Decorating houses and creative spaces of dream.

decoration houses design lamparas lampara cuadros

Decorating houses and varied styles that make our space extremely elegant are details that we will see today. We will share some variants that are extremely creative and elegant. As you will notice a variety of ideas that are extremely economical. As with letters, you can also use numbers. Mostly large ones.

Decorating colorful houses and styles


They are excellent to give a more personal touch to corners that are somewhat boring. The interesting thing is that it can be made with recycled cardboard. Then to give a certain texture can be lined with colored paper. There are also variants with fabrics that are extremely striking. We can even add some fabric with floral details. The numbers can be put on the tables or hung on the walls

Decorating houses, Asian accents

decoration houses design lamparas carpets pink

When we talk about decoration houses and styles can not miss the planters. In this case by default you can even use a recycled wooden basket. With some ribbons you can change the look and give it more beauty and life. It will become more fun if the tapes are varied and you opt for varied colors . Equally the centerpieces are elements that can be created easily.

Decoration with colorful accents

decoration houses design lamparas colorful curtains

Especially combined with flowers look excellent. They allow to introduce another note of color in the dining rooms especially. We can also take advantage of the garlands that are hung for the holidays. In them you can hang notes that we usually put in the refrigerator and other areas. Important for shopping notes or a reminder for family members.

Walls with geometric accents

decoration houses design lamparas cuadros cuero

An interesting way to keep the notes organized and give a different touch to any space. Equally, we can not overlook the indoor plants. Fundamental to bring that natural and green accent that is always appreciated in any interior. As with the notes hanging on the garlands, the same can be done with the pots.

Wooden shelves with books

decoration houses design lamparas flores cojines

On them you can leave some notes or messages of any kind. You should simply give them one or two coats of paint in a dark tone. Above all you can leave some spaces in two colors. The ceramic part can be left uncovered. It gives a natural and much more novel aspect. The style of the candles can totally transform the environment.

Small room on white

decoration houses design lamparas habitacion drawers

With them you can decorate any corner on a special day. They can be combined using different size, even varied colors. Here we leave other proposals for different spaces. With just a pco of creativity and colorful elements you will notice the difference. It does not matter if it's the living room. the room or even the bathroom.

Centerpiece with flowers

decoration houses design leather wood

Idea with letter for wall

decoration houses design lamparas letters pictures

Brick walls on white

decoration houses styles variations designs

Idea with asian design

decoration houses design lamparas branches pots

Contemporary space design

decoration houses design lamps pink armchairs

Marble walls, by Innovattio

decoration houses design led curtains tables

Cushions with geometric figures

decoration houses cushions tables decorated windows

Colorful accents with books

decoration houses design windows gardens colors

bathroom details decoration green plants

colors details hanging shelves balls

colors details hanging green woods

colors details decoration bookseller

colors details decoration green black

dining room details hanging white green

curtains decoration green metals

decoration houses design flowers wood

details pendants green asiatico lyrics

details hanging green vases

details pendants green marble table

space houses design flowers glasses

lanterns details decoration green candles

rooms details hanging animals room

rooms hanging details green yellow

House style ideas varied cushions

gardens details hanging shelves colors

hanging lamps green checkered black

woods details hanging green wood

armchairs hanging green checkered chairs

hanging chairs green woman lamparas

sun decorated chairs ideas books

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