Decoration of small bathrooms - Tips for narrow spaces


For many of us life in a small apartment is a problem that is hopeless since we can not all afford a loft or 3-story house. Traditionally, the apartment goes in combination with a bathroom of very modest size where we have to place all the necessary things, cleaning products for the home, personal care products, and even in the worst case some shelves and a washing machine. As soon as we see the photos of the interiors with spacious bathrooms, we can fall into despair and really get depressed. But this is not the best option. For this reason today we have decided to offer you some tips and ideas, how you can equip the bathroom small, in order to increase the space, and turn it into an elegant and functional place. And if you still think that this can not be, continue with our small bathroom decoration tips that will help you create a space modern and functional. It may seem complicated, but if you follow some basic rules, you can get the best for your bathroom. As always, we recommend you do not forget to take into account your personal style.

Decoration of small bathrooms ideas for floor tiles


The first thing you should know is the size of your bathroom as you want the design and of course the style of the rest of the house, to know exactly how the bathroom will look in the general picture. If you review the other articles in our bathroom section you can find the best ideas for a small bathroom, photographs and tips from professionals that can help you build an ideal bathroom.


If the bathing area is not more than 4 square meters, it can be called small. Although we often have even fewer meters which makes our bathroom even smaller. The decoration of small bathrooms of small bathrooms and the repair of a narrow space can create a lot of difficulties.

Decoration of small bathrooms ideas of small spaces with walls of dark tones


We started with the bathroom planning. Do you want to make a good design in the small size bathroom? You must make a plan. Considering carefully the location of the pipeline installation, interior details and colors. Do not be afraid to take the tape measure, a pencil and paper and do some calculations and drawings. To improve the efficiency of the room there are a number of techniques to help us increase the effective area of ​​the small bathroom.


We start with the door that must open to the outside. In the standard installation with the opening of the door inwards not only in the bathroom but in any small room could lose a third of free space and much in functionality. You can also install sliding doors that hide in the wall, as long as the architecture of the house allows it.


Another tip is to move the tub. If your bathroom has a rectangular shape, it is possible to rearrange the bathroom by placing the bathtub on the short wall. It may be necessary to buy a new bathtub that is shorter. The costs will be insignificant, but the advantages of such a rotation can be seen immediately. You can also buy a bathtub not too long and in this way there will be a place for the sink or washing machine.

Decoration of small bathrooms ideas of spaces with bathtub


Another tip that many may not like is to get rid of the bathtub and leave the shower alone. The shower is a more compact option and can be a good idea to save space. As we all know well in the market there is a great diversity of showers, it is possible to choose a model for all tastes, colors and budgets needs. You can also put a corner sink and corner shelf to place your things. If combined with a floating sink they will add an indisputable lightness to the interior.


Another thing you can do is get rid of the washing machine. We do not advise you to throw it away, of course, but you can try putting it in the kitchen or in the hallway. Read our articles with ideas to save space. You will find a lot of interesting ideas on our page. Everything depends on the space with which you have knowing the total surface of the small bathroom find the way to increase it. You may have the opportunity to connect it to the pantry or sacrifice a part of the aisle.


There are people who remove the wall between the bathroom and the toilet to combine it. Anyway, remodeling is a serious step that you have to consult with all family members. In addition to that you must obtain the necessary permits to remodel your apartment. No unauthorized remodeling is allowed with respect to the demolition of the walls.

decoration of small bathrooms-bathtub-design-classic

The choice between having a jacuzzi or bathtub in which you can spend hours relaxing and lack of it is not difficult. If you want to have a functional bathroom, do not hesitate to give up this pleasure. In very small areas it can be replaced by a shower with shower tray on the floor and a glass partition. The main warning is that if you choose to have a shower is to make a good waterproofing, to avoid problems with neighbors.

Decoration of small bathrooms ideas of spaces with shower and bathtub

decoration of small bathrooms-bathtub-design-modern

This is what we have already said in the article on bathroom waterproofing. If in this way your bathroom will seem boring you can install a shower cabin. That of minimum dimensions. The shower cabin can be equipped with a deep dish or a flat one. To save space the most appropriate idea is to choose a cabin with sliding door. An interesting alternative to enjoy a decoration of original small bathrooms is to try to add the ofuro. But we must not forget that the concept of the oriental's bath is completely different from the western one.

decoration of small bathrooms-bathtub-slabs-color-gray

What can be a problem for the other members of the family since we give a functional and hygienic sense to our bathrooms, whereas for the Japanese the purifying and relaxing spirit is more important. The ofuro looks like our conventional bathtub but is higher and deeper and has less inclined, almost rectangular sides. For the small bathroom one ofuro solves two problems at the same time: first, it saves space in a small room and second it offers the opportunity to immerse in hot water. However, he can only sit down. For this purpose, the ofuro is equipped with a bank.

Decoration of small bathrooms in neutral colors

decoration of small bathrooms-shower-slabs-granite

One more thing we can do is use the space above the threshold of the door. For a better design what you can do is talk to a carpenter or an expert designer to help you create additional storage space. If you are going to put a small closet over the door, competent people can do it in a creative indoor furniture. A bookshelf will also look simple and easy, you can also use bright accessories that will add an elegant note to the decoration of small bathrooms. Accessories and decoration of small bathrooms can be an effective element to provide complementary color or nice pattern in the bathroom.

decoration of small bathrooms-shower-shower-glass

Although everyone thinks of the walls when they think of color, the colors of the sink, the curtains and whatever they add are also important. Even after you have found your favorite colors, it is still important to play with your tones or with more colors to create an original design. Maybe you want for your bathroom as a Zen-inspired space or maybe you prefer to have a bright and lively room. As we have often said, the different colors and tones create different feelings and feelings. For example, a dull yellow feels much softer than a tone inspired by the bright yellow color of the sun. As you think about what colors will work best in your small bathroom, be sure to check lights, shadows and the wide range of options offered by the spectrum of colors.

decoration of small bathrooms-shower-screen-mosaic

If you're worried about adding too much color in a small bathroom, you can stay with the neutrals, but play with them a bit. Mix and match textures or use off white on the ceiling and beige or very light gray on the walls. When you put a warm white next to a neutral color and off, your bathroom although small will look bright. You must be careful and maintain color continuity. The walls are typically the dominant feature in a small bathroom. If you're worried about introducing too much color, choose the same color for the walls as the furniture. In creating a small bathroom design you should not use dark colors as they visually reduce the room. It is best to forget about the complex color combinations, the accent strips or tiles with ornaments.

Decoration of small bathrooms with mosaics

decoration of small bathrooms-style-classic-original

The best option is the use of bright colors. As for example a soft olive color, beige, light tones of lilac or pink. To add excitement to the interior you can use a variety of decoration for small bathrooms and bright details. The correct finish of the walls, ceiling and floor will allow you to expand the visual space and enjoy a pleasant and interesting space. Carefully consider the design to the last detail.

decoration of small bathrooms-slabs-black

From the point of view of hygiene and safety for the bathroom better to choose ceramic tiles. For a small bathroom it is not necessary to use large tiles. Tiles with striking geometric patterns can also be a mistake. To visually enlarge the wall, you can go for bright glazed pottery. It is better to forego color installations that use vertical or horizontal stripes. The mosaic can be the solution for the small space, since it complements and decorates perfectly. Medium-sized tiles are suitable. In a small bathroom it is necessary to use even the roof. No, we're talking about putting a bookcase. If not use it to reflect light and color.

decoration of small bathrooms-slabs-options-style

A bright ceiling fits perfectly in a small space. If the height of the walls allows us, we can make a vaulted ceiling so that the room does not look like a box. Consider making a mirror ceiling that visually increases the space. Another very important thing is the lighting. The right light not only for the bathroom but for any small room plays a very important role. Do not use central accessories or light that is too light or too intense. To get rid of dark areas it is best to mount a dim lighting on the ceiling and a few small wall sconces. Another trick to make the space look bigger is the use of mirrors. This attribute allows to visually enlarge the space. A good option is the cabinets with mirror doors, which are located on the sink.

decoration of small bathrooms-furniture-whites

The mirror can also be placed on the door. If the bathroom has a window, if possible, place a large mirror in front of it. We have come to the furniture for a small bathroom, the best thing we can do is go for the minimalist design. A floating sink, closet above it and a couple of shelves on the toilet, that's all. If you need a place to sit, folding chairs that are mounted on the wall are a good idea. The color of the bathroom furniture should be combined with the general design without great contrasts. The most important thing is to choose a high quality material. This is our advice today we hope that our decorating ideas for small bathrooms have helped you and we invite you to review the other articles on the subject in our Bath section.

A small bathroom designed by Elia Nedkov

decoration of small bathrooms sink-wood-screen-glass-shower-Elia-Nedkov

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