Decorate bathrooms in dark tones - dare to use colors

decorate bathrooms

The "Moody" style decoration is the order of the day, and more and more designers are using it in their projects. We adore the dark spaces because they are relaxing, mysterious, striking and different, we no longer speak of spaces full of light, they are serene tones and dark beauty. Today we want to inspire decorate bathrooms in dark and dark colors, and you will never regret it, regardless of the style you choose.

Great ideas to decorate dark bathrooms

decorate dark bathrooms

Most dark bathrooms are usually designed in minimalist, modern, wabi sabi, art deco, or industrial style, as these styles look stunning and natural in dark colors. You can also add some touches of rustic or vintage style for an elegant and interesting look. Let's look at some more ideas on how to make your dark bathroom stand out.

How to decorate dark bathrooms

ideas decorate dark bathrooms

Choose your style and try to create a mental image. You can choose dark gray, brown or black for tiles or stone to add a textured appearance. Concrete is also a good fit if you look for a fairly temperamental look, and the cabinets and wood countertops They will add a refined touch. If you can afford it, opt for black marble countertops or even walls.

Ideas and tips for decorating dark bathrooms

Tips decorate dark bathrooms

A mirror You can also add style to the space. Dark bathrooms need additional light, so keep in mind when decorating them that it is good to use hanging lamps and lights hidden in the mirror and under the drawers.

Ideas to decorate dark bathrooms

dark baths

Cover your shower and bathroom space with dark tiles or stone for more functionality, or dark concrete for durability. While the shower area can be laconically and minimalistly decorated, the bathroom space can be your impressive focal point in the bathroom.

Original design of bathroom with modern tiles

modern tiles

The impressive vintage style copper bathtubs are ideal for this, or a black stone bathtub for a relaxing spa feeling.

Bathroom design with gray walls

gray walls

Consider opening more windows or adding lots of lights, otherwise your dark bathroom will look smaller than it really is. Place candles around the tub for a chic look and a relaxing touch.

Beautiful designs of modern dark bathrooms

gray bathroom

Dark colors are often used for male spaces, so if you want to have one, this is the best option.

Original vintage style freestanding bathtub with golden accents

modern independent bathtub

Relieve your bathroom with potted vegetation and fresh flowers for a chic look, use copper and brass accents to give your dark bathroom an elegant look. So that it is not boring, play with textures and use natural materials such as wood, stone and marble.

Vintage style bathroom decorated in dark tones

retro bathroom

When it comes to decorating bathrooms, we often think of a bright white ceramic. But if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional, consider a dark charcoal colored furniture.

Great rustic style bathroom design

rustic bathroom

Even in small spaces, darker colors can give depth and volume and not overload a space when used strategically.

Modern design bathroom

modern style bathroom

Here you can find some good advice on how to create a contemporary look, maintaining a wide, relaxing and luxurious feeling in your bathroom.

Great modern design bathroom

modern design bathroom

By using textures and patterns in your choice of tiles and floors you can instantly break down and soften the color of the dark environment, which is suitable for small bathrooms.

Design of modern gray bathroom


Textured walls are a fantastic way to introduce shadows and there are endless options available to suit your bathroom.

Modern bathroom with dark gray tiles

modern bathroom gray tiles

All monochromatic schemes are somewhat boring in dark bathrooms, but plants and foliage add a natural relaxing aesthetic along with subtle accessories with bursts of color as a final touch.

Vanity unit with integrated LED lights

nice bathroom design

Be sure to apply light gray or white on the floors and ceilings to beautify the dark walls and maximize the feeling of space. The suites and the black and white cabinets in the bathroom are key to creating a timeless design and a magnificent contrast against the dark backdrop.

Bathroom with bright black tiles

tiles color black

Here they have used a mosaic with textured black tiles to create a dramatic look. The wood countertop softens the appearance while the ceramic sinks help to break the color block.

Beautiful modern design bathroom

white tile joints

One of our favorite tile designs for an accent wall is a black brick type model with white grout to lighten the space. Here it has been combined with a light wood dresser to balance the contemporary wall with a natural look but full of character. Extravagant accessories such as pendant lamps or bowl add a personal touch.

Bathroom with snakeskin wallpaper

snake skin wall

There is a new trend that shows bathroom accessories with snakeskin finishes. With an exotic elegance, the accessories of the jungle surround modern forms in richly textured finishes. Available in different patterns, the decor of the jungle style bathroom is bold.

Bath with snakeskin finish

snake skin bathtub

The accessories feature a seductive snake skin that ripples with warm tones of luxury. The snake skin bathroom decoration joins the room with a rich pattern.

Original design of snake skin washbasin

snake skin basin

Add a crocodile skin texture to your bathroom in a bright tone, for a wonderful sculptural effect. The crocodile skin bath accessories encompass the depth and beauty of the classic luxury textures for a modern dramatic style.

Original bathroom design with separate bathtub

copper bathtub

Why not recreate a look with dark accessories in your bathroom? Gray shades are trend this season. A bathroom with some charcoal colored fixtures will bring the touch of contemporary sophistication to your home.

Nice bathroom with dark walls in vintage style

vintage style walls

Dark tones can also help make bathroom interiors more voluminous and harmonious.

Nice design of modern bathroom

dark countertop

The bathroom, like a compact space with several surface finishes, offers the ideal conditions to create an intimate and luxurious space with darker tones. Therefore, let us briefly recall the most popular tips and ideas for decorating dark bathrooms.

Original bathroom designs with dark walls

dark walls

To perfect this look let in the light. You do not want to put on makeup in a dark room, so before embarking on a dark bathroom design, make sure you have plenty of natural light.

Shower cabin with cement walls

cement walls

Use strip lighting. This will improve the feeling of the room, and will have additional lighting. Create beautiful effects by adding lights under your dressing mirror.

Gray walls with cement finish

cement cabin

Add textures Use the tiles with a marble effect or bring the dark cedar wood to your dresser to soften the character of the room.

Add luxurious marble tiles

marble tiles

Make a focal point of your bathtub or toilet using the white to contrast against the black walls and floor.

Original minimalist style bathroom design

minimalist sink

Add large mirrors. This will make the room look bigger and reflect the light. For an element of glamor, try a smoked antique mirror.

Original bathroom decoration in black and gold

bathroom in black and gold

These are basically the most important tips to follow for a good decoration of a dark bathroom.

Modern dark bathroom design with freestanding vintage style bathtub

great bathtub

If you want to continue knowing more trends and original ideas about decoration and interior design, do not forget to visit our website, see you soon.

Original designs of modern bathrooms in dark colors

textures walls

Nice bathroom design with dark marble tiles

dark marble tiles

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