Decorating living rooms in black and white, do you dare?

paper wall black white bands

What would you think? decorate rooms and rooms in black and white? Dare, the colors of chess are very fashionable and for this today we will show fifty examples of designs based on these two tonalities. We will also see how to combine the elements to achieve more space or better lighting, do not miss these useful tips.

Decorating living rooms in black and white

carpet zebra color white black

The black color indicates power but perhaps also mystery, however in the field of decoration has been acquiring other connotations in recent years. We can see it practically in any type of interior spaces, even in bathrooms. In the example at the top we see a wonderful combination of black elements in a white room and quite well lit.

Modern decoration for living rooms

decorating black white rooms nice views

In the next apartment with views the white predominantly, but certain places have been contrasted with dark colors to make them stand out and delimit a space within a larger one with the advantage that light has not been subtracted nor is there any element that captures the attention more than the beautiful landscape outside.

Black and white design with accents of another color

white black red curtains picture

Let's see now what will happen if we also add some accent of another color to our decoration in black and white. This note of color may be small, but it will attract a lot of attention, so we will choose the most appropriate tonalities for the sensations that we want to create in the environment.

Design by Geometrix Designe in black and white

decorate rooms be bright chic

However, we are all aware of the trends and we are used to seeing young people who dress in Gothic style or even the fashion of "emo" with a mysterious and dark appearance. It is for this reason that, in addition, interior design designs have been influenced and adapted to these developments, such as the design of Geometrix Design called Project Begovaya .

Black and white lounge with touches of gold

white black touch gold color

The following model, on the other hand, presents golden details that bring a lot of class to the place since they appear in several zones marking a certain rhythm. It has achieved a certain chic style and something vintage but in conjunction with pieces of a quite contemporary vision, such as the picture or the black stools in lacquered finish.

Minimalist black and white lounge

living room white black red room

As we have seen decorating rooms in black and white tones is a very modern and daring trend that fits any style. If we pay attention to this great level room we will see everything already mentioned above; the highlighted areas or the most illuminated, the small but striking accents of color and the minimalist finishes.

Boho style black and white lounge

boho style black white design

On the other hand, in this wonderful living room with a bohemian look, we can see elements that are more radical and have an intense look, such as the smooth walls painted in black against the white brick wall. The great thing is that the slate walls paint and allows you to draw and write on it with chalk again and again without wearing out when you clean it, a really great idea.

Decorate living rooms with wall stickers

design white black gray room

Since we talk about walls, we suggest decorating rooms using painted wallpaper or decorative vinyls since these allow endless possibilities in terms of designs, and are a simple, clean and quite fast option. This is the case of this spacious dining room that is embellished thanks to a black vinyl wall sticker.

Design of living rooms and living rooms

nice living room carpet chess chairs

But in case you have not decided for a very drastic change in your living room and prefer to try something more discreet, we recommend that you start by decorating rooms adding small items that do not involve great effort, such as curtains, tablecloths , cushions or rugs; they will be visible details but that do not compromise the design to a too drastic change.

White living room with black sofa

nice living room white sofa black

Modern designs in black and white

nice black lounge white furniture

Retro style furniture in black

nice retro black chic armchair

Combination of white and black furniture

dining room white kitchen living room

Modern living room with green curtains

green curtains white black salon

Modern furniture for black and white design

decoration colors white black rooms

decorate rooms be white black

decorate living rooms rooms colors

decorate living rooms chess rooms

black white salon decoration

design boho curtains stripes lamp

modern design white black salon

nice skin black furniture

nice skin salon furniture

original sofa black leather round

wall vertical black white stripes

wall living room furniture modern library

Black blinds carpet black hairs

retro decorating rooms white black

white room very well lit

dining room wall black slate

living room black cat blurry

very futuristic white living room

living room small modern white

living room small wall paper

modern room black gray wall

decorate living rooms fireplace

decorate rooms be white black

living room white sofa black skin

salon color white tele negra

living room decorated gray white colors

super lounge baul metal table

modern living room minimalist style

modern living room paper wall tree

hall level living room views

retro style room decorating rooms

living room laminate wood parquet floor

black white shabby chic style

white armchairs black cushions

black leather modern armchair

laminate wood flooring white furniture

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