Decoration with dry leaves for autumn

decoration with autumnal dry leaves

We all know the color that autumn brings, and why do not we do something to take advantage of it? We are going to dedicate this article to this issue of the decoration with dry leaves with autumn motives. The reasons that we are going to use for that are the dry leaves, the pumpkins , candles and other ornaments that we can use to decorate our house, both inside and outside.

Decoration with dry leaves to get an autumnal interior

decoration with autumn dry leaves

The autumn decoration inside can be done with four or five dry leaves placed as a tablecloth and on them arrange other materials, such as pumpkins, pineapples and nuts. The best thing would be, if you decide to do something like that, it is that you put it in a piece of furniture and not on the table so that you do not have to remove it and undo it every time you set the table.

Accompanying the decoration with dry leaves for autumn with other ornaments

decoration with interior dry leaves

Something similar to the previous idea could be this. One of the differences is that you can first place the other ornaments and the dry leaves scatter them in the empty spaces. This type of decoration is very well in the upper part of the fireplace. A second difference could be the placement of candles. But you have to be careful not to burn the leaves with the fire of the candles.

Autumn decoration with dry leaves throughout the house

decoration with dry leaves autumn interior

As you can see, this type of decoration can be more lush with more dry leaves and with a greater amount of ornaments, concentrated in one space. If you do not have a fireplace, you can do it on any shelf or shelf in your house.

Decoration with dry leaves for autumn with candles, stones, chestnuts and other nuts

decoration with dry leaves candles

The warm shades of autumn: orange, yellow, brown and its varieties in the range can be combined with the colors of the candles. Candles of those colors would look great inside. Also, if our walls are a warm color, the effect will be even greater.

Candles in glass containers with leaves ready to be placed and decorate our house

decoration with dry leaves living room

On the other hand, if we do not want to waste time to collect leaves and make this type of decoration we can go to a store and buy this type of candles that come with leaves included and with sticks rolled following the shape of a crown. Decorating is easy and very original. You can buy the shade you want and place the candles the way you want. This type of candles can be placed on the table, because when you have to remove them you will not need to undo anything.

Decoration of candles with dry autumn leaves, stuck in the containers

decoration with dry leaves for candles

Another thing you can do with the autumn leaves is to stick them to the container of the candles. You can choose the sheets you want and the way you want. And if your container is not appropriate for this idea, you can place the tree leaves around the candles in a kind of dish. So, if you put it on the table you will not have to be picking up the sheets every time you pick up the table.

The colors of the candles and the dry leaves create a rainbow of warm colors

decoration with dry leaves table

Here we leave another option for decoration with dry leaves and candles. You need a larger glass retector in which you will first have to place the leaves so that they are at the bottom like a nest and then you have to place the candles. It is better that the candles are bigger so that it looks better and that you fill the container with leaves up to half more or less.

Decoration with dry leaves for autumn, stuck in glass jars with candles inside

decoration with dry leaves jars

For those who do not have containers as in the previous images of autumn leaves, they can use glass jars. The leaves have to be stuck on the glass of the jars on the outside. This can be done with a brush with which to apply the glue. After sticking the leaves, inside the jar you have to leave the candles and, as a further decoration, you can tie a bow on the top of the jar.

Containers made of an opaque material with dry leaves glued on the outside and with candles inside that light

Decoration with dried leaves containers

As for the opaque containers, these can also be decorated. These ideas are already part of the crafts for the fall. So that you look good, the container you have chosen has to be a light color, because otherwise the light of the candles inside it would not be visible and the decoration of the leaves will not create the desired effect. When you have chosen the container, you have to take a leaf, apply the glue and stick the sheet outside the container. Thus, when you light the candle you will see what appears in the image above.

We can place the dried leaves also in lanterns and place them inside our house

decoration with dried leaves lanterns

If you have forgotten lanterns in some corner of your house, you can remove them and use them in this type of decoration with dry leaves. Here you can combine the ideas we have talked about so far. You can take some candles and stick the leaves on the candles themselves or tie them with a rope. If you prefer, you can also stick the leaves on the lantern glasses. Thus, when you light the candles you will see on the walls the shapes that the light creates around the leaves.

A very autumnal decoration for our living room with dry leaves and candles

decoration with dry leaves living room

For a decoration for a dinner or for a meal at this time of year you can spread the leaves on the table or on some bookshelf and place candles near them. If you plan to leave it on the table, we recommend that it be a decoration for a shorter space of time, because at the table the leaves will spoil very quickly, since everyone leaves their things on the table. Also, every time you sit down to eat or dinner, they will get in your way. On the other hand, if you are going to leave it on a shelf, you can enjoy the decoration for a longer period of time.

We can substitute dried leaves for dry plants, placed in glass jars full of earth


You can substitute the dry leaves for dry plants in which the sticks and the colors of autumn abound. You can introduce these types of plants in jars, which you have previously filled with earth. It is something that can make your interior happy, especially if it is combined with some other idea of ​​decoration.

Dry plants can also be placed in vases and put in the places we want

decoration with dried leaves vases

Something similar can be done with vases instead of jars. If you like originality, you can make and use a pumpkin as a vase. For that, you only have to remove the top part of the pumpkin, remove everything it has inside, clean it well and put the plants inside.

A basket decorated with dry leaves, with bows and with lights for the autumnal decoration of our home

decoration with dried leaves basket

Continuing with the subject of the containers for dry leaves and plants in the decoration, here we leave you the idea of ​​using a basket as a container. The basket you can decorate with bows and lights, taking out the Christmas lights. Then you have to fill the basket with all the decorations that you have decided to put in it and leave it somewhere to illuminate your house.

Piling our autumn decoration with dried leaves and pumpkins on the window

decoration with dry leaves window

On the other hand, you can concentrate all the decorations in a part of your house on a table or a piece of furniture and if this piece of furniture is near a window through which you can see the autumn landscape the effect will be greater. This type of decoration can be with dry leaves, pumpkins and with all the other things that you can think of.

Crafts with dry leaves for autumn to create some very original ornaments

crafts leaves autumn

We have arrived at the manual works with dry leaves. For crafts we always have to steal some of our free time, but if we do not have it, you can choose some crafts for children in the fall. The idea that we are going to leave you here is that the result is a rigid semicircle of leaves in which you can leave your things. For that you need a sphere and white paint. You have to apply the white paint on the sphere and stick the leaves on it. After paegarlas you have to let them dry and when they have dried separate them from the sphere. The result that you have to obtain are some sheets stuck with rounded shape.

Another way to do something similar with a ball and dry leaves

crafts for autumn

Something similar you can do but instead of using white paint, you have to use glue. The difference with the previous variant is that you had to paint the paint on the sphere, while the glue you have to put on the leaves. You cover a leaf on the sphere and with a brush you apply the glue on the leaf. After doing that with all the sheets, in the end you have to get the previous result.

Preparation of chickens at home with dry leaves and other materials

crafts for children of autumn interior

Another very original idea of ​​the craft section is making chicks. For that you need dry leaves, pineapples or cork tops, eyes and something yellow, which can be cardboard, to make the spikes and some loops. The ties you have to hook from the leaves, making two small holes with a needle and, once engaged, you have to tie the loops under the heads of the chickens. If you want you can also paste the sheets. The idea is that the leaves have to be the tail, the plumage of the chickens. The peaks can be made with yellow cardboard, cut in diamonds. The diamonds fold in half and you stick them.

Decoration with dry leaves tucked in a cage for the outside

autumn leaves

An interesting pumpkin decorated with dried leaves for the outside


A very original idea for the decoration of our interior with dry leaves concentrated in the ceiling

autumn room decoration

Decoration with dry leaves for autumn in our bedroom and how to make it

decoration with dried leaves bedroom

The crafts for children of autumn that we can take advantage of in decoration

crafts for children in autumn

A variant to the previous decoration made with crafts for autumn

manual works with dry leaves

A wreath made with dry sticks, dried plants and dried leaves for autumn

crafts for the autumn

An autumn wreath for our front door decorated with dried leaves

decorating is very easy

A wreath with text for the door or the wall of our house

exterior autumn decoration

How to decorate the stairs with plants of autumnal colors and with dry leaves

images of autumn leaves

The decoration with dry leaves combined with the decoration with pumpkins for the outside

images of autumn leaves pumpkins

Taking advantage of dry autumn leaves for decorating our furniture or for decorating a window

decorate autumn leaf

Decorating with straw, pumpkins and dried leaves placed in the garden

decorate outer autumn leaf

Dry leaves rolled around a tree or pole for autumn decoration

tree leaves

A very original decoration for autumn with dry leaves concentrated in the entrance door of our garden

autumn door leaves

The arrangement of the dry leaves in the autumn decoration

decorating is easy sheets

Candles with dried leaves ready for use in home decoration

images of inner autumn leaves

Enclosing the dry leaves with other figures for the autumn in a metal sphere

manual works with dry leaves outside

All types of materials that you can use to get an autumn decoration

autumn decoration lounge

A very original set for the decoration of our house that can be placed on the table

autumn leaves decoration

Extending the autumn decoration also in the kitchen, for the cakes

tart tree leaves

An autumn decoration with pumpkins and leaves full of glitter

crafts leaves autumn table

The final detail in the decoration with dry leaves and a sign placed on top of the fireplace in our living room

crafts for autumn decoration

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