Decorate small balconies with style - 40 ideas in photos

decorate small balconies original style ideas

Today we have for all of you some photos with ideas such as decorating small balconies with taste and style and enjoy a unique space.

Decorate small balconies with plants and pretty furniture

decorate small balconies closed modern style ideas

If we live in a flat with a balcony, the best we can do is take advantage of the architecture and the construction of our home and thus improve the functionality of the home , making it more comfortable and cozy.

Decorate small balconies with plants and flowers in pots

decorate balconies small round table ideas

To inspire you today we present you these interesting ideas of how to decorate small open and closed balconies.

Boxes converted into shelves and one that is used as a little table DIY decoration ideas

decorate balconies small bench modern style ideas

In these photos you can see some of the best design solutions, but it is important to take into account the individual characteristics and layout of your balcony before making stylistic decisions.

Wooden bench and folding table on the small balcony

decorate small balconies bench wood plants ideas

To achieve the desired result you must follow the main recommendations of the experts. Almost all of us left the balcony decoration for the last moment.

Plants in pots and chandeliers very original on the small balcony

decorate balconies small bench plants options ideas

What is not surprising, what we mean is that having a well designed home does not forget the balcony that with a bit of modernization, can significantly improve the appearance of the entire department as a whole.

Very original furniture ideas on the small closed balcony

decorate small enclosed balconies comfortable ideas

But how to decorate the balcony to get the most out of the creation process and the results. There is not an answer that works for everyone, so we have some ideas to help you find your own solution for the balcony.

Ideas for decorative elements and DIY furniture on the balcony

decorate small balconies decorate natural style ideas

In most apartments the balcony acts as a closet or additional storage space, where one stores unnecessary things that he considers it a shame to throw away.

Two options of balconies with striped carpet that fit the space design

Decorate small balconies Rest outdoors ideas

If your balcony is full of old junk and the only decoration are the old unattractive pots. Then it's time to change the image of your cold and uncomfortable balcony and transform it into a very cozy place.

White bench and wicker chair on the balcony

decorate balconies small details blue color ideas

A balcony not only adds aesthetic harmony to your home, but it is also an additional functional space. As you have already seen in the pictures we have ideas for open and closed balconies.

Two original furniture and decoration options for the small balcony

decorate balconies small details small space ideas

Since decorating an open balcony is different. There are also differences if it is an open balcony but with a roof. First, you have to think about what material to choose and what to finish the wall for the floor and the ceiling if there is one.

Two furniture options for the closed balcony

decorate small balconies original details ideas

The materials we use must be resistant to weather changes, sun and humidity. Otherwise, with the first rain our outdoor oasis can be ruined.

An open balcony with wooden furniture and one closed with transparent plastic chairs


If you want to have wooden walls, the boards and panels should be treated with products to protect fungi, mold and moisture.

A photo of before and after to see the great difference made by some plants and a wooden bench

decorate small balconies before ideas

Instead you can also decide to close the balcony at any time you can put windows and make it part of the interior. And with beautiful curtains and the interior will be warmer and more welcoming.

Cushions and blankets on the small balcony

decorate small balconies cozy space ideas

But be careful when choosing windows because you will need some with high quality insulation that will turn even the coldest outdoor balcony into a warm and comfortable environment.

Two ideas that show us the two types of folding tables that you can use on the small balcony

decorate small balconies closed spaces ideas

Check our photos and also take advantage of decorating ideas and open balconies. The decoration of a small balcony better than it is of minimalist style. It is not necessary to load a narrow space with bulky objects.

Bookshelf and decorations on the small balcony

decorate small balconies shelving plants ideas

However, you can use details for walls and decorative installations made of wood or metal. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can create decorations and furniture with your own hands.

Flowers and plants to beautify your outdoor space

decorate balconies small flowers beautiful ideas

If the space is large enough, you can place plants and flowers to give it life. Along with a table and chairs to spend pleasant moments outdoors during the summer.

Glazed balcony with colorful hammock in which you can relax

decorate balconies small hammock colors style ideas

It is a good idea to use furniture made of natural materials such as wood and wicker. But, also, you can opt for chairs and a beautiful metal or plastic table.

Vertical garden with potted plants on the narrow balcony

decorate small balconies vertical garden plants ideas

The design and decoration of the balcony can be combined with that of the adjacent room, thus expanding its living space. If the balcony is next to the kitchen, instead of a table and chairs you can choose a bar with high chairs.

A balcony ideas that zen lovers would like

decorate small balconies garden zen ideas

Regardless of the type of materials you are going to use our advice is that for the balcony look for furniture and decorations of high quality, resistant to changes in temperature.

Colorful furniture to fan your small balcony

decorate small balconies folding chair table ideas

It is important to choose the best types of coatings according to the characteristics of the layout of your apartment or private home. Although it is very possible that the coating and installation will take a while at least you will be sure that this design will last for years.

Black steel table on the small balcony

decorate balconies small steel table ideas

Even the smallest balcony can become a comfortable space that brings us closer to nature. If you live in the city, all you can do is turn your balcony into a cozy place where you can relax, have tea, read and be happy.

Furniture of different striking colors on the balcony

decorate small balconies colorful furniture ideas

If you live in the city, all you can do is turn your balcony into a cozy place where you can relax, have tea, read and be happy. As we said the first step is to get rid of all the excess of things, if the balcony worked as storage space.

Ideas for larger balconies where you can put up a barbecue

decorate small balconies wooden furniture ideas

Then you can put there everything your heart desires. For example, blankets and pillows very useful shelves and beautiful plants. There is no rule or book to learn how to decorate small balconies but there are many ideas on our page that can help you make an elegant space.

Carpet with bold colors and elegant furniture for the small balcony

decorate small balconies folding furniture ideas

An original idea is this bar on the balcony

decorate small balconies office closed balcony ideas

Glass table and steel chairs on the balcony

decorate balconies small original simple design ideas

Two ideas of glazed balconies with wooden walls

decorate balconies small walls wood ideas

Decorate small balconies ideas to use each space available on the balcony

decorate balconies small plants decoration ideas

Folding chairs and plants on the small balcony

decorate balconies small plants options ideas

Ratan hanging chair with very original design

decorate small balconies chair hanging original ideas

Narrow closed balcony with very nice bar stools

decorate balconies small chairs bar ideas

Balcony with white furniture and baskets and decorative plants

decorate small balconies white chairs ideas

Ideas for slightly larger balconies

decorate small balconies chairs wood options ideas

Long, narrow balcony with resting place and very elegant white shelving

decorate balconies small armchairs modern style ideas

Very comfortable black armchair on the glazed balcony

decorate small balconies modern black armchair ideas

Wicker corner sofa and beautiful flowers on the small balcony

decorate small balconies sofa corner ideas

Wooden bench of the same color as the small balcony floor

decorate small balconies wooden floor sofa ideas

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