Decorate ideas for a modern and functional style

Decorating rooms warm zebra effect ideas

When decorating rooms with ideas based on combinations of colors, textures and materials, they should be put together for perfect creations. A modern room has to be that space where you can relax and be comfortable first of all.

Decorating ideas for elegant and modern spaces

decorate rooms ideas shaggy carpets bricks

As a general rule, a space of this type that is modern must opt ​​for simplicity. That is why minimalism is so used when decorating modern ideas and designs. Each of the lines stand out for their cleanliness and each piece of furniture has a practical use. So there is no space for unnecessary ornaments. So the decoration and all the design should be based above all on practicality.

Decorating ideas to regulate the entrance of natural light with curtains

decorate lounges ideas yellow carpet mats

A functional room in which the space is also optimized in a practical way. In this way decorating salons ideas and ventilated environments are similarly modern. Added to each piece of furniture and the distribution of space, the selection of color is vital in every way. As a rule, the color palette is usually based on soft colors. Within this group the beige and the Brown They can provide the warm note.

Each of the elements and accessories in light colors enhance the effect of natural light

decorating rooms ideas gray orange balls

The known way of entering several color notes is with some accessories. Many pieces can become that necessary accent as a way to escape color. In all cases the cushions, carpets or the furniture itself work wonders. Decorating ideas and furniture salons should pay direct attention to the selection of furniture. An interesting recommendation is the modular furniture.

The sofa is a key aspect in the decoration and style of the living rooms of any style

decorate rooms special ideas sofa blue plants

The best solution when it comes to creating a flexible living room. They can be adjusted in a simple way to our needs or preferences. If for reasons of visits or celebrations you have to reorganize the room they are perfect. So it is a versatile option to decorate interior design ideas and salons. With the furniture and other pieces you can work the contrast between some old pieces.

The wood and the effect of the set lights create the warm air of this cozy living room

decorate living rooms ideas wood doors glass

Many modern classrooms have some rustic details. What sets an interesting contrast of the old and the modern. Not to mention that in aesthetic aspect you gain a lot with these contrasts. A modern decoration will not be interesting if an adequate selection of materials is not made. For a while now, glass It has become one of the favorites. Ideal for minimalist environments its transparency gives it that versatile character so demanded.

Another fantastic design proposal with a neutral color palette in the decoration

decorate lounges ideas modern color palette trails

On the other hand the glass can be combined with other bright finishes that will make any room look very elegant. According to the simplicity of these interiors, the focal points are created with contrasts. Basically contrasts of color although the contrasts of styles are not ruled out. An example would be a modern environment that plays with the industrial aspects. Perhaps the most economical thing is to do it through color.

Various silver finishes and use of metallic tones in contrast with various gray tones

decorate rooms ideas silver elements candles

White could be added black in different ways with touches of color. Working with natural light in modern classrooms is based on the predominance of large windows. They are perfect to achieve an abundant light input and a better connection to the outside. If the color is preferred, a monochromatic decoration would result in a more conservative modern style. Modern rooms focused on relaxation can be decorated with beige and some cream tones.

Another nice proposal for a perfect lounge to relax with reading area

decorating modern ideas rooms deas classic environments

Both are very soft tones that immediately make the modern living room comfortable and cozy. For the environments of more casual but without ceasing to be modern a combination of cheerful tones is possible. It can be a fun room without ceasing to be elegant and modern. Another combination that we already mentioned is that of black and white. Whenever it is done with an adequate balance they will ensure a modern result.

The bricks used in a different way in finishing this very special roof

decorating gray bricks ideas rooms

Best of all, it has always been a flexible variant and applicable even to the kitchen. The white color whenever you want to decorate rooms ideas and several designs is perfect. It is not an old-fashioned color at all. The results show it in rustic style, minimalist and modern environments.

A modern living room that shares a work area with furniture along the entire wall

elongated spaces work furniture lines

Another proposal for an elongated room with exposed concrete block walls

elongated narrow concepts lamparas impressions

LED recessed lights that create an ideal dramatic effect on modern furniture and walls

elegant shades embedded led lights

Living room that delimits the nearby spaces with the use of the L-shaped elongated sofa

shelf elongated bookshelf wall cushions

Fabulous open space with large windows and ceiling designed for better light input

fabulous open neutral tones windows

An industrial environment with several artistic elements in a small and cool space

industrial artistic details small art

Separating wall with an attractive design that delimits the dining room and the living room

interesting wall separator television pavilion

White and black in a harmonious contrast that takes advantage of natural light in the living room

white light special concepts armchairs

Geometric shapes predominate in this amazing modern design very special

modern circular shapes casual curtains

Variant with gray palette that also incorporates geometric details on the wall

pallet gray geometrical shapes chairs

Wood panels that give character to the style and personality of this nice design

panels wood living room contrasts

Accent wall shaped with rocks in the TV area and bounded with the sofa

wall accent rocks yellow styles

The accents of red in several small details are an interesting aspect, BYS Studio

black cushions red furniture carpet

Each angle brings a different aspect of the functional living room design and full of elegance

black red designs accents plants

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