Decorated terraces: 25 ideas of different unique styles

Juan Montoya terrace furniture rattan large yellow pots ideas

In today's article we are going to show you very original ideas of terraces decorated in a very modern minimalist style. The best thing you can do from your outer space is to make it an extension of your interior. But if you have a house with abundant decor Today we offer you some ideas to create a contrast between the interior and the exterior.

Terraces decorated with statues and trees in large pots

statue modern terrace white furniture ideas

Comfortable furniture and beautiful details chosen to your liking to create an outdoor relaxation area. In the images you will see ideas of different very subtle decorations. The abundance of furniture and colors is missing in our ideas today. White furniture and terraces in the minimalist style very easy to project in any space of the house.

Terraces decorated with pretty flowers and plants

Decorated terraces plants white lounge chairs ideas

The rattan furniture creates a relaxing atmosphere on the outside for this and more reasons we advise you to choose comfortable rattan furniture. Using the imagination you can combine the different colors of rattan furniture that are on the market. The color white light gray and ivory are the other colors we have for you today because there is nothing better than a bright terrace.

Minimalist style on the terrace with rattan furniture and pot on the table

minimalist design modern terraces furniture eating ideas

Speaking of lighting there is no shortage of ideas for lamps and chandeliers for the exterior. Candles will always be the best idea to enjoy romantic nights outdoors. For a minimalist-style terrace or with a lack of vibrant colors choose large candles to be the center of attention. Naturalness should not be lacking in your outdoor space and therefore you will see ideas of gardens on the terrace or plants and trees in pots.

Terrace with red pergola and white lounger

Decorated terraces white deck chair pergola red modern ideas

And on your terrace there is no place for pots you can always opt for a vertical garden. Now we let you review our ideas of terraces decorated and designed in different styles. Grab a refreshing drink and get ready for the remodeling of the terrace as many hot days await you that you should not go inside.

Fire place on the modern terrace for romantic evenings at night

place fire pool terrace plants plants

This part of the exterior of the house has never changed its purpose. We, over time, have changed the design features of the building materials used, but the original idea remains the same. The terrace replaces the living room during the summer.

Very original fireplace and lamps for the terrace

place fire terrace plants floor wood ideas

But over time, however, it has become a functional place for winter too, thanks to the arrival of new construction materials, insulation methods and double-glazed windows. There are people who can not afford to have a terrace that can be used at all times of the year not only for the budget but also because the terrace is far from the house and there are no doors leading directly to the house.

Large chandeliers and white furniture for the terrace

white furniture modern terrace candles ideas

But this does not mean that you can not enjoy the summer in a well designed space. To get a cozy terrace, it is necessary to take into account some characteristics. The whole family must participate in the creation of a design. The terrace is a place of rest and it is necessary to get everyone there to feel good.

Decorated terraces with furniture of different colors

rattan armchairs terrace stool table countertop glass ideas

For the construction of the terrace we must use the construction materials that have been used for the house itself. For example if the house is made of wood, the wood also has to be present on the terrace. If the house is built of brick or concrete blocks, it would be an idea to build the terrace of them.

Terraces decorated with grass and plants

terrace lawn benches wood plants armchair ideas

The terrace has to be full of sun. Therefore, in the construction of a closed terrace, make sure that it has large windows. In the case of an open terrace, this is not necessary. Better to put a pergola or a big umbrella.

Very large terrace with carpet and red furniture designed by Marcel Wanders

terrace decorated red carpet furniture umbrella ideas

The terrace should not be different from the general image of the surroundings. A contemporary terrace will not look good in a country house with rustic design. The same can be said of a small wooden terrace in a modern building with contemporary architecture.

narrow terrace jacuzzi minimalist style ideas

For the organization of an open terrace better use folding furniture. Since lately the time is unpredictable and it is better to be able to carry the furniture inside the house easily. Doing it with a huge area with large furniture will be difficult. But sie has lightweight folding furniture will not have problems.

small terrace folding chairs table steel black ideas

The terrace can be designed in many different styles. However, the most used are. The traditional, modern, contemporary, vintage and rustic. Lately many people play with colors for the design of the terrace. Hata will resort to applying graffiti on the wall if there is one. As for the space is full of objects of different shapes, sizes and colors.

terrace pool deck chairs sunshade palm trees ideas

A very appropriate children's environment will be created for families with children. For furniture in a terrace full of color you can choose ottoman or large. If you do not like this you can go for a traditional design in which there are no bright colors. The colors for a traditional design must be unique and strictly selected, which will allow you to establish the mood of the entire terrace.

terraces decorated grass stools table wood ideas

In this case, you will save a lot of money since you do not have to buy many decorative elements of different colors, like carpets and outdoor objects. If you want to show your noble and elegant side a great solution is to use wicker furniture, a rocking chair will be perfect. Shelves must be present on the walls, decorated with modern details.

Decorated terraces minimalist style sun lounger pool ideas

decorated terraces style furniture white flower pots ideas

Decorated terraces vertical garden planters ideas

decorated terraces small lamps red cushions ideas

stairs terrace pots white floor wood ideas

large modern terrace furniture design tables gold ideas

terraces decorated pergola wood plants ideas

Decorated terraces chairs white table touches orange ideas

Gomez de la Torre Guerrero terrace house pergola ideas

house terrace open kitchen furniture illuminated ideas

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