Decorate living rooms taking advantage of the space to the maximum

decorate cozy halls narrow elongated furniture

When decorating rooms a good design without doubts can increase its functionality. In this post we will show you some designs and the way in which salons can be improved. Especially to decorate small rooms and optimize spaces.

Decorate living rooms a neutral contemporary design

decorate living rooms neutral contemporary furniture

The shapes and dimensions of the rooms are many but the objective is similar. It is an area of ​​socialization in which you can enjoy a book, television or simply talk. This determines that when decorating salons the distribution is as important as the decoration itself. Both the style and the design of the furniture should favor this socialization and the rest itself.

Decorate rooms in bright white on walls and some accessories

decorate cozy salons white bright flowers

To combine a room you can choose a classic style that maintains its practical nature at the same time. We refer to the usual sofa with the armchairs and the auxiliary table that is always necessary. If it is not a large space it is best to decorate with those furniture multifunctional We can use the Ottomans as an example because of its great versatility.

Modern design with a beautiful warm and cozy light effect throughout the decoration

decorate cozy rooms warm special carpets

Firstly, they can be used as an auxiliary table, seat or footrest. Some details such as the extension of the curtains is perfect if it is a small room. If they are carried as close to the ceiling as possible, they can create this sensation of immediate amplitude. Whenever we think of decorating salons there are furniture that can be dispensed with.

Different metallic finishes on the furniture and a wonderful contrast with the carpet

decorate cozy living rooms gilded finished chairs

It works very well if we want an open and fresh design of the whole environment. The TV can be placed directly on the wall and thus we saved an extra piece of furniture. As a central point of the living room the sofa will always have a great weight. Decorating narrow rooms is not a problem if we locate the sofa against the wall. In this way, more free space is gained in the center.

Cozy eclectic and colorful details with bright elements in the finishes

Decorate cozy rooms eclectic colorful fountains

An interesting trick is the combination of colors between the wall and the sofa. In a similar tone will make any piece more integrated to the space look. Everything that helps create a clean and fresh environment is welcome. Keep the lines low as in the case of the tables creating an almost minimal combination.

Living room with high bookshelf up to ceiling height in green finish and built-in lights

decorate homely lounges eclectic bookcase fountains

So that you do not overload the whole environment, the sofa with two chairs and the coffee table can suffice. They are the basic pieces for a rest area or functional conversation. To decorate rooms each element can be incorporated from a center. In some designs that we show, we take the fireplace as this center. From it all the components of our decoration will be placed.

Cool space with a brick wall that is the base from which the design is created

Decorate living rooms loft bricks wall orange

The idea is to form a kind of arch from it. A decoration with this technique does not have to involve all the furniture in front of the fireplace but some in a harmonious effect. It is usual that in the decoration of living rooms we have to face open spaces. They are becoming more common and the environments share several uses.

Tropical variant of a bright living room with elegant details in light tones

decorate living rooms cozy bright tropical plants

A continuity of this type of plans can be achieved with a connection based on colors or style. It may be the case of a dining room following a room that shares the same color. If you prefer the environments can be demarcated in different ways. Following the line of the example of the sofa with them, the rooms are separated to perfection.

This is a variant to delimit the living room of other areas of the house with an open plan

decorate cozy living rooms sofa black separator

A functional and pleasant decoration should pay attention even to the use of materials. There are materials that reinforce some styles and may seem more formal than others. In the same way it is necessary to mention that some can create that sensation of space so interesting. The mirrors, the glass tables in combination with the soft colors are almost infallible. Applying them in the same way requires a certain balance so as not to overload the room.

Another open plan with rustic details and rock fireplace in a cozy atmosphere

open rustic style armchairs led lines

Used together, they can make any room a bit brighter and visually more spacious. To the elimination of unnecessary furniture when decorating rooms add the bookstores. Built-in bookcases are the perfect space to place various accessories and gain more space in the center of the room. Accompanied by floor lamps look great. Here we leave some variants that also integrate them into small corners of readings.

Some practical possibilities to decorate walls with some pictures or photographs

large window dining room open doors

This is a bright design with casual ambience and a functional selection of furniture

atmosphere bright environment casual materials

Contrast black and white with different accessories and a yellow accent bench

white black contrasts chimneys armchairs

The possibilities for decoration are many like this beautiful DIY centerpiece

center flowers table diy dog ​​specials

For a country house with light design that creates an extra attraction in the decoration

campestrea cozy family salon ideas

Interesting room with brick wall and different pink accents in the accessories

eclaectico accent rosa chimene flores

Living room corner with beautiful details in furniture and all the choice of light fabrics

esaquina flowers table warm curtains

Varied accents of yellow and a table that undoubtedly steals attention in space

interesting green open side table

Use of diverse uses of natural materials throughout the design of walls and ceilings

wood rocks wall white accent

The color red is the perfect protagonist of all this elegant and contemporary space

neutral chimneys red furniture accents

Cozy rustic design with neutral tones and a unique selection of furniture

neutral rustico contemporary salon white

Style taking advantage of the luminosity of white color in space, design of Braun Adams

white light blue special lamps

Furniture with a neutral accent and striped finishes for a living room in open space

neutral sofa stripes armchairs walls ideas

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