Decoration with candles for the interior

decoration with candles

In many articles we have talked about the decoration of the interior with candles and with all kinds of things, we have even talked about the decoration of candles so that you can create your own works with which you will decorate your house. However, in this article we will talk again about the decoration with candles and we bring you new ideas that you can take advantage of to adjust to the new station that is about to arrive.

Decoration with candles for the interior

decoration with candles inside

The decorations with candles are very interesting because you can improvise and create very original things. In addition, the candles give a mystical and relaxing air to the interior. One of the ideas that you can try and do in your home is to take a glass container in which you are going to place a small candle. It is important that the container is made of glass because in this way the decorative and original effect will not be lost. The candle can be placed on a small saucer that fits in the container. Then you just have to fill the container with water and place the saucer and the candle entered. In this way the sail will remain floating on the water. Another option with floating candles is to put some petals or flowers in the bottom of the container and then fill it with water. You have to put the candles at the end and in this way you will have in sight a very moorish decoration of some candles that are floating in the water and some petals or some flowers that are submerged in that water.

A very original candle decoration for the interior with fun candles

decoration with interior candles

On the other hand, in stores you can find very interesting and fun candles to decorate. An example of a candle like this is the photo above. The candle is egg shaped and as the wax melts, the shape of what is inside the egg emerges, in this case it is a dinosaur.

Some wooden candles for the decoration of the interior of your house

decoration with candles house

The containers for your candles for decoration can be made by yourself, for example. You just have to find some logs of wood and cut the top part diagonally. Then you have to empty the trunk to a certain point so there is space for the candles. If you are going to use these containers for a decoration with small candles it is better that you do not empty it whole, but if it is going to be for big candles, the best thing would be that you empty it to the bottom.

The decoration with woven candles for the interior of your house

decoration with candles inside house

On the other hand, there are also original containers with this shape and with this design. This type of candle is very comfortable and very practical for candles to decorate tables. In addition, you can place them on shelves or shelves and have an original candle decoration inside.

A golden decoration for the interior with golden candles

decoration with candles interior houses

It is also important that the decoration with candles combine it in some way with the interior of your house. The best combination is achieved in Christmas when the house is decorated in many colors or only one color. In these cases we advise you to use some candles that combine with the rest of the decoration to avoid excessive coloring.

The decoration with candles in a container of water for the interior

decoration with original candles

The decoration with candles that float in a container with water you can also do with balls in the background. You can combine balls of two colors and of different sizes. From this animal, the candles will float above the water and the balls will float to a lower level.

Pieces of wood for making a place for candles

decoration with candles inside original

In your house you can also make containers for wooden candles. For that you have to use thicker sticks and not too long. These sticks have to be placed so that a support is formed in the bottom part. You can place three sticks and place a few on the sides to make something similar to a box. In the center you have to have a free space in which you are going to put the candle.

Decorating the interior of your house with candles and wood

decoration with candles original house

What we have explained above can be done in a much more orderly way with the same sticks placed in the form of a grid. In the center you have to be the empty hole in which you are going to put the candle. Do not forget that the candle has to be inserted in a glass container that can be a small glass. It is a very original idea for a table with candles.

Wooden sticks placed in vertical position for decoration with candles inside

modern candle decoration

These candles decorated with sticks can also have the sticks placed in an upright position, covering the container. The adornments for candles can be very varied and the originality depends on the details that you use in the decoration.

Candles placed in glass containers for interior decoration

candle decoration table

You can also use some large decorative candles. However, for these candles you need larger glass containers. The glass will allow you to see the decoration inside the container. You can place the candles and scatter small stones to decorate them in the container.

Special candles for interior decoration

decoration with big candles

On the other hand, for the decoration with candles on the table you can also choose some glasses designed for candles. These glasses have a special decoration. In the photo you can see that the special orange balls are in the trunk of the cups. These balls can be combined with the color of the candles and the rest of the decoration of the table.

A homemade decoration with candles and with fruits in a glass container for the interior

decoration with tall candles

When you choose some candles to decorate you also have to take into account the shape of the candles because it will help you in the decoration. There are candles that are shaped like fruit and you can put them in a fruit container to decorate the center of the table. You can also place the candles in a smaller glass container, place a few candles inside and fill the rest of the container with small fruits. The circular branches with balls are used a lot to complement the decoration with candles.

The decoration for a romantic dinner with some candles placed in the glasses

decoration with candles glasses

On the other hand, if you want to make a romantic dinner and surprise your partner you can place the candles in the wine glasses. On these occasions the rest of the decoration is also very important. You can alternate the size of the candles on the table and add flowers or small bouquets.

The decoration of the table with candles and with flowers in a bowl

decoration with flowers candles

In the decoration of the interior of the house flowers are also a good choice for interior decoration because they complement all kinds of decoration, either with candles or with pictures and photos. When it comes to complementing the decoration of the candles, you can select some small flowers and put them in a small vase. You can place candles of different sizes near this vase.

Three candles of different size placed in a wooden covered vessel

decorations with candles

The alignment of the candles is also an option for decorating the table. This alignment can be done in a wooden container with white candles will be very good.

Some candles decorated with green leaves for a special gift

candle decoration

The decoration of the table with a large candle placed in a glass bowl

candles for decoration

The interior Christmas decoration also with candles on the table

candles to decorate

Fine and tall candles for the Christmas decoration of the table

candles to decorate tables

A very modern and original chandeliers for the wall and decoration of the interior

large decorative candles

A wooden candlestick in the shape of flowers in the places of the candles

interior candle decoration

A special decoration for the table with candles combined with the rest of the decration

table with candles

Three candles to decorate the center of the table together with some twigs with balls

decorations with candles table

Large candles decorated with leaves for decorating the interior of your home

ornaments for candles

Containers half full of corn on which there are large candles decorated with leaves

decorated candles

Small candles floating in water in elongated glass containers

candles for interior decoration

Some candles floating in a water container among water lilies for the decoration of the table

candles to decorate table

Interior decoration with candles floating in water with petals and flowers

candles to decorate interior tables

A very original decoration of the interior of your house with candles

ornaments for decorative candles

A decoration with candles in glass containers half full with coffee beans

table with candles inside

The possible objects that you will need to make a decoration with candles in glass containers

large decorative candles interior

A glass vessel surrounded with tubes and with lit candle inside

interior decorated candles

An interior decoration with candles placed in all possible places

candle decoration walls

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