Decorate candles to give an original touch to the interior

decorate candles

In some previous articles we have talked about the decoration of the interior with candles. However, this decoration can be done in a very original way when combined with the decoration of the candles per se. Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on how we can decorate candles for the interior and we will give some ideas that you can put into practice in your free time.

Decorate candles for an original decoration of the interior

decorate interior candles

If you want to have an interior full with decorated candles, you can use ribbons, buttons, flowers, paintings and many other things that come to your mind that allow you to improvise and start up your creativity. However, before starting with the decoration of candles you have to take into account what color are the candles that you have chosen because to a large extent this color will depend on the color of the ornaments that you are going to use.

Very modern candles decorated with paper and flowers

Decorate candles decorate interior

Some of the decorations for candles that you can use to make an original and interesting decoration is with paper, it can be a newspaper or an old paper with something written in calligraphy. The important thing about the paper is that it has to have a yellowish tone so that it is noticeable that it is old. You can paste this paper directly on the wax. Then you can wind a rope around the candle and tie it in a loop. In the end, you would only have to add some small flowers to finish decorating candles.

Candles decorated with lace fabric and flowers

decorate candles inside house

The ideas that we are going to give you on how to decorate candles can be applied to all types and sizes of candles. Another option in the decoration is with a lace fabric and with small flowers or roses. In this case we advise you to choose ocher colored candles because in this way the white color of the fabric will differ from the color of the candles. In addition, the colors of the flowers will stand out and the decoration will be more cheerful and attractive.

Decoration of candles with coffee beans and balls

Decorate candles decorate interior home

On the other hand, another of the innovative answers we can give to the question how to decorate a candle is with coffee beans and pearls. You have to paste the coffee beans in the wax and you can leave some scattered near the candle. On the other hand, if the pearls do not have a skewer on one of the sides to be sealed in the wax, you will have to stick them on top of the coffee. The pearls can also be spread along with the coffee and the result you will get is what you see in the previous photo.

A very cheerful and elegant decoration of white candles with purple flowers

decorate candles decorate house

On the other hand, to decorate candles you can also use flowers Authentic This type of decoration with candles is very appropriate for weddings, but you can also do it for the interior of your home. The flowers you have to paste in the wax but with great care so as not to spoil them. At the end, at the bottom of the candles you can tie a bow of the color of the flowers and make decorative candles of very contrastive colors.

A candle decorated with purple paper flowers and with ribbons of the same color

decorate candles home

Something similar you can do with paper flowers. One of the options is to cut the paper in the form of a flower and stick it on the candle and the other option is to make the flowers with strips of paper rolled up. You can attach the ties behind the flowers or you can also tie them on the bottom of the candles.

Making a wax decoration of the candles with drawings

decorate original candles

On the other hand, you can also opt for already decorated candles. In this case, you can choose the type of decoration that you like to decorate your interior.

A decoration of the candles with floral motifs

decorate original interior candles

One of the advantages of decorated candles is that you can find a whole set of candles of different shapes and sizes.

Making a marine decoration of the candles with seashells and starfish

decorate interior marine candles

On the other hand, to decorate candles you can also use shells, starfish and other ornaments. However, if you want to get a really marine decoration before gluing the shells you have to stick a bit of white sand or small pebbles on the surface of the sail and then you can add the other details. We also advise you to opt for a light blue candle because in this way your decoration will be more authentic.

Some candles decorated with shells for the interior in summer

decorate sailor candles

On the other hand, you can make a simpler marine decoration. For that you can choose a candle of a dark blue color and stick some shell in the wax. You can also tie a rope and in the knot you can stick a small shell.

A decoration of candles for Valentine's Day

decorate candles ornaments

The decoration of the candles can be done for each of the parties you just have to use the typical ornaments for each party.

Decorating the candles with diagonal flowers

decorated candles flowers

Decorate candles with gold paper and other ornaments

candle decoration

Making a simple and original decoration of the candles with buttons

ornaments for candles

Decorate the candles with a rope, bows and coffee beans

how to decorate candles

A decoration for the candles made of plasticine

Interior decorated candles

Leaving the decoration of the candles to the smallest of the house

how to decorate a candle paintings

Some pink candles decorated with white flowers and hearts

how to decorate candles inside

A muysimple decoration for the candles made with flowers made of rolled paper strips

interior candle decoration

A very autumnal decoration for candles and for the interior with dry leaves

decoration with candles

Using green leaves and white flowers for decoration of candles

how to decorate a candle

A very romantic decoration of the candles for Valentine with hearts stuck in the wax

decorative candles

Red candles decorated with silver stars for the interior

interior candle decorations


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