Decoration of modern living rooms with simple lines

modern living room decoration white beige ideas

As we all know it is not easy to organize any of the spaces of the house but for this we are to show you today some ideas of decor of salons very sophisticated modern without abundances and with simple lines. The living room is probably the most used place in the house, it is the place where we invite the guests, where we see a movie, where we can relax alone or in good company.

Modern living room decoration touches of vibrant colors on the walls

accent green wall living room open kitchen ideas

The decoration of the living room defines the style of a house and choosing the right elements, combined in the best way is important what we all try to achieve is to have a pleasant harmony in the environment that will inspire in our guests hospitality and comfort, as well as the taste and the design.

Decoration of modern living rooms combination of black and white on furniture

violet color sofas leather salon modern ideas

The decoration of a room depends a lot on the personal taste, style and appearance that you want your home to present. We hope to be useful when it comes to getting ideas about the complements you should use in the decoration of modern living rooms and the combination of styles and colors. In our article you will find furniture ideas for very large rooms where sofas, stools and armchairs are very large and comfortable but there is no shortage of ideas for small spaces.

Bright modern living room with very modern wall

decoration of modern living rooms accents stone ideas

The colors we present today are mostly clear combined with each other or in a combination with black which is a very elegant color. Very original lamps and paintings of modern art, contemporary and pop art decorate these rooms with very elegant simple lines.

Living room with beautiful colors on the carpet and armchair

modern living room decoration carpet vibrant colors ideas

Today we forget the wall paper and we present concrete marble walls in various colors that attract attention and are very luxurious. Do not delay in reviewing the images that come next to decorating modern living rooms that we hope you like and find what you are looking for in your living room.

Large open dining room in gray and white

modern lounges decoration large bright windows ideas

Living room with wall of black tiles and black sofas

Modern living room decor colors white black ideas

Light colors in very tranquilizing furniture and walls

decoration of modern living rooms light colors ideas

Luxurious living room open to the kitchen with marble floor

decoration of modern living rooms island large wood ideas

Lamps in the form of transparent glass balls

decoration of modern living rooms lamparas cristal transparente

Dark green color on the sofa and the carpet of the modern living room

modern living room decor black sofa ideas

modern living room decor wooden floor ideas

modern living room decoration wooden floor sofa ideas

modern living room decor luminous window ideas

decoration large rooms wood style ideas

Jamie Herzlinger neutral colors furniture walls ideas

decoration large rooms wood style ideas

Designer lounge in light colors from the designer Jerry Jacobs

Jerry Jacobs modern living room light colors ideas

Linc Thelen salon style pop art simple lines modern ideas

living room white wall tile white ideas

living room decorations modern lines simple ideas

modern living simple lines decoration ideas

modern living room black decorations cushions orange ideas

living room modern sofa big beige table wood ideas

Vanessa DeLeon modern living room comfortable chairs-sofa ideas

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