Decorating kitchens and 60 ideas that you can not miss.

decoration kitchens flowers glass island decoration

The kitchen is one of those spaces in the house where we usually spend several hours a day. Its design and decoration should be directed to make it a pleasant and functional space. Always a good dose of originality and fun will surely make a difference. A solution that can not be avoided without doubt is the color. On this aspect in the kitchens we will dedicate some lines. Color, design, kitchen decoration and many possibilities we will be seeing today. What the unique kitchen can do is the use of striking tones. It is good to avoid tonalities that are too strong.

Kitchen decoration, wide use of natural light

decoration kitchens open dining room lamparas

A good range of shades of yellow, blue or green will be a good solution. Whenever it comes to decorating kitchens and colors, the result with these tones will be a refreshing and lively atmosphere. The more intense tonalities that we mentioned earlier can be overwhelming and stressful in this area of ​​the house. Something important, the extension of color goes beyond the walls . Play with the tones of countertops and accessories. Unlike the shelves the countertops are exposed to the view in a more open way.

Decorating kitchens and extended use of white

decoration kitchens white wood led

Therefore, they are a key element in the decoration of kitchens and design. The range of experimentation regarding color is infinite. You can combine some bright colors with other traditional tones. You will achieve something original and without doubt unique. Other of the indisputable ways to add color is through the furniture. One of my favorite strategies, the chairs. A group of colorful chairs in a dining set will make a big difference. Now let's distance ourselves a bit from the decoration and see something in terms of design that is also important for the chromatic range, the layout of the kitchen.

Kitchen decoration, texture on walls with bricks

decoration kitchens contemporary idea flowers

Those of small format are always a headache for not a few of us. In this case, its functionality must be pushed to the limit. There are three elements that we must prioritize. Stove, sink and refrigerator. They should always be nearby since work is easier and the displacement in a small space is minimized. The shape will always be very important in terms of decoration, kitchens and design. For the small spaces that we mentioned a design along a wall is the most appropriate. The elements are placed in a linear manner. It is a variant that can be accompanied by a island or a table. The reason is that other walls are not used.

Kitchen in white with green on plants

decoration scandinavian kitchens white plants

The displacement would not hinder other people who are sharing this space. Other variants would be in the form of U and L. In the first case the elements that we mentioned refrigerator, stove and sink are placed in three walls. In the second design variant two walls are used. These locations will reduce or give greater prominence to the chromatic range that we select in the case of walls. I leave you some graphic examples in terms of decoration kitchens and design. Some variations that undoubtedly go beyond color and achieve truly functional spaces. Styles that also make the most of artificial or natural light and put it at the service of design.

Shared space with dining room

Scandinavian kitchens decoration lamparas madera

Accents of yellow on surfaces

decoration kitchens flowers bar jarron

Kitchen with island of bricks

decoration kitchens bricks island metal

Another variant of white and lighting

white kitchens decoration illuminated design

Broad design with island

decoration kitchens luminous led table

Combinations of white by Ls-Architects

decoration kitchens marble open wood dining room

Industrial style variant

Modern industrial kitchens decoration style

Modern style with shiny surfaces

modern white island kitchen decor

Metal furniture for kitchen

decoration kitchens motorcycle metal furniture

Division with functional shelf

decoration furniture modern furniture yellow

Contrast of red and gray

decoration kitchens red gray style design

Linear kitchen with dining room

decoration kitchens chairs design picture

Linear kitchen for ample space

decoration kitchens wood floor wide

Attractive accent with bricks

furniture kitchen stools metal furniture

Polished and polished surfaces

decoration kitchens stools backrest flowers

Vintage style variant

decorating kitchens vintage bricks style

open illuminated lamp lanterns chairs

open dark brown dining room led

baroque carpets carved led warm

bar windows metal chairs lamparas

white books shine functional surfaces

modern shine fruits center shelf

shine red surfaces design lamparas

contemporary bar chairs wood kitchens

contemporary luminous white led pictures

picture countertop candles decoration warm

eclectic furniture colors wood design

small space cushions figures sphere

wicker rack fruits cocijines books

large kitchen chairs furniture colors

illuminated open wide white wood

island kitchen chairs bar wood

island packaging artificial furnace artificial light

island lamp metal furniture functional

island wood minimalist kitchen lamp

green jar glass rock wood

lamparas metal led furniture kitchen red

lamps plants islands stools warm

led traditional wood chairs countertops

luminous curtains countertop small bar

wood warm environment staircase clock

wood lamp furniture kitchen natural

wood floor lamp shine stools

marble countertop wood sink island

massive wood rustic dining table

metal under plants industrial pots

metal forge retro wood chair

dark curtains light dim decoration

black wall countertop metal chairs

ledge glass marble chocolate

rocks countertop natural metal lamps

white chair led kitchen linear island

floor shine rocks wall stove

floor metal oven floor wood

traditional flowered curtain thematic baskets

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