Decorating living room - ideas to save space

Decoracion living room bench

Today we want to give you ideas for the living room decoration. The dining spaces in the houses are often found inside the kitchen or the living room, and this is why its design and decoration is really important since it must adapt to the environment of the rest of the house, and this is not always It is a simple task.

Original decoration designs living room

nordic wood dining room furniture

To make your dining room a functional place and at the same time have the ideal look, we will list for you a series of ideas and useful tips that may help you decide for a particular look.

Original set of dining chairs with floral patterns upholstery

original design dining chairs

A set of modern and daring dining furniture can give your boring dining room a very good taste; Simply add a set of upholstered chairs or consider upholstering the ones you currently have.

Design of living room with walls decorated with wallpaper

nice decoration dining table

Update the appearance of old walls using wallpaper. Today's wallpaper options range from the most romantic floral motifs to the most pretentious geometric shapes.

Nice design of modern dining room

nice design living room

Add natural elements. Bring life to your dining room with indoor plants. The succulents are easy to care for and can become the perfect centerpiece for the whole year.

Original modern dining room design with set of green chairs

modeno dining room set green chairs

Go all out with enlightenment. The striking chandeliers are the hallmark of a well-designed dining room.

Super dining room in shabby chic and nordic style

shabby chic nordic dining room

Mix and match elements to achieve a charming eclectic look. You can make your dining room a cozy area for informal dinners with sidewalks and you can even place an armchair with ears.

Minimalist style dining room design with Eames chairs

dining room minimalist chairs eames nomads nordicas

Do not forget the fifth wall and create an impressive ceiling. Add architectural details, paint a unique design or both.

Original design of living room with retro style elements

super design dining table benches

Make a style statement, showing your favorite collection of dishes. This original design has turquoise painted walls, perfectly accentuating a vintage style.

Original design of dining room furniture set

original dining furniture chairs

Add interest and patterns to your walls with a striped paint treatment. For this dining room, the excess paint of the hall's makeover has been used to join the walls of the dining room.

Original design of eclectic style dining room

original design dining room eclectic style

Be creative paint your dining room with striking and complementary colors such as pink and green. In this dining room, the bright elements in contrast to a set of wooden furniture celebrate a very creative style.

Original design of modern dining room with round table

original dining round table

This dining table is by Hervé Van der Straeten, Charlotte Perriand chairs are by Cassina, the custom lighting fixture is by Lindsey Adelman, and the floor is white oak; the video portraits of Lady Gaga are by Robert Wilson, the ceramics are by Cody Hoyt, and the series of drawings is by José Dávila.

Original set of furniture for living room

original furniture for living room

Combine the patterns of the upholstery of the chairs along with a modern floral wallpaper to create a contemporary dining room.

Nice design of modern dining room

nice modern dining room design

Also add textures that bring elegance and warmth to your dining room with colorful and fluffy carpets.

Nice design of living room with set of wicker chairs

wicker dining chairs set

Some original hanging lamps on the dining table They will add a great visual interest to the environment.

Original decoration design living room

original decoration living room

If the walls and floors are free of patterns, use tapestries, paintings and decorative elements to create a rhythm in the decoration.

Nordic style living room decoration design

design decoration living room dining Nordic Christmas

If you have decided on a color for your dinning room , try to create shadow effects using different tones of that same color.

Nice design of elegant cream-colored dining room

living room elegant design

The curtains can modify the appearance of the living room decoration; Consider changing the old ones for more current ones that meet the lighting needs of the space.

Great set of dining room furniture

nice set dining furniture

Add some works of art or original photos to the walls to create original points of interest that speak about your personality and style.

Original design of eclectic style dining room

super design dining furniture

Eclectic spaces have the advantage of versatility. A variety of elements can be combined, so it is possible to create an environment that reflects other spaces in the house, but that nevertheless has its own distinctive style. Do not be afraid to mix and match the chairs in your eclectic dining room as shown in the image above.

Original set of vintage style upholstered dining chairs

original set upholstered dining chairs

Now we leave you with the rest of the images of dining room designs, we hope you enjoy the tour, see you soon.

Original wall decor for dining room with dishes

original wall decor dining room

Original wall decoration of the living room

living room dining deco walls

Original eclectic dining room design The New Design Project

super retro dining room design

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