Decorating folding screens of impressive styles and contrasts

decoration golden folding mirrors

In the decoration screens and similar structures are perfect for dividing the spaces. A trend that is a necessity when dealing with environments such as studies. The screens allow a greater privacy.

Decorating screens to separate modern spaces

decoration folding screens modern brown rooms

They help to separate the rooms, such as a bed from the rest of the room. Unlike previous years, folding screens and the style has been focused on open spaces. The walls or partitions have been left in disuse in many designs . What is sought simply is to get the house to have a more open and interconnected image.

Decorating wooden screens with a warm and cozy effect in living rooms

decoration simple screens warm impact

Unlike traditional solutions the screens divide. They are not an element that isolates the areas of our home. As an important point in terms of decoration screens can be seen in many styles. Starting with plain colors, oriental style or prints. Even the idea of ​​recycling can be managed according to the type of room.

Contemporary model with geometric finish and contrast on white glazed background

decoration metal folding screens concept mirrors

For a modern cutting space, metal ones can be selected. Materials like wood look spectacular in the same way. With a little time to the screens you can put family photos. They look like framing and will attract a lot of attention. Decorating screens and the possibilities they offer are many. They can be perfect for any space. Salons , bedrooms and even the kitchen can vary your style with one.

The white finish in this case is a contrasting detail for the darker walls

decoration folding screens concept figures lamps

It can be said that it is one of the most versatile things we can use to divide spaces. Its conditions as a portable, mobile element make it far superior to others. If on the contrary we do not want to separate any area it will look perfect like a headboard. As in the creation of an improvised dressing room with a decorative aspect. The style of the screens allows experimenting in many ways.

Dynamic and interesting design based on circles framed in grids

decoration wooden screens circles circles

The same placing a classic in a modern interior or vice versa. Analyzing the modern screens the options are many. In the photos there are several examples of models with frames. In decoration, screens of this type are very popular. The frames contain rhombuses or other geometric shapes. What makes them interesting for floors in urban environments. In the same way these forms can bring a dynamic and youthful air to the rooms.

A beautiful wooden model ideal for vintage spaces with fresh and luminous tones

decoration folding screens recycled wood flowers

The colorful ones are another one of the models of screens that contribute a different air to the salons. That modern and fun touch that can make it stand out on the furniture. As a material other than wood there are those made of metal. The metallic models cover a great series of forms. The wire or copper provide incredible finishes. Being materials of great flexibility there is a greater richness of forms. As an important point we must highlight its ability to reflect light.

Natural fibers are another material that can be used in design

decoration folding fabrics natural fibers

If you have a small and poorly lit apartment consider incorporating one of this type. The art of recycling in the same way has reached the designs of the screens. Recycled materials such as cardboard or pallets are an example. With a more classic cut are upholstery with a variety of fabrics. The fabrics bring a very interesting glamor that is still modern at all. The smooth variants owe their visual appeal to lacquers or some combinations.

A traditional screen design using wood and with varied floral shapes

decoration work flower special screens

If we want to contrast some tones can be of interest. The variations of printed screens with ethnic motifs are special. Zebras, ethnic motives and branches are the most demanded for natural environments. The combinations of surrealist and organic designs can turn a simple model into something original. In many models the photographs can be placed on the screens adapting the dimensions.

Dining room decorated with a screen based on Victorian scenes framed on borders

decoration folding screens chairs dining rooms

The decoration of screens and the way in which the lights are fixed are a different way of illuminating. The illuminated screens enhance the decoration so the lights incorporated in the screens are perfect. To which is added the option of fulfilling two functions, the lamp and screen. We can not fail to mention the Japanese models made of wood and translucent cellulose.

They can always be a beautiful detail for any unattractive corner of the salons

art elegant walls salons corners

Straight lines predominate accompanied by rectangular quadrants. With shapes that fill serenity environments. Ideal when it comes to decoration Zen . The way in which they filter light creates spaces of a certainly refined intimacy. In short the options are many, start by enjoying this selection of varied styles.

Another variant in white with various simple shapes that resemble bubbles

white bubbles design ideas glasses

Interesting idea based on metallic framing with black and white geometric shapes

contract black white geometric flooring

This glass mosaic undoubtedly makes the screen look much more elegant and inspiring

elegant mosaic crystal wood materials

The accessories can be contrasted with the colors of the screen in many ways

elegant contemporary salone white plants

Low built-in shelves are the best solution for accessories or photos

built-in furniture shelves stopped photos

Creative way to show family photos with a very attractive different framing

family pictures pictures photos cover places

Light-tone wood design with Asian influences on shapes and style

wood accent Asian interesting ribbons

Regardless of style we will always find the perfect model for decoration

rustic woods image cushions mirrors

White variant to match various accessories and textiles in this small lounge

laser cut white shapes

A Victorian lounge atmosphere is the perfect excuse to use this elegant screen

Victorian corner corner salon carpets

Good idea to decorate and separate environments in a simple and economical way

remodels colors divisions special flowers

If we want to maintain optimal ventilation this is the best solution at home

transparent special dividers furniture pictures

Recover and restore some of these furniture can make the space more attractive

vintage worn old treated wood

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