Decorate modern design walls to accent spaces

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When decorating accent design walls is one of the most popular options for many spaces. Accent walls are an elegant way to visually focus or highlight these walls. It is a way to give greater relevance to one space over another.

Decorate walls design for elegant rustic spaces

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If you want what can be achieved is the deviation of attention to a space that we want. When decorating walls accent wall design can highlight other elements. Especially those elements that are already included in that wall. It can be a door, the headboard of the bed in the case of rooms or a fireplace. There are areas like the rooms in which the windows can be.

Decorate modern design walls with white painted bricks

decorate walls design lines colors watches

Generally speaking if that is not our intention simply to add color. The fact of creating accent walls can be done in various ways. The techniques for this vary based on the use of paint or other materials. The coatings are also very well used. Tiles, wallpaper, vinyls and templates are some of them. As for the coatings, wood is one of the most popular.

Decorating rooms with wooden slats and several paintings a great functional idea

decorate walls design wood cushions lamparas

An element that brings warmth to all environments and lets us experiment with other textures. Decorating accent design walls and others should be based first on the boundaries. The accent wall must have clear boundaries in space. Respecting this precept we can create them anywhere in the house. To make the aesthetics bigger and look more harmonious, small details of the same color should be added.

Letters and color details can complement wood and any other material

decorate walls design woods letters

Especially in accessories such as cushions, curtains or any other accessory. As an option each decorative element should create contrast as much as possible increasing the presence of the entire space. Including an accent wall our task when decorating will be much simpler. If we think of decorating walls design based on the accent should attract looks as we mentioned.

An excellent combination of materials in the design of this beautiful accent wall

decorate walls design combination mirrors lamps

As a council we must avoid that these walls have doors or windows. Each of these components can somehow counteract the effect we are trying to create. In addition to all the techniques mentioned, color is one of the simplest for which you can choose. If it is a room in a neutral color, a darker color is recommended. This will give greater depth to the whole environment whether it is a dining room or a living room.

A map can be an unexpected and fun solution in children's rooms

decorate walls design map modern ideas

The walls in colder tones should be accompanied by a complementary darker shade. Decorating walls design and play with shapes is another interesting way to complement the accent walls. One that is frequently used are geometric shapes. They have returned to be fashionable and with the indicated patterns of lights they will be a great visual attractiveness.

Idea combining wooden panels with some luminaires with a warm effect

design map ideas modern panels wood lights sites

Accent walls based on color should be based on an appropriate selection of this. The first thing is to observe and define the predominant colors in space. For there to be a true balance, we must base our decoration on three colors. Otherwise a single color in different tones. As a general rule, this choice of color will be in accordance with our intention.

This mirror is the ideal complement to complete the image of the accent wall

modern panels wood lights mirror complement concepts

To highlight areas or elements, bright shades of red or yellow are recommended. If you want to look for depth, the shades should be darker. However, this does not mean that softer and subtle tones do not work. An accent wall can be the simplest way to experiment with a certain hue. So we do not risk painting a whole room and then we do not like the result.

Small rocks with black color bring an attractive texture to the finish of this bathroom

mirror complement texture black bathtub

If you want to decorate accent design walls, you should start from the same considerations of space and its use. To which is added the feeling you want to convey in this design. In the bedrooms you can create a focal point on the wall above the bed in the headboard area. Another area of ​​the house are the entrances in which a center wall can create a cozy effect for visits from friends and family.

The solutions can be in a different color accent on the headboard wall

decorate walls youthful design guitar lights

Regardless of the area, the style and tonalities of the wall must match what surrounds it. Understand furniture, textiles, lamps and any other accessory. If a wall looks like a lot you can select some other detail of the architecture. We can concentrate for example on the arches or the niches. In addition to the fact that it is an important visual effect the accent walls somehow demarcate some areas of the house.

Good example of how we can combine the different types of light on the walls

decorate walls design concepts stones

It is a simple technique with which you can designate a seating area or separate a dining room. Another important technique to decorate design walls and accents are the textures. Texture is an effective way to accentuate. Especially when 3D panels are used. The stone artificial, mosaics or wood panels can provide incredible textures in the same way.

Different pieces of varied color accents for a dynamic and elegant wall

tiles variations color tone tables

Impressions on accent walls have different advantages. One of them is the element of color but in greater variety. Wallpaper is par excellence the best example. Depending on the patterns, the results can be extremely cool and interesting. The contrast of the patterns can lead to the use of other details on the walls. They can be photographs, framed mirrors or even plates.

Wooden blocks on walls create a dynamic effect and storage spaces

green blocks storage green armchairs

There are situations such as the case of children's rooms in which a large photograph is the solution. This technique can be grouped in the use of vinyl or decorative stickers. Change and give relevance to a particular wall almost magically. In the case of salons, this emphasis is usually directed to the TV wall. This is as a rule the wall that is always selected in this space.

The exposed bricks are another of the great solutions used in walls

colorful kitchens accents materials chairs

Another accent wall can be used in an area close to a sofa. Here it also transforms into the perfect setting for photographs, paintings or any adornment. If the accent wall in the room moves to other areas, the interest may be the windows. Otherwise the fact of highlighting textiles in this part of the room. A typical case is a front wall with several windows.

Accent wall to which several mirrors have been added to decorate it with elegance

colors special style furniture decorations

The accent wall in the bedrooms follows other rules. Usually an accent wall in this space is intended to highlight the bed in the main. It is for this reason that generally the wall on the head is the most used. As we see in many of the images is a classic example in the bedrooms. A child's room that shares a play area should use the accent wall for the latter.

A wall design that fills with color this interesting bright children's room

colorful children's room effects yellow

Decorating walls design and accents in this area is perfect because it is where children have more activity. In the same way the children spend most of the day here. The type of room in a general way dictates some rules in the design of the accent wall. Techniques and materials of greater complexity should be reserved for bedrooms.

The rocks complete the natural accent of this modern dining room with ambient lights

dining contemporary rocks ideas green

Here they will be less exposed to aggression or manipulation. To which is added that as a rule the design of the bedroom changes less frequently than that of a living room. On the other hand, in the children's rooms, constant changes are experienced. Product of growth is not advisable an accent wall with very complex materials and techniques.

Finished in light tone rocks for an accent wall in the contemporary bathroom

concepts bath ideas color colors

Bright colors or covers are the most practical options. Any sticker will be equally easy to remove. So the accent wall in children's rooms should be based mostly on color and simple details. A corridor in the same way can be suitable for our accent wall. Remember that the first impression can be created by our main entrance.

Another perfect finish for a modern space with natural accents in the design

contrast modern mrocas mubles cushions

As a tool the accent wall can be used to visually enlarge the corridor. As a summary we can say that they are a plus. So updating a room with these elements is a great detail. We will have the perfect pretext to experiment with several different colors. As well as textures or patterns that do not create a visual charge.

Some of the different ideas to add accessories in contrasting shades

decorate walls design special contrasts

If it is touch-ups, it can simply be used to clarify or improve the aesthetics of the space. Remember that accessories such as mirrors, pictures with shelving photographs or any decoration on these walls will be equally positive. The example in the image below is a sample of it based on its contrasts. A wall in dark tone and white furniture that enhances this contrast. Here we leave other samples of designs with which we can beautify our home.

An elegant space that combines dark tones and lights on the accent wall

Elegant combinations led golden spaces

Elegant room of special design with wooden furniture and unique finishes

elegant cool rooms dog samples

Wall with beautiful effects of lights and panels in 3D that make it look modern and elegant

special lighting concept walls accents

An accent wall in vertical lines that completes the rustic effect of this room

vertical lines wood rustic living room

A set of different tones that harmonize with the recessed lights on the ceiling

lucesa special accents samples flowers

Even if it's a small bathroom, an accent wall will make it look fresh and modern

lights shapes stones accented woods

This panel is another of the proposals to create spaces of different lights and shades

luminous parts shadows effects colors

Room with white and wood finishes on walls and a large part of the furniture

wood concepts cabanas ideas warm

Bedroom for baby betting on a dark tone on the accent wall

baby bedroom walls special concepts

If it's about functionality this is a great solution to leave messages or pictures

wall blackboard special ideas roses

Variation for a wood covering with a different aesthetic than usual

Lining wood small space glasses

Warmth and special details of the lights and the use of wood in this cozy bathroom

rustic warm space warm water

Tables recovered to decorate the entire space of this incredible modern wall

rustic boards recovered circular tables

A set of contrasts in the wooden slats to decorate this cool little room

salons inspirations wood panels metals

Lacquered surfaces with light gray tonality that makes it ideal for any style

lacquered surfaces gray lights lines

An environment created by Susan Galvani that highlights the brick on the living room walls

susan galvani style living room decorative mirror

Textures straight lines and beautiful accents with LED lights distinguish this modern room

textures lines style watches led

Design example playing with the textures on the walls of the small bathrooms

toilet textures lights ideas flowers

A panel with a similar design applied to a modern living room with fireplace and furniture

three of similar walls effects

Accent wall directed towards the headboard area of ​​the bed space created by Sequoia

headboard geometric pictures beds parts

Illustration of contrasts of wood with several blank elements of the bathroom

variant wood bathroom color furniture

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