Decorating terraces and patios, the natural is fashionable

white daisies bench wood garden

Are you passionate about plants? Or maybe just look for ideas to grow different flowers in your outdoor patio? Today we present forty-five images of terrace decoration With many plants and flowers of all colors, no matter how small the balcony of your house, this may be the secret garden that makes us evade our daily lives.

Decorating terraces and balconies with plants

terrace shelving plant pots retro

In the image above we will see an original retro design for the decor terraces with air Shabby Chic . Any complement or object can serve us as a flowerpot or adornment, the question is to improvise with items of old and classic appearance, such as an old cage that can be restored with light-colored paint.

Design of garden with stone platform

link photo garden wood stairs

Today many landscape designers and professional gardeners make wonderful creations for gardens and personalized patios, adapt to the environment and weather conditions and choose the most suitable plants for each one, creating ecosystems that thrive in addition to beautifying outdoor spaces.

Artificial turf for terraces

small balcony carpet balcony

Regarding the next image, we will say that the idea of ​​placing a carpet of artificial grass on the balcony floor is great. See how refreshing it looks thanks to that green touch, and we can even place these rugs in the interior spaces to create very original interior gardens.

Old drinking fountain converted into a gardener

old sprinkler metal planter planter

We will also see very curious examples of planters DIY and great crafts that we can do at home to decorate our natural corner personalized. Any larger container can be converted into a wonderful planter. Also, if we use paints and varnish to restore them, the result will be even better.

Decoration terraces with marble blocks

red marble blocks natural look

As a suggestion, we will mention some flowering plants that are simple to care for, ideal for decorating terraces and patios. Dahlias, for example, need a lot of sun, although we must take care that they are not exposed because the wind is harmful to them. Geraniums do not have this problem, but they need to be quite often.

Beautiful garden with many flowers

stairs stone flowers colors plants

There are also the daisies of the cape or the joys of the house, both very colorful and also resistant, although it should be noted that the joys should be sown in semi-shaded areas to prevent their flowers from wilting in the sun. In case our terrace is located in the shade and receives little sunlight, we recommend choosing the hydrangeas.

Crafts for natural decoration

crystal bowl decorated natural

Finally, for those who have less time to be able to take care of the plants and flowers, we suggest the planting of cactus or succulent plants. These wonderful living beings endure a long time without needing to be watered as we already know. Cacti offer many different species and also with beautiful flowers. As for succulents, these plants are characterized by having very thick leaves and stems that store a large amount of water.

Terraces and balconies with plants

pretty terrace decorated wood plants

In decoration terraces and the environments that we see in the images an important aspect is the selection of furniture. It is they who precisely will guarantee our comfort and convenience to spend time outdoors. To start with a correct choice that fits our decoration, we must start with the real dimensions of each space.

Modern patios with plants

pretty terrace many plants dining room

All furniture must keep an adequate proportion in this regard. The formula is simple, use small and multifunctional furniture if the space is not very wide. On the other hand, if the space is larger, the dimensions should be in perfect combination with this. The main objective is that the entire space is maintained with a perfect visual harmony. For the decoration terraces and these environments the most important thing is that the furniture does not steal the limelight.

Decorating gardens with plants

nice garden path stones plants

Sometimes if the proportions are not respected we end up saturating the spaces. When this happens, the simple transit through this part of the house becomes uncomfortable. During some celebration practically impossible. In a mediated space there are some pieces that are perfect to get the most out of the square meters. The banks are one of those that never disappoint us.

Pond garden with wooden bridge

nice wooden bridge garden pond

Several designs even incorporate storage areas that turn them into real jewels. A dining room is perfectly possible when the dimensions of the spaces are respected. A small table with some folding chairs is perfect. Especially when it is a design that can be extended to a larger number of diners. The key is to find those light concepts so that the space is kept as accessible as possible.

Decorative flowerpots of different colors

beautiful metal planters shining shamrocks

Any option that is collapsible as the chairs we mentioned is perfect. Almost immediately we will have the necessary space if we need it. On the other hand the availability of seats will be very flexible. For terraces and gardens with larger dimensions, the furniture needs are different. Each of them must have a greater role in relation to size.

Planter made with a metal bucket

bucket metal old flower pot planter

Many designs achieve this especially when it comes to sofas. These environments are the most flexible when it comes to locating seats. Armchairs or sofas are the first step in designing these types of environments. For outdoor dining we can even take the liberty of using a pergola. Of course, if it is a garden with the perfect dimensions to create one.

Decoration of gardens and patios with plants

decoration garden plants patio gnome

All the conformation of these sites should be based on some key pieces. If it is a room located in outdoor spaces, the armchairs or the sofa are key. For dining rooms the pergola will be a truly luxurious addition in each case. If you like chill out designs the sunbeds are ideal for outdoor shooting. In terms of functionality for decoration terraces other interesting designs are those of modular type.

Decorating terraces with vertical garden

decoration terraces garden vertical wall

Modular furniture in practice have great versatility. It is possible to create different forms and experiment a bit with the ways in which they are configured in terraces and gardens. We can adapt them in practice to our needs and the possibilities of space. All the combination especially by the corners will allow you to get the most out of the smallest corner.

decoration terraces many plants flowers

To complement all these pieces in the decoration do not hesitate to use an auxiliary table. Another of the essential pieces to accommodate books or magazines. Always each of the furniture that is used should be a reflection of your style. As much as possible a continuity of the style of the interior of the house. A perfect way to connect fluidly each space that makes up our home.

decoration patios patios plants

decorative details terrace plants

garden design plants lawn

entrance house beautiful plants portal

ornate stairs many clay pots

stairs wood flowers orange plants

super patio armchairs orange color

yellow flowers pretty garden path

ornate garden many plants dining room

large flower box flowers colors

planter leveled cubiculos plantas flores

flower beds planters metal beige

wet garden trees plants rocks

garden patio lawn design landscaping

garden patio many plants light

garden patio terrace plants wood

pergola garden wood hanging pots

clay jugs decoration terraces accessories

lavender flowers violet fence garden

pots planters many flowers together

natural planters decorated plants gravel

mill water wood adornment plants

landscaping garden pergola wood

patio house hedges green plants

inner courtyard illuminated plants stones

small patio many flowers lawn

mushrooms lamparas jardin DIY DIY

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