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When winter arrives the natural decoration of the interior is more complicated to do because of the lack of flowers , by the vagaries of some plants and by the environment that this season brings with it. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the topic of decorate planters with very bright and vivid shapes and colors for the interior. The ideas that we are going to give you will also allow you to make a decoration with very original pots inside.

Decorate pots for the interior of your house

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You can choose some classic pots and decorate them in your home, but you can also buy some pots already decorated. If you are not good at drawing, we advise you to choose the second option if you want to do something more complicated. The good thing about pots to decorate that you can find in stores is that there are very modern and original models.

Different size pots decorated in an original way

Decorate interior flower pots

On the other hand, if you decide to make the decoration of flowerpots in your house you can divide the surface of the flowerpot in two equal halves or of different size and paint each of the sections of a color. You can also make some shapes and geometric figures and paint them later. This is one of the easiest ideas to decorate planters and also more interesting that you can do at home. We advise you to use more vivid and cheerful colors so that you can create a pleasant atmosphere.

Decorating the pots with geometric figures for the interior of the house

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If you see that decorating pots By doing geometric figures you are good at making more figures and you can make the outlines of triangles and thicker squares. It is important that you choose the colors that you are going to use to fill the inside of the figures so that you do not have too much color and to combine the colors.

Some pots of different colors decorated with birds

Decorate original interior planters

Instead, you can choose some planters decorated with birds. In general, this type of pots can be found in the market of different colors and you can choose the colors that will best be inside. On the other hand, if you are good at drawing you can decorate pots at home using this technique.

Some bottles decorated with paintings to decorate the interior

Decorate original interior flower pots house

However, ideas for pots can also be extended to vases and more specifically to glass bottles that you can turn into vases. For that, you can paint the surface of the bottles the way you want and place some flowers inside. When the colors that you have used to paint the bottles combine well with the colors of the flowers, the final effect is very pleasant.

A flowerpot decorated with bright and lively colors and with a flower for the interior

Decorate house planters

On the other hand, to decorate pots at home you can also opt for the idea of ​​making a paper flower and stick it in the pot. The flowerpot you can paint it with bright and cheerful colors and the final result will be like the one you see in the previous image.

Using nice colors to decorate the pots

decorate interior planters

However, you can also make an irregular division of the surface of the pots and paint them with two colors that contrast well with each other. A very easy way to do it is with white pots. The part you want to paint simply has to be submerged in the painting without releasing the other part of the pot.

The decoration of the interior with decorated flower pots

Decorate interior flower pots houses

You can decorate pots of different sizes and use them to decorate the interior. This decoration is very good on the shelves of the windows or on a special table that you do not use.

Some pots decorated with animal faces for the interior

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A very original idea to decorate pots is turning them into animals. For that, you only have to paint the face of the animal that you want and then make them the rest of the different traits that you can like the ears or the tail, the wings, etc.

A very original idea to decorate the pots at home

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If you do not know how to decorate pots we offer you another option to do at home. For that you need a zeal preferably of color because if it is transparent later you are not going to see it. Before sticking the zeal with a pencil you have to draw the lines you want to make the desired figures and then you just have to hit the zeal. After gluing them you have to paint the parts without heat of the color that you have chosen. When the paint has dried you have to remove the zeal very carefully so that you do not spoil the shapes.

Some pots decorated with paintings and with different shapes

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This idea of ​​making figures with zeal and painting them later can be useful for most of the figures, unless you choose to make a circle.

The decoration of the pots with pidras stuck

flowerpot decoration

On the other hand, you can use other types of ornaments for pots such as pebbles or mosaic that you only have to paste on the surface of the pot. With these ornaments you can also create original shapes, however it is necessary to have a bit more precision. If you worry that after the stones can be peeled off very easily you can stick them on an almost transparent fabric and then the fabric you have to roll together with the stones on the surface of the pot.

Small stones stuck in the flowerpot to decorate it

how to decorate pots

Making a mosaic decoration to decorate the pots

decorated planters

A flower pot decorated with blue roses on a white background

decorate interior pots

A flowerpot decorated with colored stars

pots to decorate

Decorate pots with figures for the interior of the house

interior flowerpot decoration

Some pots with very interesting figures to decorate the interior

ideas for pots

Making a decoration of the pot in white and red with ladybirds

pots to decorate interior

Using the pots to decorate the table

decoration with flower pots

A flowerpot decorated with pieces of tiles

interior decorated flower pots

Decorative flowerpots for the interior of your house

decoration with interior pots

The decoration of the pots making them expensive

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