Decorate loft in a modern and original way

decorate attic

The decoration of the interior can be done in all spaces and in all rooms of the house. In addition you can take advantage of the irregularities that our land offers us and we can add other ornaments for the wall . In this article we will talk about how decorate attic in a modern and elegant way to increase your style and create a very original place.

Decorate attic in a modern and elegant way

decorate modern loft

When you want to start with interior decoration you have to take into account the space you have available because this will help you when choosing colors. If the interior of your attic is large you can choose the colors that you like the most, you just have to be careful with the combination. However, if the interior is small, we advise you to forget the dark colors and try to reach the attic with as much light as possible. This can be achieved with large windows or with a larger number of windows. Light colors like white or pastel shades will also help you create that effect.

An attic decorated with crossed wooden beams and with lights

decorate original attic

Among the ideas to decorate attic you can choose the bricks for the walls or you can also opt for wooden beams and cross them. If the interior is white, the reddish color of the bricks will be very good and a very pleasant contrast will be created for the eyes. On the other hand, wooden beams can be used in interiors where there are other ornaments of that color. In this way you will create an interior decorated with wooden accents.

The decoration of a loft with a curved wall

decorate elegant attic

The decoration of attics with a curved wall is also very good and is an option that introduces a lot of modernity in the interior. Usually, the panel that have that shape is placed on the wall that is slanted and that follows the shape of the roof. On the other hand, to decorate attic you can also opt for the lights and add them with a decorative detail in certain parts of the interior.

Decorating the interior of a loft with pink colors

decorate garret colors

On the other hand, if you have chosen the pink color for the walls, you can continue with the decoration of the same color. You can choose some blinds of that color to decorate a loft. On the other hand, the garrets decorated with a striking color such as pink in general combine with another color. In the photo above that combination has been achieved with the color of the wood of the floor. That will allow you to add a decoration of other tones. For example, you can choose furniture for wooden attics.

An attic with large windows for decoration

decorate elegant modern loft

On the other hand, to decorate the attic you can also place large windows with a door in the middle. These windows can lead to a terrace. In the windows you can place some blinds that combine with the rest of the interior colors.

The living room of an attic decorated with lamps and plants

decorate white attic

To decorate the attic you can also opt for modern lamps and plants. In our page you can find many articles related to interior decoration with plants, pots, lamps, etc. If the inside of your attic is white with the lamps you can create black accents. You can also add more decorative details of the same color on the walls as frames or frames.

A small attic converted into a room for the child

decorate small attic

Instead, the attic It can also be converted into any of the rooms you have in your home. If it's smaller, you can turn it into a room for your son. In this case, to furnish the attic you only have to see the size of the furniture that will most fit the interior. After furnishing them you can think about how to decorate a loft.

An attic converted into a living room of white color

decorate loft living room

In some cases the furniture can also serve to decorate attic. In the interiors that are smaller you can place some smaller furniture and transform the attic into a living room. At the back of the room you can place a small fireplace that will serve to decorate.

A very modern and elegant bedroom moved to the attic

decorate modern elegant attic

On the other hand, you can turn your attic into a very modern and original bedroom. If the space is wider you can use darker colors for decoration because the dark colors increase the style and elegance of the interior. However, originality can be created with four square mattresses on which you can place the mattress of your bed. The rest of the decoration can be done and completed with paintings or with a carpet on the floor.

A very large bathroom in the attic of your house

decorate large attic

One of the most original ideas for these parts of the house is when we turn them into bathrooms. If you decide to make a bathroom you can add other details to decorate the interior or you can place some designer furniture to turn the bathroom into a modern and elegant place.

A very modern bathroom in the attic with walls decorated with bricks

decorate garret bathroom furniture

Most attics and attics are a dark and dirty room in which we pile up all sorts of things, which we pity to throw away, but still nobody wants to use. As you can see in these pictures it is not impossible to give a second life to this room in the attic or attic. What we have to do is recondition the auxiliary space and increase the living space.

Furnishing a small attic with bathroom furniture

how to decorate a garret

Yes, the attic has a very complex shape and strong roof inclination, which does not allow you to use the entire area think twice with a reasonable approach, planning and implementation of efficient design techniques, you can achieve unprecedented results to convert the garrets fill garbage in a very comfortable and cozy space to relax, work etc.

Taking advantage of the space of the small garrets to convert them into living rooms

decorated garrets

If your private home has an attic, it would be strange not to use the square meters for the benefit of the family. In the attic, as we have already mentioned, you can make a living room, bedroom, guest room, dressing room, office or even a bathroom. The opportunities for the use of the attic are limited only by your wishes, needs and the size of the budget. of reconstruction.

A large attic converted into a white room with pink accents

decorate a garret

We hope that this impressive selection of modern, practical and attractive projects and interiors will be an inspiration to you. Probably the best option to split the attic is to turn it into a bedroom. After all, in a living room or bathroom, you spend a lot of time in a horizontal position this will not be a problem when the ceiling height is normal but in a loft we do not have this.

A dining room in the attic of your house

garret decoration

Many penthouses are not large enough to accommodate a living room or full bedroom. But that does not mean that you can not create a guest bedroom. If your attic is spacious enough, you can organize a bedroom, designed for two people. Bed set in areas where the ceiling is lower, saving valuable space through which you can walk without any hassle.

A very original decoration for the wall of your attic

ideas to decorate garrets

All functional areas are arranged and decorated according to your stylistic preferences. But in the attic things are more difficult. But its attic can become a clear example that even a room of modest size and original architecture can be a cozy place to sleep. You can buy a bed with a storage system under the mattress.

Decorating a small attic with two small sofas and a plasma

how to decorate an original attic

In a spacious loft you can organize a multifunctional room. For a radical transformation of the old attic into an elegant living space, it is difficult to use dark colors, so the use of white finish as snow is the best option. One of the problems of the attic, besides the irregular shapes and ceilings, is that the lighting is scarce.

A large and sloping windows for your attic

furnish garret

Seldom can a roof window be made to provide the space with a source of natural light. That is why the attic space should be designed with elements with clear, white finish and bright surfaces that can reflect light. A skylight in the attic will simplify the process of your design since the room is full of natural light which allows them to use darker colors.

The sloping windows like a garret decoration

decoration of small garrets

You can decorate garret with glossy finishing elements, or a couple of bright details and even the small space under the roof will look attractive, comfortable and modern.

A loft with two very original beds

modern decorated garrets

A bedroom moved into the attic and decorated in green

decorate a small attic

A very large sofa for a living room in the attic of your house

Interior garret decoration

Interior decoration of the attic with furniture of a bedroom

ideas to decorate interior garrets

A space with a higher ceiling


A very original striped design


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