Decorating houses with unique cozy and personal styles

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Before decorating the house it is necessary to carefully analyze every detail in it. Decorating houses and possible styles or solutions are usually based on the details. Regardless of the room beforehand you have to imagine the location of the sofa, tables and each complement.

Decorating houses with modern and cozy details

decoration houses wall wood minimalist warm

Even the walls we must study them carefully. In some cases some element in them can hinder the proper use of furniture. For the decoration houses with radiators are a good example of this. Both the sofa of our preference and any furniture will be too far from the walls. There are even details such as the inputs of the televisions that can condition the distribution of the room.

Decorating houses with a compact design and light colors in space

decoration houses compact apartment living rooms

What generally translates into the location of the furniture. Other irregularities in the walls can be fatal for bookstores. Always in the decoration houses with bookstores They look great. However, in reality some irregularities can make it difficult to attach any. As an exit to any of these problems our decoration should be based on custom furniture.

The bare brick walls are a beautiful accent for this cool little lounge

decoration special houses ideas aldrillos

On the other hand we would simply have to think again about a different distribution of the spaces. The decoration of houses and the way in which environments are embellished must respond to simplicity. A room will always look good when basic furniture is used. Think of a coffee table, sofa and armchairs. As a centerpiece in this room the sofa will always have a greater role.

The hanging plants undoubtedly steal the attention in the Scandinavian trend study

decoration scandinavian furniture studio furniture

We advise you to select one without prints, later this facilitates the selection of cushions. A design with prints can make this search more complicated when combining different motifs. Both on walls and furniture, light colors are perfect for decoration homes and any style. Other combinations of color and accents can be added on textiles such as rugs.

Interesting color accents for an open space and with different areas connected

decoration open houses lounges cushions

With furniture of simple lines can combine a greater number of styles. This way we will not have to alter the decoration at all. At present, the finishes in light wood and white are very fashionable. Many of the images have examples of this type. As a primary factor, we must always take into account the illumination . The absence of adequate lighting can make it look like a smaller room.

Photographs and various works of art are always a perfect option to decorate the walls

decoration houses wood geometric walls

In the same way, it can affect the way in which colors are perceived. If our decoration is based on some bright shades they will lose their appeal. They will simply look dull and without visual interest. If in our house we do not have large windows then we must resort to tricks such as color on the walls and ceilings. At least with three white walls plus the ceiling we will be allowing natural light to be reflected.

Beautiful minimalist bedroom with recessed lights that create an attractive dramatic effect

decoration houses neutral colors scheme black

The curtains must be benches to create a different shade of contrast with the lighting. It is important that they are fine fabrics that do not become an obstacle to the passage of light. In the decoration houses with dark floors can be another challenge in terms of lighting. We must try by all means to illuminate them. Carpets in light colors are a perfect way to do it. In addition to being clear tones the designs with special textures such as wool and some fibers make the interior cozy.

Functionality and elegance are summarized in the decoration of this small kitchen and furniture

decoration houses storage rooms boxes

An economic way to decorate is to take advantage of some disused things. Recycling is paramount and often we have accessories like candelabras or vases that we do not use. It is possible that we have an old vase or another piece that can come back to life with a different use. Stairs can be a different way of depositing towels in the bathroom or putting plants. We just have to look around and find the necessary answers.

Plants that accentuate the natural effect of this Scandinavian bedroom with wooden floors

decoration green houses plants vases

Each of these objects in disuse will give a very original twist to all our decoration. In the future it will always be necessary to give a new look to the spaces. If we like fashion trends, decoration should be based on some key complements. In this way, just changing them will not alter our general decoration too much. So it is better to reflect fashion trends in simple accessories.

Another example that incorporates brick wall exposed but in this case painted white

Open original spacious cushions styles

Small workspace with marked accents in red contrasting with white walls

accents red zone work special furniture

illumination special and hanging plants give a different touch to this modern bathroom

bathroom nature elements mix lights

Wooden elements give character to this Scandinavian kitchen with the dining room included

scandinavian kitchen light wood floors lights

A Scandinavian variant with different copper elements on light wood shelves

scandinaba shelves special furniture wood

In the decoration the curtains are a good idea to divide the spaces and regulate the light

curtains spaces divisions ideas plants

An elegant way of conceiving the modern children's bedroom designed for girls

elegant bedroom girls wall colors

Design for a games space with several storage proposals and clear finishes

space juegps recessed lights walls

Pink and white in a pleasant harmony for a bright and fresh children's bedroom

childish pink white bedroom natural

Small studio with open design and several shades of gray and black in the accessories and walls

black metal lamps outside curtains

Plants and natural details as the main attraction of this modern room

walls metal lamps black fountains

White and black a versatile contrast for any corner of our house or kitchen

wall blackboard accents white black chairs

Bright room in very elegant and fresh light tones a design by Yuri Bobak

Scandinavian cool light colors lamparas

Vintage bathroom that combines some modern aspects throughout the decoration

modern vintage special decoration flowers

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