point.

Long white room very bright

decorate elongated living room furniture style ideas

Now we leave you with our original ideas to decorate an elongated room in an original and modern way using the appropriate furniture and colors. Also if you want to add contrasts to your decoration of the salon you can paint walls of light colors and you can choose furniture of the darkest color.

Elongated and narrow room with very nice furniture

decorate salon elongated original design style salon ideas

On the other hand, the furniture can be used not only to decorate the room, but also to add a modern and elegant touch to the interior. For that, you can opt for elegantly designed furniture with a lot of style.

Long room with very colorful walls

decorate room elongated design wall vibrant colors ideas

You have to bear in mind that to decorate the salon you have to use all the decorative details and you will have to combine them with each other. In this way you will also increase the style of your house.

Decorate lounge elongated in a simple and elegant way

decorate living room elongated design white walls modern ideas

Ideas of spaces full of colors and textures

decorate room elongated design walls dark color ideaz

Dark wood furniture and details in the modern living room

decorate room elongated design plants near windows ideas

Very original wooden wall in the long hall


Very original separating wall in the living room

decorate elongated living room white sofa design red details ideas

Long room with contemporary design

decorate living room elongated design sofa tables design ideas

One more choice of colorful furniture for the narrow living room

decorate room elongated design stools colors ideas

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