Decoration with bricks for walls

decoration with bricks

Recently some of the building materials that are used exclusively in the construction are also being used for the decoration of the interiors of the houses. One of these materials is brick and in the following images you can see the decoration with bricks that has been used to give some kind of accent to the wall . You can also see different types of bricks, different colors and different interior designs.

Decoration with bricks for an original decoration of the interior

decoration with bricks walls

The bricks you use for interior decoration can be the typical building bricks or you can choose other bricks for the wall. These bricks can be painted in the color you want to match better with the interior of your home or you can make a brick cladding on the walls.

The texture of the brick for the decoration of the interior of your house

decoration with interior bricks

The bricks you use for decoration can also have an old or rustic look. This type of decorative wall bricks are distinguished by their texture. As you can see, they are bricks that look like they are rotten. The light color of these bricks is very good in interiors where these colors predominate and also in smaller interiors they create the effect of enlarging the interior and giving it more light.

Types of bricks for the decoration of the walls

decoration with interior bricks

On the other hand, you can also opt for thinner bricks that are like thin stone plates. The good thing about decorating with bricks of this type is that you can combine many colors in the selection of decoration. There are many decorative panels that offer this option to decorate the wall with some bricks of this type.

A decoration with bricks that does not occupy the entire wall

decoration with bricks lounge

In contrast, decorative panels with bricks do not have to occupy the entire wall. They can also be panels with a part designed in the manner of shelves and there you can place other things to decorate. The decorative accents with the bricks create very modern and original interiors.

Bricks used in construction for interior decoration

decoration with bricks salons

On the other hand, you can leave a wall of brick . This wall in your living room, for example, may be the one behind your television. In this case, however, you have to take into account that the furniture you place does not have to be too big because it will cover most of the wall and the decorative effect of the brick will be lost. In addition the decorative bricks for interiors that you can use in these cases can be the typical bricks that are used in the construction. In this way, you will also get a clash of styles, especially if the interior of your room is more modern.

Black bricks to decorate the interior of the living room

decoration with bricks dining room

Another way to decorate the interior of your house is with black decorative bricks. You can use these bricks both in interiors where light colors predominate, and in those where dark tones predominate. In the clear interiors with these bricks you will get a contrast between the wall and the rest of the interior. In contrast, in dark interiors the color black will increase elegance and style.

The decoration with black bricks for the walls of the bedroom

decoration with bricks bedroom

The decoration with bricks can be combined with other types of decorations such as interior decoration with more vibrant colors. The good thing about black is that it combines with all the colors and you can take advantage of it. In a bedroom where the color black predominates and you have brick walls of the same color you can add some pink accents.

Decorating the interior of the bedroom with black bricks

decoration with modern bricks

On the other hand, as for the decoration of the walls, you can fill the leaks that are between the bricks with a material of another color. If you make it orange or yellow, or choose a color that oscillates between these two, you can create a very interesting effect when you turn on the light. These colors will be illuminated by the light and it will seem that part of the light is coming out of the leaking bricks.

The combination of bricks of different colors for interior decoration

decoration with bricks living room

Another very good idea for decorating with bricks is that this can be done with constructive bricks of different colors. You can use lighter shades and darker ones. And if your kitchen is of the American type and there is no dividing wall between the living room and the kitchen or between the living room and the dining room you can take advantage of this idea to make a division of the walls with the decoration. In your living room you can place the interior decorative brick and in the dining room make a decoration with pictures or pictures.

Some original bricks placed in an upright position for the decoration of the living room

decoration with original bricks

On the other hand, you can also use different types of bricks for interior decoration. The bricks with a traditional shape can be used to decorate one of the walls and the other bricks can be placed vertically in a column. In addition, these bricks placed in an upright position can form an irregular relief, placing some more inwards and others more outward.

White bricks for a white interior

decoration with brick kitchen

On the other hand, if you do not want to look for the contrast between dark colors and light colors, you can make a decoration with bricks that blends with the rest of the interior. In small interiors the color white is very appropriate because it will open the interior and increase the luminosity of it.

White bricks for the decoration of a white kitchen

decoration with white bricks

This decoration looks good in the kitchens. Also, if your kitchen is American, the white brick wall will create the effect of enlarging the interior.

Bricks of different models for bathroom decoration

decoration with bathroom bricks

The decoration with bricks can also be done in the bathroom. However, the bathrooms will be better bricks of another style especially if your bathroom is more modern and elegant. The brick that you can use for this occasion is the one that looks like the stones that are used as a texture the decoration of the walls. It should also be noted that in the bathrooms the combination of dark walls with white bathroom furniture is very elegant and original.

Orange bricks for the decoration of a black interior

decoration with modern interior bricks

On the other hand, the classic orange bricks used in construction can also be used to decorate a small part of the wall as an accent. The accents on the inside are put not only to modernize it and to increase originality, but also to underline a part of it and to open it more to light or to greatness.

A wall covered with bricks to decorate the interior

brick walls

The building bricks in the interiors are very well also with white spots on them. In this way, you will again get a clash of styles because the brick with white spots reminds something unfinished even to the lowest classes of society. However, you see that it is something that is beginning to be used a lot in interior decoration.

The decoration of the lounge combining black tiles and orange bricks

decorative bricks for wall

Apart from combining different types of bricks, you can also combine different textures in the decoration of the interior. One of these textures can be brick and the other texture tiles or panels that mimic a similar texture. As you can see in the photo, it is something original that gives a new look to the interior.

Bricks for decoration of terrace walls

decorative bricks for interiors

As we have seen in each of these examples, brick walls have resisted time trends. Although there are diverse and modern construction techniques, it is one of the most used today. On the one hand, besides its beauty, time is saved in constructive matters.

Decorate the interior with bricks by placing them in the area of ​​the fireplace

brick wall

Although several modern techniques allow savings in terms of costs the brick is still imposed. The main reason is the different advantages that its use implies beyond the price. As it is evident, it is a job that must be done by professionals. What can increase the cost of our final project. Without losing sight of other extra materials that will always be necessary.

A decoration with thin plates for the walls of the interior

bricks for wall

In recent times and perhaps due to its popularity the cost and prices of these materials has increased. Perhaps these are the main disadvantages if the use of brick in the accent walls or others is analyzed. In the long run the benefits are greater so the whole final result is really worth it.

Brick models for modern and original interiors

interior decorative brick

Although it has a decorative value it is walls with a great resistance and robustness. Not only the possible impacts that these walls can suffer. In the same way to the weather conditions that may exist in the case of outdoor walls. These characteristics make the brick a perfect candidate not only for decorative walls.

Accents of bricks inside for a modern decoration

decorative bricks interior

But in the essence they are perfect if you plan to build a floor at the top. All the resistance in the brick walls would guarantee a stable and solid design. The effect of the insulation is another reason why it is functional as well as aesthetic. Each space inside will be isolated keeping the temperature.

Accents with bricks in the upper part of some constructions. like the coffers

brick walls kitchen

Regardless of the temperature outside, no interference will occur in these environments. The insulation will not only be noticeable in terms of temperature. Similarly in the matter of sound. These walls will be ideal for city environments with some noise. When we think of these two advantages, the result inside is highly comfortable and peaceful.

The black brick for black interiors

brick cladding

So once again we see the practical way in which its cost can be compensated with amazing results. In practice if we have to make a summary of the possibilities beyond beauty. We would start with the thermal insulation factor. All this ability to accumulate heat and diffuse water vapor in space is essential.

Decorating the walls of the kitchen with orange bricks

decorative bricks for living room wall

With changes in temperature, there are no changes in their shape. In practice neither are any of these changes seen in the studies really remarkable. The acoustic part has a lot to do with its structure and all the density of the bricks.

The brown bricks for an original decoration of your child's room

Decorative panels

An interesting detail is also its ability to absorb moisture. This last factor depends a lot on its chemical composition and the raw materials used. On the other hand of the temperature used in the manufacture. In order to finish with a quality surface that is ultimately what will influence the ability to absorb environmental humidity.

A decoration with bricks and stones for the basement of your house

decorative bricks for modern interiors

A rustic style kitchen decorated with bricks on the walls

kitchen brick wall

The placement of the bricks in a concrete wall to decorate the interior

bricks for living room wall

Light colored bricks to decorate clear interiors with yellow accents

decorative bricks interior living room

A bathroom with brick accents on the wall

decoration with bricks walls

A horizontal placement of the bricks in the walls and vertical placement in the lower part of the walls

brick cladding dining room

Some bricks with a light white paint for the decoration of the kitchen

brick walls kitchen

A brick wall with white spots for decorating the living room

brick wall living room

Interesting concept of wall with bricks for modern and different kitchen

modern kitchen walls concept

Connected environments that achieve a beautiful contrast of materials with bricks

contrasting white walls effects

Contemporary bedroom that uses the accent wall on the wall near the headboard

special bedroom solutions design

Finishes that mix industrial trends with the use of bricks and steel beams

special solutions brick walls

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