Decorate modern fitted wardrobes

decorate fitted wardrobes

One of the best decorations you can make in your home is when you combine the practical and what will be useful with the decorative. Therefore, in this article we will talk about wardrove embedded and more specifically how to use and decorate fitted wardrobes . We will show you different Russian models that you can use and adapt them to your interior or to your liking.

Decorate fitted wardrobes for bedrooms

decorate wardrobes bedroom

As we have already said, the best decoration is one that you do not have to touch up and that comes with the furniture. The cabinets are one of those furniture that you can find with a decoration on the doors of the built-in wardrobes already designed. In addition, these cabinets have another advantage that is very comfortable for interiors that are smaller and that do not take up space. Usually the doors are sliding and you do not have to be careful not to throw something every time you open them.

A very elegant built-in wardrobe for your bedroom

decorate interior fitted wardrobes

There are some designs that blend with the wall almost completely and when looking at the wardrobe one has the feeling that it is a decorative panel for the wall. In this way, decorating cabinet doors can be done even by yourselves in your home.

Built-in cabinets that increase the decoration of the interior

decorate modern fitted wardrobes

On the other hand, you can also choose the furniture for its decoration. There is wardrobe decoration that can combine ideally with your interior. You can choose a wardrobe with a decoration in the center of the doors and the rest of the doors can be made of wood.

Built-in cabinets designed to occupy the corner spaces

decorate wardrobes room

On the other hand, to decorate built-in wardrobes you can also choose ones designed for corners. This type of cabinets are very useful because the decoration is completed in a very original way with them and also take the place of the corner that often we do not know what to do with it and we usually use it to store some things for which we do not find site.

A built-in wardrobe with a decorative shelf

decorate wardrobes bedrooms

On the other hand, you can decorate doors closet with a small shelf. In this case the shelf appears intrinsic in the wardrobe and it is a small compartment where you can place some figures to decorate built-in wardrobes.

A very modern and elegant fitted wardrobe

decorate interior fitted wardrobes

The decoration fitted wardrobes can also be done in a separate room and you can place a wardrobe without doors. This idea is very good for the wardrobes, although in this case it is not necessary to fill the entire interior with drawers and small cabinets.

Built-in cabinets with doors with mirrors

decorate modern interior fitted wardrobes

Another very good idea to decorate built-in wardrobes is choosing a closet with doors with mirrors. In the mirrors some figures may appear but it is very good in the interiors. Also the colors of the wardrobe can be combined with the colors of the interior. In this way these cabinets can also be placed in your hall and are a good option for these spaces because they do not take up space.

A built-in wardrobe for your daughter's room

decorate wardrobes girls

However, to decorate a wardrobe for your daughter's room you can choose one with the doors decorated with an animated character. These cabinets can be ordered by request in the event that your daughter or son wants a specific decoration.

A cupboard made of light wood and with a black strip in the center

decorate modern fitted wardrobes

Another very good idea is that you choose a closet that occupies the entire wall of your bedroom. To decorate a built-in wardrobe of this type you can choose one with doors in which there is a combination of two colors, one in the center and the other color in the rest of the space.

The elegance and style of the cabinets in the interior

decorate elegant interior wardrobes

On the other hand, you can choose a wardrobe with a very modern decoration and in this way increase the elegance of the interior. For that the colors of the wardrobe can oscillate near the dark tones and can have lighter accents of another color.

A built-in wardrobe with rounded doors for your bedroom

decorate rounded fitted wardrobes

The elegance and modernity of the interior can also be increased with a wardrobe with curved or rounded doors. To decorate built-in wardrobes of this type you do not need almost anything because the design of the furniture is very original, you just have to combine it with the interior of the bedroom.

The decoration of the doors of the cabinets serves to increase the interior

decorate built-in wardrobe

The ornaments with floral motifs are very good on the doors of the fitted wardrobes. You can also choose another type of decoration that combines with the interior. If the colors that predominate are dark you can choose a night decoration.

A cupboard embedded in a wall decorated with bricks

decorated doors fitted wardrobes

However, in the interiors in which there is an additional decoration of the walls such as the brick in the photo above we recommend that the wardrobe be in plain colors. Otherwise the interior decoration can become excessive.

A very modern and elegant wardrobe by Radius-Line¹

decorate wardrobe doors

On the other hand, the decoration of the wardrobe of this photo and the wardrobe itself is made to order and the doors curve inwards. The wardrobe is a work of the Russian team Radius Line that works in cooperation with architects and designers to create unique and very original furniture.

Installation of the built-in wardrobe in a hall

decorate closet doors

Built-in cabinets with sliding doors

decorate a wardrobe

The combination of the decoration of the doors of the cabinets with the decoration of the interior

fitted wardrobes

A wardrobe with rounded doors for the corner of your bedroom

wardrobe decoration

A very modern wardrobe with a small space to change

decorate interior built-in wardrobe

A very elegant design for your bedroom closet

decorate modern wardrobe doors

The decoration of the wardrobe and the walls with some bricks

decorate elegant wardrobe doors

A wardrobe with wavy designed doors for interior decoration

decorate a modern wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe that combines three colors for your bedroom

decoration of fitted wardrobes

¹ Radius-Line
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