Decorate the fireplace to receive the autumn - 24 ideas

nice fireplace decoration

Autumn is just around the corner and we are beginning with the preparations to receive it. One of our favorite activities in the fall is to have a hot drink by the fireplace, so today we will focus on the fall decoration for the highlight of your home. Here are our favorite ways to decorate the fireplace for autumn.

Ideas to decorate the fireplace in autumn

pretty decorate chimney pumpkins

We love this modern chimney beautifully decorated for autumn, a simple design but really interesting.

Nice white brick fireplace

white brick fireplace

The clean crisp white solid chimney balances the hustle and brighter highlights.

Beautiful retro style autumnal decoration

pretty retro style decoration

Another easy DIY project is to simply trace some leaves and cut them out Glue them to the fireplace and the back wall. The key to an autumn decoration is to bring the beautiful bright colors of nature indoors.

Beautiful autumnal decoration of modern fireplace

nice modern fireplace decoration

A lot of autumnal decoration can be a great DIY project and we love these decorative wooden boards. Cut out some templates and get to work! Add a pillow, cozy blankets and a handful of pumpkins to complete the design.

Beautiful autumnal decor in modern style

nice modern style decor

Modern elegance is at its best. If you are looking for this look, keep a classy and clean decoration, with candles, simple white elements and a touch of greenery for the perfect modern fall mantle.

Autumn decoration in gray tones

decorate fireplace gray tones

If you're not for the bright and extravagant colors of pumpkins and garlands, here's an autumn decor design around the most neutral-looking fireplace. This one offers a smoked stone structure of chocolate with cream accents such as comfortable pillows, sheer baskets, and sweet sayings.

Ideas to decorate the fireplace for Halloween

decorate original for haklioween

If Halloween is your goal, have fun decorating the fireplace. Adorn with old portraits and silhouettes with detailed cuts of chandeliers and for a spooky look. We love pumpkins painted in white with silhouettes on the front for a contrasting look in black and white.

Ideas to decorate the fireplace for autumn

decorate fireplace salon autumn

If you are lucky enough to have a stone fireplace, your default shape will already create a perfect decoration without you having to do anything. We love the stone bench in this design that serves to cover the pile of wood below. Add wooden barrels on top for an additional touch of robustness.

Ideas to decorate the fireplace in autumn

decorate the autumn fireplace

A fireplace painted white is ideal to achieve flexibility and variety. One could easily decorate the terrace with complex arrangements or if you prefer simplicity, opt for a clean look with a simple line of pumpkins on the top, as we saw in the image at the beginning.

Original fireplace decoration for autumn

original decoration fireplace autumn

Look for a suitable decoration for September, October and November. Keep the focus on the natural elements of autumn like dry colored leaves, this versatile look is suitable for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Original fireplace decoration design for autumn

original design decoration chinmenea otono

Combine natural elements such as pineapples and oak leaves with metal pumpkins for a French style aesthetic. This luxury aspect is very original, with blue or gray walls, rich dark wood and creams. The details and texture are key in this case with pieces like fancy framed mirrors and complex chandelier chandeliers.

Original autumnal decoration with wicker baskets

original decoration wicker baskets

A good alternative to the candles in a fireplace that does not work are the baskets, also accompanied by cushions and blankets. We love the tall side table with a small branch of eucalyptus in a vase on a fluffy sheepskin rug. It looks so cozy!

Original white fireplace decoration

original fireplace decoration

Here you can see a beautiful white marble fireplace adorned with autumn leaves, old wooden shutters and classic chrysanthemum baskets. If you have a chimney that does not work, stack lighted candles inside like what has been done here to achieve a wonderfully warm look.

Original white fireplace decoration

original blue wall decoration

An autumnal decoration in blue and white had never seemed so good to us. Some playful garlands and hanging ornaments have fun with pumpkins. We also like the way the spines of the books face unusually back to match the elegant color scheme.

Original decoration for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving modern deco

Great Thanksgiving decoration

great decoration thanks

Great fireplace decoration

great idea deco chimney

Original ideas to decorate the fireplace

original ideas decorate fireplace

Original living room decoration

original design decoration salon

Original luxurious fireplace design with autumn decoration

Luxurious autumn deco fireplace

Decorate the fireplace with dried leaves and pumpkins

decorate chimenda flnoreros pumpkins

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