Decoration doors and styles, embellishing from the outside.

doors decoration crayolas diy decoration

Doors decoration and style are the lines that we will see today. We will focus on the main door, an area that according to Feng Shui should attract energies. It is without a doubt the first thing our guests see. A personalized and attractive decoration should start at the door. The first aspect regarding the doors decoration and elegance is the color.

Decoration and style doors, arch with luminaires

doors decoration arch bells spheres

It is vital to highlight the door of the rest of those that surround your home. The tones for which we can choose are innumerable. A palette that highlights elegance is dark, but brown coffee can also be added. It's a tone warm but elegant too and it's valid. Although as we will see there are colors like red and yellow that create fun environments.

Doors decoration and elegance, use of golds

doors decoration arch flowers lamparas

We add the outdoor plants in a second step. They are an excellent resource to focus attention on the door, turning it into a focus of attention. Plants in large pots can be placed on both sides. You can choose flowers and we avoid constantly changing plants. It may require more care but it is a way to constantly refresh the image of the door.

Color accent with red door

doors decoration outdoor plants lamps

Another detail in which we recreate in our gallery are the crowns. Suitable for many celebrations throughout the year. It is a way of making the door something new every time we want it. It is also a way to decorate without making big changes especially as soon as painting . Your selection will always be dependent on the season and the festivities.

Design for holiday

doors decoration pumpkins flowers flower pots

A very economic way is to use elements that we have in our home. Crowns are one of the most fun and exciting DIY projects that exist. One way to complement all the decoration of the main door is the illumination. It becomes more attractive at night and is very economical especially if we use LED. The bulbs can be located above the door.

Colorful crown on dark background

circular decoration colorful crown doors

Doors decorated with cones

doors decoration cones loop rocks

Metal element with bird

doors decoration forge detail bird

Entrance with double crowns

doors christmas decoration pines entrance

Design with hanging planters

white decoration doors flower pots bricks

Variant for holiday

doors patriotic decoration wood colors

Contrast of yellow and gray

doors decoration plants yellow gray

Large planters on the sides

doors decoration plants lanterns red

Decor natural elements

doors decoration plants tie dog

Simple crowns on both sides

doors decoration straw plants yellow

Frame with plants on door

doors decoration plants gifts crowns

Elegant wooden door with flowers

doors decoration spring style basket

DIY decoration with apples

red decoration doors diy system

Arrangement elegant with jingle bells

doors decoration golden black rattle

Natural crown of branches

doors decoration walls red wood

nice design natural white pendant

yellow flowers crown white bow

yellow flowers dark background brass

attractive decoration dark colors poster

attractive colorful door numbers lights

footwear summer ideas deco red

colorful space creative design plants

elegant picture yellow exterior metal

detail approach plants house branches

funny ball colorful door tie

diy metal cans hanging decoration

diy rustic natural door wood

golden tie reative black rocks

elegant design decorative rocks white

flowers mallet green hanging bouquet

colorful glasses pink summer pink

interesting decorative flowers summer basket

letter color brown glass eme

dark letter door design pendant

melon fresco decoration summer black

abundant orange broad flowers tie

fish decorated yellow colors glass

spring state flowers dark container

white door crystals pink curtains

red wooden door detail cheerful

Intense red decorated flowers crown

red tie diy house detail

dark red rocks intense background

glass doors glass cones plants

elegant wood blue green door

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