Decorate the interior of the house at Christmas

decorate the interior in Christmas

One of the most anticipated parties that most warm the hearts of the people are the Christmas . The reason is the decoration, the gifts, the Christmas spirit that we find everywhere. And when we talk about the Christmas spirit we can not leave the decoration behind because this is one of its main sources. Therefore, in this article we will focus on some ideas of decorate at Christmas the interior of the house

Decorate the interior of your house in Christmas

decorate at Christmas

The decorative elements most used in Christmas decoration are candles, socks in which parents introduce sweets for children, the Christmas tree, etc. Using all these details you can get a very beautiful and original decoration for your interior. The only advice that we are going to give you in this house is that you combine the colors well and that you have in mind the free space of the interior that you have. If your interior is not very big, it is better not to abuse too much with the decoration because the excessive decoration does not contribute to the Christmas spirit that you want to create. And if the interior is larger the sparse decoration can have the same effect.

Original ideas for interior decoration at Christmas

decorate in indoor christmas

One of the parts of the house that are decorated a lot and for which there are many ideas are the chimneys. In the fireplace you can place Santa's socks or boots so that they hang. In the upper part of the chimney you can put garlands that imitate the branches of a pine tree and wind lights in the garlands. Also, your Christmas tree can also be placed near the fireplace.

Some candles decorated with musical notes for Christmas

decorate at Christmas fireplace

You can also use some Christmas candles decorated with musical notes. You can add other Christmas decorations near these candles. The candles you use for home decoration can be of other shapes, in the shape of a pine and, in addition, you can place some pine branches. This decoration is very appropriate for the fireplace.

Christmas decoration in your living room

decorate in Christmas parlor

On the other hand, simple decoration can also increase the modernity of the interior. However, the decorative element that influences modernity is the lights, that's why you have to bet on them. In the most modern interiors after placing the Christmas tree, you can decorate the fireplace with garlands of green color that mimic the branches of the pines and that are rolled with lights. On the sides of the chimney you can place some small pine trees decorated only with lights. The light that comes out of the fire of the fireplace increases the decoration of the interior and modernity.

A decoration for Christmas in the Nordic style of the interior of the house

decorate chimneys on Christmas

To decorate at Christmas you can also choose a decoration Nordic style . This type of decoration is very original, since the ornaments that are used are the horns of some aniomals, some straw pines and the decoration of animal hair. These are some of the distinctive features of the Nordic style.

Decorate the interior of your house with inscriptions and wishes at Christmas

decorate in Christmas salons

The originality of the interior at Christmas can also be given by inscriptions with wishes. These inscriptions can be made on some wooden boards with chalk and you can place them on top of the fireplace. You can decorate the edges of the fireplace with garlands, lights and candles.

A decoration with bright colors for your mirror at Christmas

decorate mirrors in christmas

The decoration of the mirror in the hall can be very similar to the decoration of the chimneys. On the edges of the mirror you can place a garland to surround it with lights and balls. And if your mirror has a protruding part, as if it were a shelf, you can also put garlands there and some big candles. On the other hand, this idea in Christmas decoration for the fireplace can be done by adding a crown in the center.

The decoration of the table for Christmas with candles, stars and other Christmas reasons

decorate on christmas table

At Christmas you can not forget to decorate the Christmas table. The decoration of the table can be made with the same adornments but smaller. At the table you can place smaller candles, stars, small pineapples and some of the famous branches with small balls. This type of decoration is very appropriate also to celebrate New Year's Eve.

The Christmas decoration of the center of the table with candles, bows and lights

Decorate at Christmas table 1

A very original idea to decorate a Christmas table is to set apart the candles and other decorations, the gifts of the guests in their corresponding places. For that you must also put some labels with their names, if there are specific rules for each of them.

A very original decoration for Christmas for the table with a plate with candles and hanging fruit

decorated tables for christmas

On the other hand, the tables decorated at Christmas are very original when the lamp hanging in the living room above the table you place a plate hanging with chains in which there are fruits and candles. This is a very interesting way to leave more free space on the table for the dishes and for the fruits to be in the center. You can also complete the decoration if you add some balls that also hang from the bottom of the plate.

A very Christmas decoration with figurines for the interior of the room

decorate in christmas interior houses

Christmas decorations for the home can also be very original and attractive if they are made with figurines. It's about making a small city with houses and figures that can be bears, rabbits or other types of animals. It is a decoration that takes a long time to make but it is worth it because it introduces a lot of originality in the interior.

Decorate the interior of your home in Christmas with angels and other figures

decorate in Christmas kitchen

To decorate the interior in Christmas you can also use the figures of angels. These figures can be placed on any side of your house and are very appropriate for shelves and shelves.

The typical Spanish Christmas decoration of the Nativity Scene

decorate in christmas interior house

We have arrived at the typically Spanish decoration of the Bethlehem. There are nativity scenes of different sizes, if you are bigger you can add more figures and make a decoration for the house at Christmas very beautiful. You can make an ark like the one you see in the image and spread straw on the ground. Through this ark you can see the house of the child Jesus and the figures of Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

Decorating the interior of the house at Christmas with the figurines of the Nativity Scene

decorate at Christmas

You can also add the figures of the angels and the people of the town who will see the newborn child. The figures of the sheep are important because they complete the decoration and the Bethlehem.

Using the figures of Bethlehem for the interior Christmas decoration

decorate in christmas interior living room

This decoration with figures can also be done with small Bethlehem or without Bethlehem. You only have to place small animal figurines and three other figures of a mother with a baby in her arms, the father and another figure that offers a gift to the child.

The birth of the baby Jesus and the Magi in the Bethlehem of your home for Christmas

decorate in Christmas figures

To decorate the Bethlehem Christmas can also be placed the figures of the three wise men who have come to see the baby Jesus and to give his gifts. A Christmas in Spain without the Bethlehem is like a Christmas in the rest of the world without the Christmas tree.

Decorate the interior with figures and assembling the Nativity scene at Christmas

decorate in Christmas figurines

Christmas decorations can also be celebrating figures and flying angels. The descent of the angels of heaven has always had mystical connotations that complete the Christmas spirit.

Some white and gray figures for the decoration of the interior of your house

Decorate in interior Christmas figures

On the other hand, to decorate the house at Christmas the decoration can also be done near the Christmas tree. This decoration can be with white and gray figures that combine with the decorative colors of the Christmas tree.

Small decorative pines for the interior of your home for Christmas

Christmas decorations

Decorate the interior of your home in Christmas and more specifically the shelves can also be done with some pines of cardboard or wood. The trunks of these pines can imitate some houses and inside you can place some candles so that the lighting is original as if it came out of the windows of a house.

Some very original pines for interior decoration at Christmas

Christmas decoration

On the other hand, those who like to create and innovate can make small Christmas trees at home with materials like the ones you see in the photo and you can add white paint to imitate the snow. It is a very original idea to decorate the interior of your house at Christmas.

A combination of Christmas decorations for the home interior

Christmas decorations

On the other hand, those who want to make a home decoration for Christmas more complete and with more details can combine the decorative ideas of the previous image for the fireplace, for the window and for the table. You can decorate the candles with sticks and tie them with a rope.

A decoration with soft colors that gives a tender touch to the interior

Christmas decorations for home

The decoration of the interior of your house at Christmas with socks in the fireplace

Christmas decoration at home

Decorating the interior of your home with Christmas trees of different sizes

decoration for the house at Christmas

A Christmas wreath with pineapples, hazelnuts and other fruits for the front door

decoration for christmas

Some whitish candles decorated for Christmas

decorated christmas candles

Combining different decoration ideas for the home interior

decorate the house for Christmas

A symmetrical decoration of the fireplace for Christmas with socks

decorate the Christmas table

A rustic interior decorated for Christmas

interior christmas decorations

Decorate the interior of your home at Christmas with Christmas motifs

interior christmas decoration

A crown for the entrance door with balls for Christmas

decorated christmas door

An original decoration for the window with pineapples, balls and a branch of a pine

Christmas decorations for home window

The decoration of the hall with large garlands in the entrance door

decoration for the house on christmas door

The decoration with pineapples for the interior of your house for Christmas

Christmas decoration in home living room

A very bright decoration for the living room of your house

decoration for christmas fireplace

Decorate your Christmas tree with balls, bells and caballitos

christmas decorations tree

A simple interior decoration for Christmas with the tree with lights and different decorations on the walls

decorate the house for indoor Christmas

Decorate the interior with gold color and purple color at Christmas

Christmas decoration living room

The decoration of the headboard of the bed with garlands and lights

Christmas bedroom decorations

An original decoration for Nvidad with small wooden sticks forming trees and a crown

Christmas decoration in home interior

Decorate the interior with a Christmas tree, lights and socks in the shape of boots

decoration for christmas salon

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