Decorate the house with houseplants

decorate with indoor plants

The decoration will always be present in the interior of the houses, because it is what gives it another style and a new and pleasant air. One of the things that will never be missing and must not be missing is the fact decorate with indoor plants . The plants They transmit to us with their colors not only peace and tranquility, but also give the interior a lot of life and make the environment more pleasant.

Decorate with plants of interior of your houses

decorate with house indoor plants

Therefore, in this article we will pay special attention to the decoration with plants and we will also see the containers in which you can put your plants to be more original and have a modern interior. We will also talk about the colors that you can combine, the symmetry that you can find and the places where you can put them.

A lively and cheerful decoration with plants for the interior

decorate with house plants houses

To begin with, before placing the plants anywhere in the house you have to bear in mind that the plants during the day consume the carbon dioxide that we expel and that is in the air and expel oxygen. However, at night the process reverses: they consume oxygen and expel carbon dioxide just like humans do. Therefore, it would be best if you put your plants in places or in rooms where many people do not sleep, such as the hall, the living room or the kitchen.

Decorate the interior of your houses with plants

decorate with indoor plants lounge

As for the order and organization to decorate with indoor plants, you can place them looking for symmetry and balance. This is achieved when you divide the room in your mind into two equal parts and place more or less the same things on both sides. You can see this in the photo above, if you divide the photo in half. You will see that in the two halves of the photo practically the same things appear. The symmetry introduces a lot of peace and harmony in the home, so you can bet on this way of ordering your plants.

A very elegant decoration with style for the interior with large plants

decorate with indoor plants salons

Nor should you forget that the plants are of different types and each plant has its quirks and preferences. For modern and elegant interiors you can choose large vases or pots. These pots will serve you for the tall plants and the color of the pots you can combine it with the colors of your interior, in this way you will increase the elegance.

Decorate the interior of the house with plants that cover the entire wall

decorate with indoor plants wall

A very original idea for interior decoration with plants is the placement of a decorative panel on the wall that is covered by green plants. To decorate with indoor plants you can put lights on the panel or illuminate the plants with lamps that are oriented directly towards the plants. This mural of green color is very well in the interiors in which the white color predominates. Also, if you combine it with wood, you will add a lot of naturalness inside.

Decorative panels with plants for the interior of your houses

Decorate with vertical indoor plants

The plants in the interior of the house that grow around these murals are very elegant and you can place them on the wall or near it, or in some other place appropriate for them. In this way, decorating with indoor plants can become a very interesting, entertaining and enjoyable task.

Decorate the interior with tall plants in small pots and with decorative stones

decorate with original indoor plants

The plants to decorate interiors can also be shorter and exotic with fine stems and without flowers. You can plant these plants in marble pots and add some white decorative stones and put them near the stems. In the photo you can see that the white stones combine with the color and texture of the carpet.

A very modern and elegant lounge with high plants for decoration in white pots with style

decorate with tall indoor plants

On the other hand, you can choose a more elegant and original living room plants, especially if you have a modern living room and you like originality. You can bet on some plants like the ones you see in the image that are like very fine green chopsticks. But you see the effect that is achieved with these plants and white porcelain pots or a material that reflects light. In addition, you can combine the style and color of the pots with the color and style of the interior.

large plants for interior decoration of houses

decorate with large indoor plants

On the other hand, you can also decorate with large plants that have a structure similar to that of a tree. These plants are best in the living room, near a window or the terrace, since they usually need more light. Another thing that you could do with this type of plants to decorate interiors is to place them in the corners of your house. In this way they will not occupy space especially if your interior is smaller.

Decorate the interior of your home with small plants in original wooden pots

decorate with small indoor plants

Although it does not take much space to decorate with indoor plants, it is something that can also be done in smaller dimensions. For that you must first get some original pots, such as those in the photo, and plant them in small plants. This decoration indoor plants is very practical and comfortable for small interiors and you can place them on any shelf or shelf of your home.

Decoration with plants in spaces and green rooms

decorate with indoor plants high living room

Do not forget that to decorate the house with large and tall plants you have to have a space for them. This type of plants are very good in the office, because green is the color that calms the eyesight and in the office the plants help to have a better concentration.

A small round vase for the interior decoration of the house

decorate with plants indoor table

If your office is not too big to decorate with indoor plants, you can decorate it with small plants in a modern and original vase and place it on the desk or on the work table. This is one of the best ways to work in peace and harmony.

A pots with elongated shape very original for decorating the interior of your home

decorate with modern indoor plants

The type of original pots that you can use for the plants to decorate can have a different and unconventional shape, such as the elongated or squared pots of the photos. After planting the plants in white pots, because in reality with the ones that are best with the color of the plants, you can add some white decorative stones or a dark color. In the case of white stones, these are fused with the white color of the pot and are distinguished only by their texture. On the other hand, with the dark stones a very striking contrast is achieved.

Large plants in large pots with original decorations for the interior of the rooms

decorate with large living room indoor plants

If in your home you have large vases with oriental and exotic motifs or that remind us of oriental countries do not hesitate to use them to decorate with indoor plants of your home. This type of vases can look great in the living room or in the living room. In addition, vases with oriental patterns always give an original and modern touch to the interior. However, you should not forget that the style of the vases and their colors have to match the colors of the interior.

An interesting plant in a glass bowl with decorative pidras for the interior

decorate with indoor plants living room

For small interiors we have another very original idea. It is again an exotic plant that could easily be atificial. This plant can be placed in a glass container and you could fill the container with decorative stones. In this way, the stones will be seen through the glass and will be a very striking decoration. You can put this type of decoration in the center of your table or in a shelf to decorate it.

Hanging plants to decorate the interior of your house

decorate with hanging indoor plants

You must not forget either the decorative power of the hanging plants . These plants can be hung from the ceiling with hooks or hooks on the walls to hang them. The hanging plants introduce a lot of originality and modernity in the interior and you can also use beautiful and modern pots.

The green plants in combination with blue and white for the interior

decoration indoor plants

In the interiors of your houses to decorate you can combine several colors among which the green color of the plants is included. One of these colors should be white because it is the one that plays the background color paper on which the other colors stand out and stand out. And the other color you can choose to your liking but it should be a bright and striking color.

A small cactus with flowers to decorate the interior in modern white pots

interior decoration with plants

The combination of colors to decorate with indoor plants can also be done with small plants. For that you need some white pots to highlight the other shades, the green color the plants you already have and now you just have to choose the color of the flowers to complete the combination.

Pots of different colors and with plantes of different sizes for the decoration of the interior

indoor plants decoration

Small plants in pots and vases to decorate with house plants the house

plants and decoration

A plant of a very striking green that contrasts with the gray color of the pot for the kitchen

decoration with plants

The palm tree in a pot for the decoration of your favorite places in the house

decorate with plants

A very interesting plant placed in the center of the table or on a shelf to decorate with indoor plants

plants to decorate

The pots and large and tall vases are very well in modern interiors for the decoration of houses

plants to decorate interiors

Round pots of different colors for decorating your shelves at home

decorate the house with plants

An interior decoration with plants and trees with a round crown and a decorative panel on the wall with the drawing of a tree

plants inside the house

A small botanical garden inside your house with plants placed on shelves and hanging plants

plants for interior decoration

A very striking flowerpot for interior decoration with a large plant or with several plants and with decorative stones

decoration large indoor plants

Hanging plants in pots for the interior that you can hang from the ceiling using a piece of metal in which you can place several pots

interior decoration with hanging plants

Decorate with plants the interior and the decoration with hanging plants in your houses

plants and interior decoration

The white of the interior highlights the green color of the plants and flowers in the house

plants for living room

An abundant decoration with plants in the interior in which the white color of the walls and furniture is combined with the green of the plants

decoration with living room plants

Decorating the interior with plants of different sizes and different types, looking for symmetry and harmony of shapes

decorate with indoor plants

Decorating the interior with three identical and very original plants, planted in equal pots and placed in line

plants to decorate interior

The combination of white and green and red and brown

plants to decorate modern interiors

Symmetry and balance with plants and equal pots for the decoration of the interior of the house

decorate the house with tall plants

A small tree and rolled to decorate the interior of your house, combined with a small plant

plants to decorate elegant interiors

A square pot with a square saucer underneath and with decorative stones inside the saucer

plants and interior decoration houses

Decorating the interior with hanging plants and plants in pots placed on the floor or on the windowsills

decorate with hanging plants

The decoration with plants inside can also be done in pots or large glass vases filled with water

plants to decorate room

A symmetrical and simple decoration for the decoration of your living room

decorate the house with small plants

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