Decorate bedroom in black and white very elegant

decorate black white bedroom original furniture ideas

Today we have some very original ideas for you bedrooms blank and black to inspire them to decorate bedroom and why not lounge or kitchen with these two colors. For an impressive and dramatic decoration these should be the colors you choose.

Decorate bedroom with black and white paintings

bed wood bedroom white black design ideas

In these images today you can find the inspiration to make the most of the combination of these two simple colors create a very attractive decoration.

Decorate bedroom with furniture in black and white

decoration bedroom furniture white black ideas

As we all know well in each room you can use a touch of black. This statement should not surprise us since the same thing happens with the clothes you can add some black jewel to any type of clothing and be sure it looks good.

White bedroom with touches of black color

wall white black bedroom design original ideas

For your bedroom you can use a black decorative element as a focal point and adding a sophisticated look to the room. Black is the perfect color for accessories, lamps, ornaments, art paintings or a piece of bold furniture that will draw attention and add elegance to any decoration scheme.

Bed with high black backrest in the bedroom modenro

decorate bedroom white black walls ceiling ideas

It will serve as a scheme that establishes specific areas or objects. The use of black and white in combination is a bold way that is often used in fashion as an element, but it also finds its place in interior design as well.

Black wooden wall and white bed in the bedroom

white bed black wall bedroom options ideas

The constant use of this color combination comes from the balance with any other style of decoration and the versatility of white and black, especially if you add a pinch of vibrant color.

Ceiling and white walls and black furniture for a modern bedroom

bed color black floor slabs precious ideas

Black serves to increase the visual appeal of any decoration composition, and white reflects light, making black stand out even more. This color combination is very powerful.

Leather bed with very elegant design in the bedroom

bed black leather bedroom design options ideas

An elegant mix of black and white gives you the opportunity to play with different patterns, shapes and textures. Joining the light side with the dark side can really bring the best of both worlds into your home.

Wooden canopy bed painted black perfect for classic bedrooms

canopy bed black wood white walls ideas

The mixture of various colors can be very complicated for people who are experts in this. And the most practical option is to create a look by choosing only two main colors. Maybe it's best to start with the basics of a black and white design.

Wooden and black bed and white floating cabinets in the modern bedroom

bed black wood cupboards wall color white ideas

Another thing you can do is mix black and white patterns. In these pictures today you can see several bedrooms with curtains, wallpaper or bedding with black and white patterns mixed successfully.

White walls and black bed in the bedroom with simple design

black bed highlights white bedroom ideas

The white and black in combination are a good option for bedrooms with traditional architecture since with the introduction of furniture upholstered in different patterns in black and white your space will feel more contemporary.

Black steel bed stands out in the bedroom with white walls

original bed steel black bedroom options ideas

Including patterns in a room with a minimalist design is another good idea as this will prevent your space from feeling simple. Do not forget, you can start with the bedding and the pillows and small cushions.

Luxurious bedroom with elegant black armchairs and walls

lovely bed bedroom white black ideas

These accessories are excellent elements with the help of which you can play and experiment with different patterns in black and white. Another important thing the choice of a black and white design does not prevent us from introducing any solid or bold color.

Ceiling and walls of black color and white bed and carpet in the modern bedroom

wall decoration options black bed white ideas

In addition you can find decorative objects with current designs and fashion items inspired by retro designs in black and white. The first aspect we should pay attention to is the walls.

Decorate bedroom original options to decorate the wall

decoration wall options original bedroom ideas

In our photos today you can see the two options of blank walls and black furniture and black walls combined with white furniture. Painting the walls completely black or white before you start adding furniture, can make it much easier.

White furniture with contemporary design in the bedroom


After having chosen the color for the walls we can focus on the decoration of the walls. The best of the two colors we show you today is that they look good in combination with any other color you can imagine.

Decorate bedroom with fireplace, classic design and furniture in black and white

decorate bedroom white black accents original ideas

On a white or black wall you can hang an abstract painting in black and white that will be a perfect detail that will also give a classic touch to our bedroom.

White ceiling and walls and black wooden beams on the ceiling

decorate bedroom white black bed canopy ideas

The time comes to choose the most important element for any bedroom that is the bed. As you can see in these pictures, the use of a black bed in a white room or a white bed in a bedroom with black walls is definitely the simplest and most effective method to achieve an elegant and harmonious environment.

A combination of different textures like velvet leather and wood in the bedroom

decorate bedroom white black bed stools armchairs ideas

In a bedroom with black and white design with a small size, the advice is to choose a white bed because as we all know this color, it tends to expand the space. For other bedroom furniture you can also take inspiration from our photos.

Bedroom with contemporary design and very original LED lighting

Decorate contemporary black white bedroom design ideas

When choosing the furniture you will have the maximum freedom of choice because as we said more than once with white and black as main colors everything looks good.

Decorate modern bedroom with black and white wall paper that highlights

decorate bedroom white black paper wall beautiful ideas

We can buy all white furniture or all black, although it is advisable to opt for solutions that combine the two colors. Our advice is to choose furniture with a glossy finish to provide light reflections and create movement in the bedroom.

Black walls and white floor make contrast in this dark bedroom

decorate bedroom white black wall ideas

If we insert a wardrobe to store clothes inside the room, it is best to opt for a white one. Larger size elements are better to be white to expand the space due to the contrast effect with the other black objects.

Very original details to decorate the bedroom

decorate dortmitorio curtains backrest bed black ideas

A very important details that we often forget and with which we can put the perfect finishing touch to the decoration of our bedroom is the white or black carpet.

Very original wall of white color and floor of shiny black slabs

contemporary design options bedroom white black ideas

The choice between the two alternatives will depend on the color of the floor of your bedroom. In any case, the purpose is to create a contrast effect with respect to the surface. The contrasting colors such as white and black are a classic, so you can use them in all the decorative elements of your home to make a difference in any environment.

Wide spaces options with simple but very elegant design

elegant design bedroom white walls ideas

From the living room to the bedroom, with a black and white combination you will enrich the space without any doubt. Now we let you review again these very original photos and ideas to decorate bedroom in black and white.

Modern black and white furniture ideas for the bedroom

large bedroom options white black furniture ideas

The combination of the furniture with the colors is also a good option to decorate the interior of your bedroom. Also, if you bet on light colors you can use some black carpets to create a balance. In the photo above you can see some rugs that combine dark gray with black and that combine very well with the decorative details of the bed.

Furniture ideas of vibrant colors in the bedroom in black and white

black white bedroom options vibrant colors ideas

On the other hand you have to take into account that the white color and the black color create modern and elegant interiors but you can also fall for the simple. That's why you can use decorative details with vibrant colors to add a bit of color to your bedroom. In the photo above you can see an orange wardrobe that contrasts with the other colors of the room.

Very beautiful pendant lamps in the modern bedroom

original lamps bedroom design white black ideas

Also in these interiors you can decorate a bedroom using hanging lamps too. In the example of the photo, the lamps hang from the ceiling but reach the average height of the headboard. In this way, when the lamps are lit, they will stand out with their light on the black background of the headboard.

Black bed and white curtains in the modern bedroom

options beds color black bedroom ideas

Black table and bed lamps in the bedroom modenro

paper wall bedroom black color design ideas

Black and white wall paper breaks the design of this bedroom modenro


Black ceiling and white walls in the modern bedroom

white walls black ceiling bedroom ideas

White painted brick wall and black bed in the modern bedroom

white brick walls black bed design ideas

Wooden furniture makes this bedroom very cozy

black wall white carpet furniture wood ideas

An original detail for the bedroom is this black wall

black wall highlights modern bedroom design ideas

Picture and mirror with remarkable sizes decorate this bedroom in black and white


Bedroom with simple design designed by draisci studio

simple bedroom modern design draisci studio ideas

Touches of red color in the bedroom in black and white designed by WIDAWSCY STUDIO ARCHITEKTURY

bedroom design white black widawscy studio architektury ideas

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