Decorate the walls with paper

decorate with paper

Lately in our articles we talked a lot about the decoration of the interior with dry, natural and artificial flowers. However, in this article we are not going to focus especially on the issue of flowers but if in the theme of decoration. More specifically, we will talk about how decorate with paper the interior of the house We will give you some ideas on the elaboration of flowers, butterflies and other types of ornaments with paper.

Decorate the walls with paper

decorate with paper walls

If you want to decorate your interior with paper or make a partial decoration with paper, you can make some butterflies and stick them on the wall. One of the advantages of paper is that if you are not good at drawing, you can take a picture or a flat shape with the shape you want to draw on the paper and simply trace the contours. Then you just have to cut the drawing and decorate from there.

Paper hearts for decoration of the walls

decorate with wall paper

You can also decorate walls with paper with hearts. The originality of this type of decoration is when the hearts or shapes with which you have decided to decorate create the feeling of being coming from somewhere. In the previous image you can see that this feeling has been created with the hearts that are coming out of the radiator.

Butterflies made with black paper to decorate the walls

decorate with interior paper

In the papers to decorate you can paint some butterflies and you can place them on the wall as a group. We advise you that when you decide to decorate the wall with paper, place an object of the same color in the vicinity so that the decoration is more complete and more original.

A very original watch with paper butterflies and metal arrows

decorate with interior paper

Another very original idea is to make a watch with butterflies and create a decoration with paper for the interior. You have to put the butterflies in the position of the clock figures and in the center of the circle you have to place the arrows of the clock.

How to make at home a very original and interesting design of a wall clock with butterflies

decorate with paper walls home

On the other hand, if you have a wall clock you can make some decorations with paper. It can also be with the shape of butterflies because here you have to look and create the feeling that the butterflies are perched on the clock and some of them fly away. If you do not want to do them, you can buy some and paint them the color of the roloj. Then with a glue, preferably silicone, you have to stick a few butterflies on the watch. Some have to be smaller because in this way when you peguéis them on the wall it will seem that they are further away.

Decorating the wall with paper hearts

decorate with house interior paper

On the other hand, to decorate with paper the walls with which hearts have been made, you can give them volume. This is achieved by making a cut with the scissors between the two halves of the heart to the center more or less. Then you have to bend slightly the inner part in which you have made the cut and pull. In this way, the paper will curve slightly without bending. This ideas is very appropriate for rooms decorated with paper.

A paper decoration for the holidays with hearts

decorate with paper parties

You can also decorate your daughter's birthday party with hanging hearts with paper. For that you have to do in the middle of the hearts a cut in the part superior and in the other half the cut has to be in the part of down. In this way, hearts can be superimposed on each other and hooked. The thread you have to let it pass through the center or if you want you can also paste it.

Some paper butterflies with which to decorate the interior of the house

decorate with modern interior paper

Instead, instead of decorating walls With paper, you can use paper to decorate other areas of the interior. If it's about making butterflies out of paper, you can stick them on some vases or glass bottles to create the feeling that they are perched on top. In addition, to increase the originality of the decoration you can enter any of the butterflies inside the container.

Paper butterflies hanging with wires from the room lamp

decorate with roof paper

On the other hand, you can decorate with paper even your daughter's room with some butterflies hanging with strings from the ceiling lamp.

Some flowers made with rolled paper strips

decorate with paper flowers

However, one of the ways to make flowers is with rolled paper strips. On a wooden surface or on a table you can paint the stems of the flowers and you can even paint a whole landscape and then paste the paper. This is also an option for paper decorated walls.

A wall decoration with paper flowers hanging on a rope

decorate with paper interior walls

On the other hand, the strips of paper with which you made the flowers can be placed on a string and you can hang the string on the wall making an arched shape.

Rolling a strips of paper to make some flowers for the interior

decoration with paper

Another option is to stick them on green sticks that will be the stems of the flowers and place them in a vase.

Decorating the interior with paper flowers hung in an arched form

walls decorated with paper

Very original flowers to decorate the interior with them

rooms decorated with paper

Making paper flowers at home to decorate the walls

decorate walls with paper

A way to make flowers with paper

decorations with paper

The result of the previous steps

papers to decorate

Some very authentic and original paper flowers to decorate the interior

wall decoration with papers

The way to make paper flowers like the ones in the previous image

decoration with interior paper

Some paper flowers that resemble pompoms

walls decorated with interior paper

Making the petals of a flower with a ping pong ball and with paper

decorate walls with interior paper

Decorating the walls of the interior with strips of paper in the shape of flowers

decorations with interior paper

Another way to make flowers with paper strips and decorate the walls

papers to decorate interior

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