Decoration for halloween for our house

decoration for halloween welcome

October 31 is becoming increasingly a party that is also celebrated in Europe and more and more people want decorate the interior of your house, disguise and makeup to have a good time on this day. For this reason, in this article we are going to give you several ideas of decoration for halloween that you can use and improvise with them.

Original halloween decoration with hands at the door

decoration for halloween door

We are going to go in parts and we will start with the entrance door of your house. This idea with the hands with long nails is very original and, in addition, you can use it for any door of your house, if you do not want it to be for the entrance. And if you also put an apple in one of the hands you would complete the typical decoration for Halloween.

Halloween decoration for the entrance door of our house

decoration for halloween exterior

Another thing you can do for your halloween decoration door The main thing is to collect many dry leaves that have fallen from the trees and use them, spreading them on the ground, leaving a clean corridor in the center and putting them through the door frame. You can add other ornaments, such as small pumpkins, and place them among the largest dry leaves and pumpkins that you could place on the ground. The lanterns with candles inside are also a good idea for this type of decoration.

Decorate for halloween with a tree without leaves and with crows on its branches

decoration for halloween crows

Halloween decorations can be very varied and can be anything that reminds us of the other world. Crows are a good option that you could combine with a dry tree or without leaves. You could place the crows by the branches and add pumpkins on the ground with lanterns with candles and, if you want, you could cut some black and white images, as if they were old photos, and place them in the branches of the tree.

Another way to decorate the entrance of our house with pumpkins, crows and with the image of a dry tree stuck in the door

decoration for halloween outside

If you can not find a dry tree or you just do not have a plant if leaves, you can use one of the large tree stickers and stick it on your door. if you prefer, you can make it yourselves, drawing on a darker brown card a tree and, after cutting the drawing, stick it on the door.

An original way to decorate the table on Halloween with pumpkins, spiders, skulls and dried flowers

decoration for halloween interior

Going inside and arriving at the table, you can decorate it, starting with a very thin white cloth, broken and transparent that you could place as a tablecloth. This fabric would give the feeling that it is a spider's web. On top of the table you could place a large spider and other ornaments. A very original idea would be to make some cookies with Halloween motifs and place them on the table.

An original idea to decorate our fireplace for Halloween night

decoration for halloween skeletons

Continuing with the decorations for Halloween and taking a walk around the interior of the house, we reach the fireplace. The fireplace could be decorated with dry branches and rags. You could also add skeletons or skulls or simply the figures of some witches. The other decorations we leave to your taste and preference.

Decoration for halloween with pumpkins forming a train

decoration for halloween pumpkins

For this party, the stores offer many Halloween decorations that you can take advantage of to create an original and striking interior. There are many items that are made with pumpkins, since this is the primordial and traditional element that is related to this day. So the decoration for Halloween could also be something like the train you see in the picture, made with pumpkins.

The decoration for halloween inside can also be done with bats by the walls

halloween decorations

When we talk about the interior, we must not forget that decorating for Halloween can also be done on the walls. You could cut out many bat figures and stick them on the walls as if they were flying. You could concentrate the largest number of bats in an area to create the effect that they are coming out of there.

An original idea to serve dessert or dessert apples on the table

decoration for halloween table

How to keep cold drink for Halloween night

decoration for halloween pumpkin

An interesting way to doach napkins for the Halloween party

ornaments halloween napkins

Decoration for halloween for the interior with crows

decorate for halloween

Ideas to decorate the stairs of our house for Halloween

halloween decorations stairs

Another way to decorate the stairs of our house for Halloween

halloween decoration stairs

The luminous pumpkins for the night of October 31

bright halloween decorations

Decoration for halloween with sparse light and with other typical objects for this party

interior halloween ornaments

Scary pumpkins for Halloween

decorate for halloween pumpkins

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