Decorating rooms with simple details to optimize space

decorate special rooms wide lines

When decorating rooms a good design can increase its value and functionality. The images of today are a sample of it. Especially decorating rooms can be made complex in smaller spaces.

Decorate contemporary living rooms with art and light colors

decorate halls art walls carpets

However, in any situation you can apply these tips to make spaces look bigger. To decorate rooms it is necessary to focus on the needs of the family and the use of this space. In the usual way, the living room is an area of ​​socialization. Watching television, reading or just chatting are some of the common options. All this leads to the organization and location of the furniture be vital

Decorating rooms an interesting variant using blue in dark tone

decorate living rooms dark blue curtains

Both the decoration and the distribution of each element must be correct. Avoiding any complication when decorating rooms we can choose the most used or classic combinations. The usual thing can be a sofa with two armchairs accompanied by a side table. Usually we will always need one to place dissimilar objects in the living space.

Built-in shelves an intelligent way to save and take advantage of the space in the living room

decorate living rooms white luminous shelves

However when we focus on the search for functionality a large ottoman is perfect. When decorating rooms one can serve us as a coffee table, extra seat or a footrest. The use of curtains is similarly almost mandatory. With it we add different contrasts and patterns to the decoration. If they are carried to the ceiling the visual sensation of amplitude is much greater.

The carpet is a gray continuity in the curtains and other details of the room

decorate living rooms carpets bouquet centers

If it is not a large room, it is best to optimize the space available. Using the necessary furniture is a way to do it. For example you can choose to fix the TV to the wall. In this way we will be dispensing with an extra piece of furniture in the living room area. Whenever we choose to decorate living rooms the sofa will be of great help. Depending on our intentions, it can even act as a space separator, as we will see later.

A wall that plays with the contrasts of the black and white of the fireplace and the painting

decorate living rooms warm contrast armchairs

Placed against the wall they will leave a greater amount of space towards the center. An intelligent way is combining its color with that of the walls. Creating a sense of integration and almost perfect harmony. Any lamp in combination with the low furniture will make your living room look the same. In general, this is all that is necessary when we want to create a space where we can relax in a simple way.

The fireplace framed in wood is a point of visual attention in this modern design

decorate wood focal point fireplace lounges special

Our decoration on the other hand can take the fireplace as center. All the elements can be placed in a circle or arc starting from this center. Necessarily does not have to be all the furniture with several details will be enough. Decorating rooms mixing the rooms is another interesting proposal. As a general rule, it is common today to find open spaces that connect with each other.

Original way of showing books in the living room that also brings beautiful color effects

decorate rooms original form books sectors

There are several ways to differentiate them by decorating. However, connecting them through decoration and style or through the use of colors is equally possible. As an example, one could take the case of the living room and a dining room connected in this way. In the case that you want to separate the environments the sofa as we mentioned can be a resource. Depending on the model, it can be placed near the chimney or another important point.

The furniture and accessories recycled give a timeless air to the spaces of our house

Decorating salons recycled yellow furniture

A sofa would lead to the delimitation of a dining room or kitchen if it is a small apartment. Decorating rooms implies an appropriate use of materials and accessories. The tables or any glass element guarantee a visual continuity of the whole environment. What makes this material the favorite in small classrooms.

Traditional atmosphere with a variety of built-in shelves that contrast with the fireplace

decorate lounges traditional mirrors chimneys

Other elements such as mirrors are important to create this sense of space and enhance lighting. All this regardless of the size of your home. Soft colors are another important resource that must always be used in conjunction with these options. As space optimization many of the images incorporate built-in libraries. It is another of the favorite variants to eliminate furniture in the living room space. Accompanied by large floor lamps make the reading area more catching areas. Enjoy these beautiful solutions in the gallery with more proposals.

White walls stand out to the smallest detail in this environment with retro furniture

retro furniture comfortable environment walls

Open modern lounge with excellent natural light and modern cozy furnishings

wide luminous cool styles concepts

Blue details in light tone mark the freshness of the design in this pleasant little room

beautiful details blue accessories rooms

Nature is also the inspiration in this living room with various floral patterns

light colors floral patterns ideas

Accents in red that mark the contemporary character of this beautiful functional space

contemporary accents red room walls

Continuity of wood in a light tone from the floor to the wall of the small fireplace

contrasts walls wood ladrills candles

Barn doors in wood bring the country touch to this beautiful traditional room

sliding rocks doors wood flowers

Amazing wood finishes that extend along the walls and windows

interesting wood finishes flower rooms

Another interesting selection of recycled furniture that recreate the vintage details of this room

recycled furniture plants pots cushions

The dishes are a perfect complement to decorate the walls with beautiful contrasts

walls decorated dishes variants white

Living room with finishes and rustic details in the selection of materials and furniture

rustic lovely shapes frequent style

Neutral tones idea to create a true timeless charm in this cozy space

timeless salon warm neutral tones

Details of green in light tone with pleasant contemporary freshness, Leah Atkins Design

contemporary freshness green details pictures

The wood in different textures and shades for a special cozy and warm atmosphere

wood textures varied styles pictures

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