Decorating with bottles - recycling can be fun

nice decoration with bottles wedding table

In our article today we want to show you thirty-eight ideas for doing crafts at home and elaborating a decoration with bottles recycled Any use we can give these empty containers can be great, just give free rein to our imagination to create something beautiful, dare? Here we will show you some practical ideas.

Ideas for a decoration with bottles

decoration with minimal bottles painted bottles

Here we have an example of simple and modern bottle decoration. Four similar bottles have served to make this original adornment that looks perfect as a centerpiece. They have been completely painted with paints of different colors and matte finish, the good result is in sight.

Old bottles as vases for centerpieces

modern decoration beer bottles

For the laziest we have even simpler ideas; see above how beautiful the daffodil flowers look in these brown glass bottles. The original of this centerpiece is that the bottles seem to be similar, however they are of different sizes and capacities, this brings a more modern look.

Nice centerpiece for Christmas

nice center table bottles

If you are looking for solutions for Christmas decoration, we also suggest using bottles. In the example above we can see a fabulous and bright centerpiece made from transparent glass bottles lined with sheet music and decorated with hemp rope and some silver glitter ornaments.

Bottles full of colorful holiday lights

decoration bottles lights colors

Another simple idea for a decoration with bottles is the following one that we see above; It consists of filling the old bottles with Christmas lights so that they remain as interesting colored lamps. We can place the bottle with light on the table or at some far end to give the environment a dim light without disturbing too much.

Decorated wine bottles

nice decoration wine bottles

These are some of the ideas that we have liked the most, from here it is in your hands to develop new designs of homemade decorations with recycled bottles. Do not hesitate for a moment and dare to improvise at home and surprise your people with original ways to decorate with good taste and originality.

Old bottles decorated with paint

pretty deco painted wine bottles

Another way to take advantage of and make a decoration with old bottles is by painting some flowers on the glass. You have to bear in mind that old bottles have very original shapes and surfaces and that nowadays these shapes can help you to complete the decoration of your interior. In addition these bottles will be very well on the shelves of the interiors and also in the gardens.

Bottles lined with colored strings

pretty purple rope bottles

On the other hand, you can also use the thick ropes to line your glass bottles. You have to take into account that if the strings are plastic when you go to cover them you run the risk of double plastic especially if it is a softer plastic. That's why it's better that you use glass bottles. In addition to make this type of decoration you can choose a string of colors and combine them to make an original decoration.

Vases of cut plastic bottles

beautiful vases cut bottles

However, if you want to use your plastic bottles you can use them to make vases. For that I have to cut the bottles in half but I have to be careful to make a straight cut line. You can also choose bottles of different colors or the color of the bottles you can give them yourselves.

Bottles decorated with hemp rope

hemp lined bottles hemp family

On the other hand, the decoration with bottles of two colors is also very appropriate and in this way you create a very original decoration in your interiors. To make the decorations of these bottles you can use the hemp rope and line the bottles with it. Also afterwards you can add some decorative details of white or brown color.

Bottles lined with colored rope

old bottles lined rope colors

On the other hand if you have a larger number of bottles and want to make a decoration with colors you can choose a rope of different color for each bottle. In this way the bottles can be placed on the shelves by colors and if there is a background of colors or motifs you can choose lestos tones for the bottles.

Original ways to decorate with bottles

collage decorating with bottles

As you can see the glass bottles are some decorative details that can give a very original and interesting to the decoration of your home. You can also use them to decorate fences like vases by placing plants or flowers.

dining room decorated many bottles

On the other hand, in the interiors you can take into account the colors of your home to make a selection of the bottles and the colors of these to decorate. In this way you can also fill your house with color and joy.

decorate bottles sequin letters

In addition, wine bottles are very appropriate to make the decoration with bottles. However, first you will have to remove the labels from the glass to be able to paint it well. When you go to apply the paint you have to keep in mind that you may need more than one coat of paint to cover the surface of the glass well. At the end you can use glitter to make some inscriptions or to make some extra decorations.

decorate bottles wine painting

Another very original and modern way of decorating with wine bottles is by painting the bottles of two colors one light and one dark with which you will create decorative contrasts. Also the cork caps can be divided in half and you can paste them on the bottom of the bottles.

decorate fabric rope bottles

decorate table blue bottles

decorate table black bottles

decoration with bottles pumpkins table

decoration with lined bottles

decoration with bottles strings daisies

decoration with bottles glass flowers

decorate table bottle golden flowers

great ideas vases wall

make glass bottles vases

ideas jarron bortella newspaper

modern vases green cut bottles

hanging lamps spiral glass bottles

Lamps jardin deco bottles

lamps lights christmas bottles

original deco black bottles painting

original decoration with bottles

original yellow jarron lace fabric

original decorative lamp bottles

original table decorated bottles

original designs decoration bottles

three lamps cut glass bottles

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