Decoration, personalize the main entrance of your home.

modern decoration rocks floor mail

The main entrance of the house is the first area of ​​contact with our guests. Therefore it is the fundamental weapon that we have in decoration to achieve a positive first impression. It is an ideal space to make clear our personal style. Today we will see some decorative alternatives for this important part of our home. Solutions that fit to entrances of varied dimensions. In the main entrance we can focus on simple solutions.

Refreshing decoration with flower pots on the sides

corridor flower beds decoration

Sometimes a simple plant in a pot is a more than sufficient resource. Likewise, planters on the sides of the entrance is a tactic that will maintain freshness. The backdrop of these accessories is important. Even the type and design of the door count. The flower boxes in the decoration of the entrance help to reflect the appearance architectural of the house. Another decorative variant is to match the colors. Especially colors of pots with those of the door.

Decoration of space with few elements

Home entrance decoration gravel

Black is very used in this case as a symbol of modernity. We can give an unexpected accent by playing with other colored elements. If we have space for furniture we can take advantage of the cushions. Very useful in decoration are the exterior sconces. They give many decorative possibilities given their great variety of designs. If we choose the imbalance is also allowed. I mean the asymmetry. We can put pots in odd numbers or difference of dimensions. This detail is extremely impressive when we have several spring flowers.

Warm image from the outside

decoration lights creative lanterns warm

We can also play in this regard with the shapes of plants and look for asymmetry in their dimensions. The decoration based on this principle is ideal for the main entrance. In the image of the beginning you can see this case with the planters. No doubt the look is fresh and modern. Visually highlights great interest. Well here I leave our selection of ideas. In it you will find interesting aspects such as working with lights. In examples that also come alive at night.

Design with luminous elements

decoration lights floor rocks simple

Trend of medium-sized trees

modern decoration house design garage

Focal lights, image of Chris Snook Photography

decoration entrance luminaires plants containers

Elegant variant with appliques

decoration plants palm tree lanterns applique

Color combination door and window boxes

decoration plants trimmed bars window boxes

Intense contrast of white red color

intense red color white wood decoration

Combined containers in colors

white house entrance wood containers

Color resource with walls of different shades

circle light entrance clear grass concrete

exterior entrance minimalist plants white

lanterns plants waterfall wood red

brown door flowers elegant decoration

flowerpots tall columns white thematic

trail elongated broad elongated

creative bricks furniture front decoration

palm trees mulch main entrance night

plants loaded design climbing flowers

plants designs pots flowers red

green plants outdoor furniture flower pots

dark door simple flowerpot design

view rocks black flowerpot entrance

metal flowers striking grass plants

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