Decoration of chill out terraces - designs with cheerful colors

chill out terraces decoration

In recent years chill out environments are becoming very popular, especially in terraces or gardens and also in private spaces such as bars, restaurants or hotels. These are areas to relax, chat, drink a drink while listening to music or simply unplug for a while. Get this atmosphere in your home by taking inspiration from these chill out terraces decorating ideas.

Original decorating ideas chill out terraces

Modern chill out terrace decoration

The first thing you should know is the available space on your terrace. Whatever your size, you will also get a spectacular result, but the way of decorating will be different to get the most out of its features. Examine the area well to take the next step.

Great ideas for decorating chill out terraces

nice terrace chll green

Choose furniture that reflects tranquility and is very comfortable, that's the most important thing. Since it is an outdoor area, we look for materials that are both natural and resistant.

Decorate terraces with fabrics and carpets

orange color carpet terrace

The same thing happens with tissues. Choose textiles and accessories, such as cushions, curtains, vases that make the place look very cozy and comfortable.

Nice decoration of chill out terrace with colorful cushions

pretty decoration cushions colors

When choosing the colors of the decoration you have many options, but remember that you must create an environment that promotes relaxation. Some suitable ideas are to use white as a base for larger items and add touches of color through cushions, rugs and other accessories. The wooden furniture or natural fibers are a perfect complement.

Nice chill style terrace decoration

nice chill-style terrace

Cushions, these essential elements in this type of decoration are giving a lot of play. You can use fabrics with neutral colors and bohemian style, or with vibrant tones and oriental patterns. Yes, use large cushions and very varied since it is precisely the relaxation and nothing better to lie on a comfortable bed full of huge cushions.

Original terrace decoration design

pretty terrace wood table

The large cushions can also be combined with a pouf. Put a carpet on the floor or a mattress not too high covered with beautiful fabrics. It is convenient to have places where you can lie down or lie down. Add a low table to place candles or and tea to take in your free time.

Nice decoration of chill out terrace

nice decoration terrace chill

A great idea to give this space a touch of additional privacy involves placing a fabric that isolates this area from the rest. Choose a fabric of warm colors to offer a cozy atmosphere.

Nice balcony with chill out decoration

nice chill-style balcony

To illuminate a terrace chill out we have come to find any kind of proposals. The classic thing is to place some candles that provide that dim light to achieve this climate of serenity so chill out.

Beautiful terrace decoration with colorful cushions

decoration terrace cushions colors

If you have close access to the electric current, you can use any lamp that you consider appropriate. The garlands of Christmas lights of a single color are ideal in these cases, and also the vintage lanterns .

Original chill out terrace corner

chill-style terrace corner

You can place some tea candles inside a flashlight or a vintage lantern like the one in the image above, so the candles will be safe inside and there is no risk of creating a fire, and they can not be extinguished if a strong wind is blowing.

Great terrace decoration chill out style

great decoration chill terrace

The terrace of your house is a place that adapts perfectly to your longing to spend summer evenings outdoors. With the help of wisely chosen decorations, this part of your house can be transformed into a charming chill out area. Beautiful fabrics, ornamental flowers and a dash of imagination are enough for a beautiful space for meetings with friends or family tea parties.

Ideas for terrace decoration with ethnic fabrics

terrace decoration ethnic fabrics

The fabrics and airy curtains represent a simple and efficient way to decorate the outdoor living room and create a strong decorative effect. This solution opens an indefinite scope for your imagination, because textile elements are a romantic and practical idea. By choosing fabrics to beautify the terrace or other chill out elements such as pergolas, garden houses, pavilions, porches; Try to adhere to the following principles:

Original terrace decoration chill out style

terrace decoration chill style

Natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton; and light pastel colors are the perfect choice for the garden or terrace due to its breathable characteristics. Synthetic textiles also have their advantages; The color palette is unlimited and offer great resistance as a result of direct exposure to sunlight. Opt for semitransparent fabrics, such as organza.

Ideas to decorate with cushions and rugs

decorate terrace cushions carpets

The color palette of textile decorations is based on light and pastel tones, or juicy and striking colors. Some of the successful options are white, pale pink, sky blue, light green, turquoise, yellow and ivory.

Decorating chill out terraces with colored cushions

decoration terrace cushions fabrics

As for the printed textile elements, the choice of the most popular designs is the floral pattern. The style and size of the ornament can vary, from tiny florets to giant tropical orchids. Other suitable options are fabrics with prints and patterns related to landscapes, animals and food.

Original terrace style chill out with furniture of pallet

furniture decoration wooden pallet

The support for the textile elements of the interior with the choice of furniture is a recommended solution. You can use the same fabric for the upholstery or the decorative pillowcases for the other textiles and elements of the terrace.

Great boho chill terrace decor

great boho chill decoration

Select the fabrics that match the color of the furniture or create contrast with them, compose a decoration of vibrant tones or leave a textile canvas that remains soft; This completely depends on your preferences and the concept of chill out terrace that you have in mind.

Great terrace with chill decoration

great terrace decoration chill

To create a splendid and creatively different terrace design, you can use one of the following ideas to form the decorative layer with textiles.

Original tropical terrace chill out style

great luxurious decoration chill

Bright accents across the entire perimeter of the terrace or along one of its sides can be created with curtains or fabrics of saturated and contrasting colors. The unusual juicy tones of orange or green will undoubtedly revive the spirits of your guests.

Original decorating ideas chill out terraces

great decoration chill out terraces

Violet, crimson and turquoise tones are able to create the ambience of an oriental fairy tale in this part of your home. You can complement the decorative layer with lots of colorful pillows and a hookah.

Super boho chill style decor

great boho chill decoration

Opting for two-color fabrics is a trick that allows you to accentuate the pattern or ornament. If the color patterns are already present inside, the appropriate solution is to choose a monochromatic print against a white or very pale background. The palette of shades of light blue is able to enhance the classic style, which can also benefit from a floral or bullet pattern. A checkered fabric will perfectly highlight the delights of an elegant style.

Great chill-style terrace with fireplace

great modern terrace fireplace

A marine style terrace will benefit from striped textile elements in colors such as white, blue and red; and the thematic patterns. The curtains jams made of a thick boat rope will complement the look.

Super chill out terrace furniture

great chill terrace furniture

White and beige fabrics convey tranquility. The elegance and the ventilation to the interior are added. Decorated with such fabrics and furnished with wicker pieces, your terrace will resemble the living room of a luxurious tropical resort.

Original balcony with chill out style

original modern chill balcony

If your terrace is directly in front of the front door of your house, you can decorate the opening with expensive-looking textiles. This idea is very popular in Morocco and France.

Original terrace chill out with wooden benches

terrace chill benches wood

Decorating chill out terraces with fire pit

terrace chill out fire pit

Nice little terrace in chill out style

chill-style small terrace

Winter chill out terraces decoration

terrace style chill out winter

Beautiful terrace with chill out decoration

terrace decoration chill style

Original bedside table for chill out style

original chill style terraces

Mini terrace with simple decoration in chill style

simple decoration chill cushions

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