Decoration of double bedrooms 50 elegant ideas

contemporary style bedroom white bed ideas

In our article today we have some spectacular images with ideas for the decor double bedrooms. Two hearts and a difficult room to decorate since everyone will have their opinion but we are sure that these ideas will help them to agree on how the marriage bedroom should be. A decorative element that can not be missing in the bedroom is the carpet and when bigger better.

Double bedroom decoration with touches of colors on carpet and curtains

vintage style carpet bright bedroom ideas

The colors of the carpet can fill a room. It is a decorative element that fulfills various functions. For your carpet you can choose neutral and warm colors, as they are perfect in all seasons. Generally neutral colors is never boring but if you choose a black one it will be easier to clean and it will be very elegant.

Decor bedrooms double ideas of wooden furniture

dark canopy bed wood color open bedroom ideas

But if you have a pet, the carpet is not the best decorative element you should choose, or at least take a carpet of the heavy ones that will not be lifted each time you vacuum. For some the curtains are optional. We are talking about people who live on the upper floors of the skyscrapers and have impressive views but if you are in a second decorate your bedroom with curtains that will also protect you from prying eyes.

Bedroom with beautiful table lamps and original curtains

chimney marble candlesticks floor wood bedroom ideas

The important thing is to always use the balance rule, use a specific color palette to gather all the elements of a room. In our photos you will also find very original ideas of classic style stools so that you can put in front of the bed. We also have wonderful ideas for living room furniture that has found its place in the modern master bedroom.

Very original picture on the wall of the modern double bedroom

original picture wall bedroom elegant ideas

Although you do not believe it, check these images and you will see that there are two armchairs and a small coffee table in the bedroom and if you have a fireplace in front of which you can even better. Now we leave you with our ideas for your elegant matrimonial bedroom decoration.

Modern fireplace and armchairs in the modern double bedroom

picture wall bedroom armchairs bright window ideas

The chimneys embedded in the wall are very appropriate for decorating the interiors of the bedrooms and also give them an elegant touch that increases the style of the room. On the other hand, the armchairs can be used to complete the decoration and you can place them on both sides of the fireplace. In this way you can enjoy the heat on cold days and you can also choose a color that contrasts with the color of the fireplace.

Photos in frames on the wall of the modern double bedroom

Decorative pictures wall bedroom elegant ideas

In contrast, the photos are also good for decorating the walls of the bedrooms. You can choose some black and white photos if these colors are appropriate for your interiors. In addition The photos are very good on the wall that is located behind the bed above the headboard. The black and white photos look good in the elegant bedrooms where these colors appear in the decoration.

Large bedroom with shelves and lounge furniture

decoration bedrooms large armchair table ideas

On the other hand, if your bedroom is bigger you can put some shelves on the walls. In addition you can also separate the bedroom into two parts with a small living room. This separation can be done with two or three arks and with some columns. In this way the shelves can be placed under the arches and thus complete the decoration.

Large mirror and armchairs in the modern double bedroom

decoration double bedrooms spacious fireplace ideas

On the other hand, if in your bedroom you have an incrusted fireplace and some armchairs, these can also be placed facing the fireplace. In addition, the mirrors have a great decorative power and are very well in the bedrooms apart from what could be said that they are decorative details almost mandatory in these rooms. You can choose mirrors with modern and original designs and also under the mirror you can place a piece of furniture or a wardrobe.

Canopy bed and decoration on the wall of the modern double bedroom

Decor double bedrooms white canopy bed ideas

Keep in mind that canopy beds will give a very interesting touch to your interior that will not be closely related to modernity and elegance but you can use this furniture as an additional decorative detail. Also on the wall above the bed will be very nice decorative details with lights. In this way, when you lie down, you will have the light on your head.

Lovely carpet in the modern double bedroom

decoration bedrooms double bed wood ideas

On the other hand, if you want to fill your bedroom with color and joy, you can use more garish colors. You can use these colors for the decoration of the walls and also for some decorative details such as carpets. However, you have to be careful not to mess with the color.

Glass night tables in the modern double bedroom

decoration double bedrooms pictures wall lamp ideas

On the other hand, the decoration double bedrooms can also be increased with a few glass bedside tables. Keep in mind that the glass increases the decorative power in the interiors and creates very elegant and stylish environments.

Minimalist style in the modern double bedroom

Decor double bedrooms design minimalist style ideas

On the other hand, to complete the matrimonial bedroom decoration you can also use minimalist decorative details with which you will have simple and clean interiors. This type of decoration is very appropriate for rooms and for small bedrooms.

Ideas for original shelves in the modern master bedroom

decoration double bedrooms white bookshelf ideas

You must also take into account that the design of the furniture will also help you to complete the decoration of double bedrooms and in general the decorating of the interiors. Therefore, you can bet on the modern and elegant designs of the furniture and you can use shelves with interesting shapes that will break with the straight lines of the walls.

Precious lamps in the modern double bedroom

decoration double bedroom bookshelves books big ideas

White shelves on the wall of the modern double bedroom

decoration double bedrooms shelves paintings ideas

Lovely bedroom designed by Garrison Hullinger

Garrison Hullinger bedroom design night table precious ideas

decoration double bedrooms classic style ideas

Decor double bedrooms minimalist style ideas

Decor bedrooms double style rustic ideas

decoration bedrooms double vases ideas

decoration double bedrooms paper wall prints precious ideas

decoration bedrooms double paper wall flowers ideas

decoration bedrooms double paper couple lamp ideas

decoration bedrooms double wall wood ideas

Decor bedrooms matrimonial lovely broad ideas


decoration bedrooms double floor wood ideas

large bedroom fireplace carpet large stool ideas

large bedroom curtains separators large sofa ideas

large bedroom armchairs leather rug precious sofa ideas

large bedroom large fireplace ideas

ideas black white modern bedroom ideas

bedroom fireplace pictures wall white bed ideas

bedroom fireplace fireplace mirror lovely wall ideas

bedroom pictures wall black armchair ideas

bedroom mirror large wall sofa table ideas

bedroom classic style furniture wood dark ideas

classic style bedroom furniture lovely wall paper ideas

modern bedroom armchairs light blue small table ideas

bedroom levels spacious white bed lovely ideas

bedroom sofa small white table wood ideas

Garrison Hullinger bedroom nightstand night mirror ideas

Garrison Hullinger bedroom armchair table vibrant colors ideas

large flower pots wood bed modern bedroom ideas

furniture wood white chairs fireplace bedroom ideas

decorated walls LED lighting bedroom ideas

plants walls wood white brown bedroom classic style ideas

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