Decorating small bathrooms and other ideas to suit you.

small bathroom decoration green mirror box

A space in the house that has gained prominence is the bathroom. Unquestionably, his position as a secluded place with no personality has been left behind. Currently its decoration makes it a must-see site in our home. As every creative work to personalize it requires patience and care in the details. The challenge always appears when facing space. Specifically to small bathrooms.

Decorating small bathrooms, basic organization

decoration small bathrooms birds warm furniture

They usually have a few square meters and this often determines their lack of light. But they are not inconveniences that we can not overcome. Decorating small bathrooms and ideas to take advantage of the space is what I propose today. Currently trends are inclined towards the practical. In this case towards the creation of a relaxation space. The first key when we talk about decorating small bathrooms and relax, is the order.

Decorating small bathrooms, use of flowers

small bathrooms bathtub decoration classic furniture

Getting a tidy bathroom is a must. If we do not have enough space, it is best to keep containers and products in general out of sight. An ideal texture accessory are the wicker baskets. Available in various styles and color ranges. Something essential, the furniture. Furniture with drawers is the most indicated variant. They are easy to order and we can have everything at hand. Column cabinets also help save space.

Details and order

decoration small bathrooms white wall tidy

The concept we are dealing with today, small bathroom decoration does not exclude accessories. Boxes, glass jars or baskets are essential. They make it easy to clean and make the most of space. In addition to providing a lot of aesthetics they help us to define a style in terms of our decoration. The furniture Above the toilet should not be missing. When the dimensions are small, we must take advantage of everything we have. A piece of furniture under the sink is a good tool. We can even include carts or shelves.

Warm effect with luminaires

decoration small bathrooms warm lights lamps

As for the organization, the problem lies in the things that we have to keep inside the bathroom. Cosmetics, hygiene products, towels, etc. Usually we are forced to distribute some things on shelves that are not inside the bathroom. A good variant if you do not have space to place a closet are the shelves. Options in wood or plastic or glass are preferred. All the accessories will be in sight and everything will be very functional.

Wicker basket for products

decoration small bathrooms basket wicker shelf

A corner room will be the ideal place for soaps and other toiletries. The feeling of space can be altered with the mirrors. Let's bet on those of large dimensions and without frames. They will make your bathroom look much bigger. They help to enhance the light and of course to look at us. As for colors, soft colors should predominate. The cakes are adequate, they give a relaxed air to the bathroom. It is important not to saturate and combine textiles such as towels with mats and others.

Luminosity with white and yellow

decoration small bathrooms colorful white yellow

Other of the ranges of suitable color are those of yellow and white. They are the tonalities that generate more luminosity and amplitude. You can opt for some pastel tone that we mentioned earlier. The coating should also be in this range of colors. White would be perfect to give a feeling of spaciousness. In the shower area the masks can help us create a greater sense of space. Always bet on transparent ones.

Decorated with picture

small bathrooms decoration curtains flowers box

Its visual effect of continuity does not shorten space. It is an area that can be complicated for some in terms of organization. The soap, shampoo, creams and all products can be placed on shelves. If you lean towards a vintage trend you can use brass cubes or baskets. Decorating small bathrooms and personalization is our other premise. Do not hesitate to include photographs, landscape paintings, decorative paper or flowers. The square meters should not limit you to make your space something different. More ideas in our gallery today.

Functional furniture

decoration small bathrooms curtains furniture pictures

Pictures and pastel colors

small bathroom decoration apartment design pictures

Recessed in wood and LED

decoration small bathrooms idea luxury wood

Yellow for luminosity

decoration small bathrooms lamp shades flowered yellow

Sensation amplitude with mirror

decoration small bathrooms lamparas blue mirror

Solution in corners with furniture

small bathrooms luxury classic warm decoration

Large mirror

decoration small bathrooms wood washbasin rocks

Multifunctional furniture

small bathroom decoration marble functional table

Modern design

small bathroom decoration modern relaxing cabin

Use of pastel colors

decoration small bathrooms pastel white furniture

Furniture with partitions

decoration small bathrooms furniture wood jarron

Variant with picture and shelves of colors

decoration small baths simple colorful picture

Pots and decorative plants

small bathroom pots lights plants

Wooden cabinet

cabinet small bathroom salts drawer

Rustic shelving of boxes

canon decoration curtain rack rustic picture

Floral design with plants

colorful flowers decoration shelf floral design

Practical wooden furniture

contemporary design decoration practical idea

small bathroom decoration green mural pictures

diy flower pots decorate mirror

elegant bathroom small golden design

mirror floor frame wood flowers

shelf stored white wood practical

attractive shelf wood white wicker

flowers pots windows design pots plants

Simple flowers wood furniture decoration

ideas bath boy small towels

ideas diy decoration pictures colors bathrooms

ideas organized warm bath lamp

jarron plants soaps idea dark jarron

glass jar bathroom sink

Lamparas baño idea small luminarias

wood vases service red door

wood wall plants zen diy ideas

pink butterfly bright shower cabin

wood furniture lamparas towel rack pastel

kids blue bathroom decoration pictures

fish decoration ideas baskets white

small idea bathroom decoration lights

plants pots interior decoration led

porcelain bathroom decoration floral idea

rustic bathroom curtain pictures mirror furniture

small basket bathroom interior pastel

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