Decorating walls, style and much more for the home.

decoration walls stairs white stairs

A modern and creative design of the walls can totally transform a room. With a special game between the patterns referred to color or light, you can create something extraordinary. In the design of the walls imagination has no limits. We just have to look for an elegant style that, above all, is perfectly integrated with the style of the room. The colors and materials of the wall cover must match the overall appearance of the room. There are many ways in which we can decorate the walls with good taste.

Decoration walls, flashes of yellow

decoration walls white lamp lighting

The materials are dissimilar, wood, stone, plaster, paint, wallpaper or decorative wall panels. In our examples today we have several images with these variants. For its affordability and ease of assembly we will see a little more closely the wallpaper and the adhesive vinyl. Incredibly, the possibilities are endless according to the designs . Our choice should be based on our favorite color range. We will include those patterns and motives that respond to our personality.

Wall decoration, natural motifs

decoration walls horse wood wall bed

An expressive wall with several contrasts or a lot of color patterns that can be achieved with some large vinyl. As a screen on a single wall as we will see in today's image gallery. Decorating walls and creativity is the proposal of today, the accent on a wall that transforms the space. The treatment and maintenance of the walls will always be a must in our homes. As it is evident, painting is the first resource to which we resort.

Effect of rocks

decoration walls cushions chair rocks

The style of decoration that we speak today takes advantage of the smooth walls and is a very effective method to achieve a personal decoration as we said earlier. If we talk about wall decoration and a lot of style, the smoothing process may be the most expensive if you hire a hand working. On the other hand we can take care of ourselves. Abundant Water on the wall and scraped with a spatula. Once completed this applies aguaplás and is paired with a uniform sanding. Once the wall is smooth, the wallpaper is applied.

Wood panel in room

contemporary wall decoration wood panel

A first step is to measure the dimensions of the wall. Then we proceed to cut the paper and leave about two inches of margin. Once this is done, apply the glue on the wall evenly, ideally using a roller. Then the paper is placed eliminating any air pockets that may appear during assembly. Finally the edges are reviewed to ensure good adherence. Obviously if we talk about decoration walls and transformation this is an infallible method. It is a fast and economical way to radically transform a room.

Dark background for bedroom

dark walls quarter cushioned decoration

We save ourselves having to invest furniture or in some project of works. It is an option that can transform a space in a more dynamic way than painting. Add texture and depth with a variety of options. If we think about the models, the options are limited. Especially in terms of patterns and color. We continue in this case adding a new concept, decoration walls and vinyls. They are easy to use and their prices are quite affordable. Another of its benefits is the wide range of possibilities that exist in terms of colors and designs.

Large image

decoration walls trees forge forest chairs

The models are available for each space of the house. With motifs that can be placed in the kitchen, living room even in the bathroom. Its durability depends to a large extent on a suitable assembly. The advisable thing before its assembly is to remove it from the container and leave it on a flat surface. The assembly will be done the next day as it must be done with the completely smooth motif. At first, the protective paper is gradually peeled off while the vinyl is sticking.

Black and white background effect

decoration walls image black furniture

Then we press with a damp cloth to eliminate the air bubbles that have been created. This must always be done from the center towards the contours. After a few hours we must control with a if some area has been detached and we will review it again with a piece of cloth. If we wish in the future to do some remodeling from the wall its removal is very easy. Undoubtedly decoration walls and vinyls are a trinomial that brings great freshness and distinction to the space.

Warmth with wood

decoration walls lamp bonfire wood

A stimulus on a wall that surely will not go unnoticed by any visitor. Other of the varied possibilities that I commented to you at the beginning we will see them in the images of today. With designs of great texture and elegance that even use wood panels. Or variants with concrete to achieve better texture or plaster to achieve also very detailed and original finishes. Let's enjoy these proposals that will surely leave us some idea for our upcoming projects.

Texture with floral effects

decoration walls lamp chairs bedside

Effects with LED lights

decoration walls lights led room

Hall with rock wall

decoration walls lights salon wall

Polished wood

modern polished wood walls decoration

For wall with fireplace

decoration walls metal furniture bonfire

Variation for kitchens

decoration walls plant bottles kitchen

Elegant dark pattern

decoration walls plants elegant pictures

Vertical striped shades of green

decoration walls plants vertical striped flowerpot

Color balance

decoration walls recipe chair sofa

Framed panel

decoration walls rock colummnas framed

Living room with rock on wall

decoration walls rock spheres lamparas salon

Great texture with lights

decoration walls texture flowers table

Grid wall

decoration walls texture sofa grids

Total size fund

airplane city paper interior design sofa

Effect of light on rocks

balanco rocks bathroom picture bricks furniture

bar chairs fruits rock floor wood

balls stair railings rocks lights

warm brick wall lamparas salon mueble

city ​​paper height design photography

colors floor lamp adjustable rocks wall

dining room design paper wall table chairs

stairs lateral design paper wood

staircase vinyl design wood flowers rose

football children's room balon screen

bonfire wallet wall picture furniture rocks

ideas decoration planet earth photo wall

bricks colorful lamparas extension house design

bricks wall colors furniture lamp

bricks texture quilted bed walls

lamp armchairs colorful table vases

lamps red walls profiles blocks

long london paper wall city photo

wood bathroom staircase house led

wood kitchen lamparas bulbs

wood concrete design furniture textures

wood curved runner warm cushions

dark wood interior modern curtains

wood panels decoration trophy wall lamp

wood wall sphere lamp spheres luminaries

woods contrast wheels sofa walls

map living room red design table curtains

modern wood lamparas marron geometric

modern led texture elegant television

modern wood texture wall led

modern stones wall decoration bonfire

dining room furniture modern spheres

black flowered wall sofa furniture accessories

original live vinyl lamp design decoration

panel texture design dining room white

paper wall decoration furniture mirror mirror

creative wall decoration fire rocks

wall decoration vinyl pink lamps

wall decoration vinyl salon lines

wall flowers lamp elegant dark drawer

wall guitars design stones creative

modern wall decoration flowers design

custom wall clock led design

stones mozaico wood cabin rocks

rocks bathroom desk sink wall decoration

rocks wall picture shelf candle

rocks walls stoves armchair furniture design

rocks texture wall reading ideas decoration

salon luxury design wall lices design

living room modern wall design pictures

chair wood modern design creativity

texture wood wall design decoration house

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