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Today we have for all of you an apartment in Tel Aviv Israel that is called "Fun-ctional box" or the functional box. It is a duplex apartment designed by K.O.T Project¹. On our page you can find many decorating ideas for apartments and houses so you will be inspired to create a modern design in your home.

Decoration apartments with attractive aesthetics - an apartment in Tel Aviv

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The designers of K.O.T Project accepted this project, which is not just a project but is the home of a fashion designer and his partner, a figure in the media. As you can see in our images, the architecture of this apartment in Tel Aviv is very original.

Decoration apartments with very original reduced space

decoration apartments modern design living room ideas

The design portrays the union between the rich aesthetics of the 50s and 70s with the cleanliness of the current design. The owners requested the creation of functional spaces to make their apartment look more spacious, as well as ample storage space.

Plants and furniture with vintage design combine perfectly in this very attractive living room

decoration apartments functional modern design ideas

While designing the design, the designers were forced to carry out many conversations about the lifestyle of the owners so that nothing escapes them. All this to create a space for practical use, leisure, natural lighting and workplaces.

An option for small houses are the built-in wardrobes, in this apartment we see a lot of storage space

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Before the renovation, the apartment had two bedrooms, a living room, and a separate kitchen. The roof apartment was an attic of 10 m2. The design concept of the ground floor led to the creation of an unrestricted and functional space. Thanks to the walls wrapped in wooden structures behind which many shelves are hidden.

A black metal spiral staircase connects the two levels of this apartment

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The black iron entrance door leads to a small hallway. All these cabinets are built with natural bamboo boards, separated from the floor and ceiling by an aluminum profile.

The bathroom that is at the end of the corridor next to the entrance in this modern apartment

decoration apartments design modern bathroom entrance ideas

The first floor is 74 m2 and consists of an open space for the living room, kitchen, dining table, an enclosed guest bathroom, as well as a master bedroom and bathroom. The floor of the roof is 64 m2 has an additional living room, kitchen and small dining table, as well as a guest bedroom and bathroom.

Very practical and functional furniture in the kitchen of this small apartment, Tel Aviv

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It also has a balcony of 24 m2. The living room is furnished with checkered armchairs and a gray sofa. During the planning process, emphasis was placed on natural lighting, the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.

Elements of the industrial style in the kitchen of this very attractive apartment

decoration apartments modern design industrial kitchen

Each item in the apartment was carefully selected: leather chairs in a vintage-style iron frame from the 1970s, glass tables, vintage lamps found in Athens, hand-woven rugs, textiles, upholstery and more.

Bedroom with simple and modern design

decoration apartments modern bedroom design

The wooden cabinets serve as a centerpiece around which the other hall, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom are organized. The kitchen was planned as different units established, each of which has its own defined purpose.

Small bedroom with very nice wood cabinets

decor% d0% ben-apartments-design-modern-bedroom-wardrobe

A black marble surface placed on a custom made wooden unit contains cabinets with drawers and an oven. A hidden door in the same large closet leads to the main room. The front part of the closet leads to the dressing room and ends as an open storage unit for the shoes.

Options to create a lot of storage space in a small bedroom

decoration apartments design modern bedroom closet doors ideas

Now we let you review again this photos of this apartment with original design. On our page you can find many more decorating ideas, apartments and houses to make it easy to design or remodel your home.

Bedroom with very original and bright design

decoration apartments design modern bedroom small ideas

An image that shows us the sink and a wooden wall behind which we have shelves to store all things

decoration apartments modern design washbasins ideas

The plan before the renovation of this apartment called "Fun-ctional box" which is located in Tel Aviv Israel

decoration apartments modern design before remodeling ideas

The plan after the renovation of this apartment called "Fun-ctional box" which is located in Tel Aviv Israel

decoration apartments modern design after remodeling ideas

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