Decorate bathrooms with bathroom furniture and vintage accessories

great design bathroom retro style

In our article today we are going to talk to you about how decorate bathrooms with vintage bathroom furniture , a very pretentious style that makes us travel through time and feel very special, do not miss our selection of fifty photographs that show the essential characteristics of this style of decoration.

Decorate bathrooms retro style

bathroom design retro white

Starting with the coating of floors and walls, we can affirm that there are tendencies that clearly mark that retro touch that we all remember from the house of the grandmother. We speak for example of the tiles small monochromatics of rectangular or square shape, usually in white or blue tones.

Gray bathtub of retro design

bathtub color gray retro style

The vintage bathroom furniture shares a romantic but also simple exterior appearance. As an example of what has been mentioned, we have this great bath retro that appears in the image above. The vision has been completed thanks to the classic style window frame and the metal cock of the bathtub.

Dallas model bathroom design by Clawfoot

bathroom retro style wood cladding

In the following image that we can see above it appears a retro style bathroom design called "Dallas" with another great vintage style bathtub. The firm Clawfoot is specialized in the design and distribution of vintage bathroom pieces and furniture and offers a catalog with numerous different models.

Retro bathroom design

retro bathroom wood chair

Unlike in minimalism, the vintage style seeks to highlight, highlight and adorn the spaces with old pieces in very good condition, or new pieces inspired by a retro style design. These are characterized by their classic look full of ornaments that does not go unnoticed. Regarding the materials used, it is common to find wood in its most natural and solid state, and also

Luxurious vintage style bathroom design

luxurious style vintage style bathroom

resistant surfaces of marble and granite. Finally we will add that some shades such as green jade or blue give a retro note even to places that do not pretend to be, so that you can also consider adding a touch of color when decorating retro style bathrooms.

Classic style bathroom design

bathroom classic style green walls

In the design of contemporary bathrooms, almost all styles are actively used. A decent place among them has the bathroom with decoration and retro design since the old decoration is gaining popularity in recent years.

Celestial bathroom design

small bathroom color light blue retro

However, many, even professional designers are sometimes confused with the retro style era, as they are very similar to each other. In order to understand the difference between the styles of the different decades, it is necessary to explain their basic characteristics and look at the photographs presented.

Retro style small bathroom design

small bathroom design retro style

Many people believe that a bathroom with retro style design is the same as a classic style since it has some similar characteristics and it is logical to think so. This is actually a mistake because the retro trend emerged long before the standard classics, although at first glance it has a lot in common.

Decorate small bathrooms in retro style

small bathroom design retro style 1

The distinctive features of the style are the following classic style is characterized by the presence of furniture from the 50s or 70s. Handmade carpets knitted retro bathroom must have some iron or steel furniture also presence of wooden shelves or plastic lack of shower with flexible hose and presence of mirrors with wooden frame.

Vintage style bathroom design

decorate small bathrooms retro style

When designing this room it is important to remember that a bathroom in retro style rejects the use of modern materials such as acrylic. It is also worth designing a vintage bathroom since, this style does not present any demand to the size of the space and can be used in rooms with different area.

Retro bathroom with wooden furniture

retro bathroom classic wood style

If you choose to have this kind of old-style bathroom, naturally you must have furniture and old or artificially aged elements, but neither should we abuse, it is not necessary to move, because the room will become a museum or an antique shop.

Retro bathroom design in white

retro bathroom design white color

The most important role is played by the plumbing typical of the style, since it is an embodiment that presents distinctive vintage characteristics. All the elements, from the wash basin and the finish of the bathtub must be made of metal, because no modern material is accepted in the vintage bathroom.

Retro style bathroom design with green mosaic

bathroom retro style green mosaic

A bathtub is considered the focal point of the bathroom and if you choose a vintage style must be of standard shape with rounded shapes and the mandatory presence of small legs, the incorporation of a container on the floor is not allowed.

Decorate bathrooms with vintage furniture

retro bathroom furniture classic design

The vintage design in the bathroom presupposes a ceramic sink in the usual way. Such products are easy to fit into a massive piece of furniture and can be placed on decorative supports. Even if your bathroom is vintage but with one of the modern versions sanitary ware, they can be made of a metal but in poor condition or cast iron for maximum correspondence.

Retro design bathroom cabinet

bathroom retro style orange wall

So far, the debate about the period of time continues, which may include the style and type of accessories used inside. Retro bathroom furniture is often criticized and is said to belong to the category of the classical era. At the same time, almost all designers are inclined to believe that small decorative elements are transient and can be used in both cases.

Retro bathroom design

nice design bathroom retro room

The presence of a large mirror is necessary and better than having a wooden frame, with traces of scratches and paint with multiple cracks. A bathroom designed in the vintage style immediately becomes the characteristic room of your home. In general, it takes a lot of time and money to collect all the distinctive elements of the vintage interior, because not everything can be bought or made by yourself.

White bathroom with beautiful design

nice design bathroom retro style

nice design decorate retro bathrooms

furniture set mirror washbasin retro

bathroom design vintage style

bathroom retro wall stone

decorate bathrooms retro design style

decorate black furniture bathrooms

retro modern bathroom design

bathroom design bath retro style

bathroom design retro style

bathroom design retro white toilet

design bathroom classic style

bathroom design retro style

bathroom design vintage style

design retro style white washbasin

bathroom design retro white tiles

retro style sink faucets

bathroom furniture classic retro style

washbasin cabinet wood granite countertop

washbasin cabinet wood vintage style

natural wood washbasin cabinet

washbasin cabinet round retro style

wood furniture classic retro style

bathroom furniture vintage style

beige retro bathroom furniture

furniture bathroom wood retro design

furniture bathroom wood vintage design

luxurious retro bathroom furniture

retro style furniture minimalist style

bathroom furniture green retro style

furniture vanity mirror black color

original modern design retro touch

luxurious vintage white design bathroom





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