Decorate the room in simple and forceful details.

decorate salon styles house woods

By tradition one of the areas of the house to which we pay more attention in terms of decoration is the living room. He is the meeting point with friends and family and often becomes our letter of introduction. Decorating a room with some simple elements will be our proposal today. Small accents that can make it different and fresh.

Decorating room, fresh atmosphere

decorate salon styles blue gardens environment

All without the need for a large investment. In the first place, regardless of the decorative style, it is vital to maintain order in the living room. The issue does not lie in spending long hours of cleaning. It will be enough to keep everything in place and release as much as possible ground. An orderly living room will always make the space look good. Nor can we underestimate the power of furniture.

Decorating room, blank variant

decorate living room gray lamps shelves colors

With a simple change that we make of place it will be noticed immediately. It is a small detail that gives a different look to space. It can serve us little by little to identify the best combinations. Then only subtract complement everything with other elements. One of them are lamps, in terms of lighting they are fundamental.

Design with modern carpet

decorate living room styles fireplace fireplace rugs

The effect of a good light it helps to make everything look neat too. If you must opt ​​for an obvious natural light is preferred. In case of not having large windows it is best that the lamps ensure a good source of light. Your choice will obviously always be mediated by our personal taste.

Marine and cool style

decorate salon styles house curtains boats

The main thing is that they combine with the decoration and can be the point of attention. Especially the larger ones. You can combine several floors that create a greater effect. The cases of the corners or for corners of readings will always be the best spaces. Obviously without forgetting the smaller ones for tables especially.

Modern living room

decorate living room styles man gray

If you do not have a large living room the best are the mirrors. They will make the space much bigger, place them in front of the windows. The view will be reflected and everything will look much more open. We must be careful with the dimensions of the mirrors. The larger ones will limit the space for other accessories on the walls.

Concrete walls

decorate room styles house woods lamparas

The best part is that you can also customize the frame to your style. With color or even cover it with other details. For sofas should not miss the cushions especially if the furniture is neutral colors. Select some with different shapes and patterns. The key is in some colors that stand out.

Cushions with modern design

decorate salon styles house skins lamps

Cases of cushions Big ones are easier to keep them sorted. They can look better but having different dimensions the room will look fresh and fun. Enjoy the gallery and remember that decorating the salon is a challenge. We hope you find some useful ideas for future remodeling or a simple change of style for your room.

Furniture in two colors

decorate salon styles yellow carpets

Warm wood accents

decorate salon styles house projector wood

Idea for small space

decorate living room gray lamps

Contrast of blues and white

decorate living room gray white leather lamps

Attractive detail with flowers

decorate living room gray lamps yellow separator

Ambient variation in gray

decorate living room lamps cushions curtains

Elegant checkered carpet

decorate living room lamps lamparas cuadros

Design with abundant natural light

blue styles red house cushions

white accents details houses plants

house design areas carpets chairs

house design areas gray lamps

house design areas woods plants branches

house design areas green plants leather

crystals modern metal bricks plants

decorate living room styles modern house

decorate salon styles house yellow solutions

decorate salon styles house gray bricks

decorate salon styles house red walls

ideas details yellow cables plants

ideas details cables gray rooms

bricks walls glass cushions rgulable

bricks walls glasses gardens bottles

bricks walls glasses warm TV

walls glasses open quality

branches styles house gray yellow

branches styles house clocks walls

rustic areas slates pieces curtains

variants of the living rooms living rooms led

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