Decoration of small terraces- how to decorate a small terrace

Decorating small terraces

Balconies are generally used to store things not used in the home or to place gas boilers, but the idea that a balcony is a part of our house and can be decorated as a living space is becoming more common recently. The first things that come to mind when we talk about the small terraces decoration They are the flowers grown by our mothers and the white plastic chairs.

Decorating small terraces - how to decorate a small terrace

ideas of how to decorate a small terrace

Although balconies are considered unsuitable spaces to be decorated due to the limited area available, this is not correct. You can use your decorating ideas that you usually apply to any part of your home also on the small balcony of your home.

Original modern small terrace decoration

original small terrace

The most widespread idea is the use of flowers or plants to decorate these areas. If you are going to decorate your balcony with flowers, you may already have creative and interesting ideas. You can make pots of pieces of wood for your balcony; but if it does not use a protective material for the inner side of the pot, it may not be durable due to the corrosive effects of the sun and water.

Nice decoration of small terrace with hanging armchair

pretty small terrace deco

Ivy is the plant we recommend for green balconies. Even with a piece of string that is tied from the bottom to the top of your balcony, you can create a curtain of ivy that will protect you from direct sunlight.

Terrace wall design decorated with plants

wall terrace decorated plants

You can also choose an area on the wall and hang pots one below the other. If you wish, you can paint these pots with different colors and create an extraordinary view and a colorful balcony decoration.

How to decorate chill out terraces

Decorate terraces chill style design

While you are creating the decoration for your small balcony, you can choose some small furniture due to the limited area that counts. If you want to use a table and several chairs, but can not find the right furniture, choose a set of table and small chairs.

Original designs of modern terraces

nice modern terrace design

If you want to buy a small table but do not want to use chairs, you can choose a corner and design an integrated bank. For this, you can benefit from making the design and using wooden pallets. Do not forget to add textures with colorful lace pillows and cushions.

Original set of celestial chairs

set of chairs light blue

Carpets, an element that looks great on the floor of a balcony, are very popular recently. If you plan to decorate your balcony, a carpet is more appropriate to cover a long, narrow floor compared to carpets that are great for a balcony. The carpets are historical legacies of Anatolia and the Middle East; therefore, they also deserve our respect. They have different meanings according to their origins and contain common motifs used around Turkey.

Original design of green striped carpet

original green striped carpet

If your floor covering is faded and worn, renovate it with beautiful wooden tiles. They will provide warmth and a highly decorative touch. Point of interest: these tiles are very easy to install and require little maintenance. Another quick and inexpensive way to cool the floor of your balcony is to use an outdoor rug. Such carpets are made of UV and mold resistant materials. With a wide variety of colors and patterns available, you will have no problem finding something that suits your taste.

Nice terrace decoration with wooden furniture

nice decoration furniture terraces

In addition to the decorating ideas for small balconies mentioned above, these small terrace decorating ideas can also inspire you. We have collected examples of balcony decoration from different people who are professionals or lovers of home decoration just like you. You can take inspiration from these examples and create a modern and simple decoration for your own balcony.

Great set of yellow table and chairs

set table chairs yellow balcony

Most of the European apartments are small and the balconies They are even smaller, but you do not have to feel claustrophobic. In fact, a balcony can become very cozy, in fact, if you put some time in the right design.

Original wooden Diy bench design

nice bench diy wood

To break the cold and the concrete feeling of a balcony, the addition of vegetation is a must. Planters make perfect vessels for flowers or herbs, which add to the enjoyment of dining outdoors. With very little effort, rail sewers can easily be attached to the top of the railing.

Romantic decoration design for small balcony

small balcony romantic decoration

They are perfect for small areas because they occupy very little space. You can also consider traditional hanging planters or other types of planters that are available in all formats and colors. Make your selection of flowers and herbs and show on your balcony.

Nice decoration design of mini terrace with colorful textiles

nice set deco terrace

A pinch of color is always welcome when it comes to animating a space. Be bold by adding patterned cushions, bright lanterns and an exciting umbrella. Be sure to place fabrics and materials specifically designed for outdoor use, thus extending the useful life of your accessories. If your balcony is too sunny, place an umbrella or an awning that covers all or part of the balcony to protect against the strong sun and inclement weather.

Ideas for decorating balconies and small terraces

decorate balconies small terraces

Cover small, enclosed spaces with bright colors. This will help you determine what type of furniture to place, plants or other decorative elements that will work positively. Putting for example a large outdoor sofa on a narrow terrace, it will not leave you much room for anything else. A good way is to use furniture that matches the shape of the terrace.

Original modern decoration for small terrace

modern decoration small terrace

You will be happier if you visually evaluate the decoration of your patio, it is when you invite a group or simply sit down to relax. You may want to put a lot of objects, but it is practically not possible.

Modern decorating ideas for small terraces

modern decoration small terraces

If your porch It is too small, you think to decorate with flowers or some herbs. Put colorful plants that have long life, seasonal plants, ivy and other herbs. Put a sturdy stool and a soft cushion for the seat so you can enjoy your own private garden.

Great decorating ideas for small terraces

decoration small terraces ideas

Put plants that need sun in front of those that need shade. Place the largest herbs such as rosemary in the corners.

Decorating small terraces with clay pots

decoration small terraces pots plants

Make sure that water regularly arrives at your plants. This will keep them in good condition and guarantee their beauty.

Great terrace decoration with plants

decoration cushion polka dots

If you are on the upper floors, make sure that your plants do not create problems for the neighbors who live below.

Decorating ideas shabby chic small terraces

shabby chic terrace decoration

One of the easiest ways to make a patio more comfortable is to add one or two chairs and a small table. You can enjoy the company of friends and spend very pleasant moments. Lighting is a key element of good decoration and is important both indoors and outdoors. So a good lighting on your terrace is ideal to enjoy the warm nights of spring and summer.

Decorating ideas small terraces boho chic style

Super boho style decoration

There are several ways to do it. If you have electrical outlets on your terrace, you can add an external lamp or even a table lamp with low voltage lights. If you do not have energy available in your porch, candles are a great way to clear the space. Just make sure that every time you leave the terrace you turn off.

Great decoration of small terrace with hammock

great decoration small terrace

You can also use some flashlights as there is a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs to choose from. If you want something more conventional, wall lamps can also be a good option. They do not take up much space and you can find some designs that are durable.

Decorating ideas small terraces chill out style

great small terrace chill

Another good idea, especially if you are an environmentalist, is the use of solar lamps. This will only be practical if your balcony or terrace has sunlight most of the day. In this way, your lamps will be charged during the day and will operate for several hours at night.

Great terrace decoration with hanging armchair and vertical garden

super terrace hanging armchair

Do you want to have breakfast on your terrace? Regardless of how easy it is, there are many types of seats that you can use in order to create a comfortable space. Use stackable chairs that you can hide while you do not need them. This way you can organize your decoration depending on the function you want to give it. Ottomans can also be a good option, they can be used in the living room and placed outside when necessary.

Great terrace decoration with plants

great decoration terrace

During the spring, you can animate your terrace with colored seats. You can even paint the chairs yourself with the right type of paint for your material.

Modern ideas for terrace decoration

modern ideas terraces

You can add a lot of color to your terrace with fabrics. You can use bright and spring colors in accessories such as cushions and place them on chairs to make them more comfortable. This will be decorative and functional at the same time. A colorful curtain or rug is also a good option. Your terrace can look very creative if you decorate it with a magnificent carpet. On the other hand, if you choose a striped rug, be sure to place the strips vertically so that the terrace looks larger.

Original modern balcony decoration with nest chair

original balcony armchair nest

If you have space for a table, you can choose a nice and cheerful tablecloth. Actually, textiles are a wonderful option to decorate small terraces in any way. They can help you create personal and cozy decorations.

Original set of red terrace furniture

original red terrace furniture set

If you like flowers, it may be a good idea to add a little color to your terrace. Choose your favorite flowers, take care of them and you will always have a beautiful terrace.

Original terrace decoration with lights garland

original decoration white terrace

Original glass side table for handrails

original side table glass railing

Original terrace decorated with pastel colors cushions

original terrace decorated furniture cushions

Original terrace decoration in black and white

original black white decoration

Original balcony furniture in minimalist style

original minimalist balcony furniture

Decorating small terraces with many plants

original decoration many plants

Terrace decoration with blue checkered carpet

blue carpet bench terrace

Original terrace with decoration in navy blue

terrace floor color navy blue

Original elegant terrace decoration with black latticework

elegant black lattice terrace

Decorating small terraces chill out style

modern terrace design

Original gray modern terrace design

modern gray colored terrace

Original small terrace decoration with cushions and a hammock

hammock cushions terrace

Great gourmet terrace with modern design

small gourmet kitchen terrace

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